American Greetings at Digital Experience

When you think of CES, you think of flash cars, big TVs, and an astounding amount of tech you might be tempted to buy for your home. No one thinks of greeting cards, or American Greetings, one of the longest lasting and largest greeting card companies in the world. Until now!

American Greetings launched its #DeviceLikeNoOther campaign at CES 2017 and with the help of Nick Offerman gave us all a glimpse into the future of the stylus – the pencil.

Yep, that’s right, American Greetings came to CES and made a big production out of it to re-introduce the consumer tech industry that pencils are the original stylus. Read on to find out why.

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A Recap of American Greetings at CES 2017

American Greetings invasion of CES 2017 started at Digital Experience, where I had the opportunity to talk to the ladies at their booth about what they were doing at a tech conference.

Of course, I watched the above video, and immediately thought – that must be a piece of paper. I was then invited to Nick Offerman’s talk the next day at American Greetings’ booth outside the Las Vegas Convention Center as he introduced the importance of the #DeviceLikeNoOther.

Of course, this was all a viral ploy to encourage the use of pen and paper to send sentiments to family, friends and more. A similar stunt was pulled last March at SXSW last year.

Nick Offerman on American Greetings

Nick Offerman, the perfect spokesperson for such an endeavor, said of the #DeviceLikeNoOther:

“I was sincerely honored to be asked to represent the venerated sentiment-delivery system known as the greeting card by American Greetings. In my family, we rely on cards to signify moments of great magnitude as well as just simple affection, a warm practice I am happy to share with my fellow Americans.”

Visiting the American Greetings’ location was a fun and exciting change of pace from the flurry of CES, especially on my last day at the convention. It was a beautiful day out and I was greeted with a bottle of water and explanation that I could customize a card with designers and illustrators to send anywhere in the world. I can’t tell you who I sent my card to because I don’t want to ruin the surprise for them.

The whole point of the vague emails and press inquiries before CES and the production during it was to highlight that no matter how technologically advanced our cultures, sometimes it still needs a personal touch. What better way to give something a personal touch by picking up a pen and writing a note to someone?

American Greeting’s Stylus of the Future

Is this a device like no other

After leaving a brief note in my card to send, I was given a beautiful stylus box from American Greetings. I threw it in my backpack and headed off for the rest of my day at the convention center, forgetting about it until I returned to my hotel.

American Greetings stylus

When I opened it, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the grandiose scale American Greetings took to get us to visit them during CES – but it worked. Oh, did it work?

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I won’t lie. I was a bit disappointed American Greetings didn’t reveal something technologically-based at CES. Whether it was something like what Nemonic did with printing sticky notes you write on through an app or anything really, American Greetings at some point in the future may need to do more than just offer traditional and e-greeting cards in today’s technological age.

With the internet of things coming to more homes, with smart cars hitting the road, and VR/AR looking to change the way we interact with the world, companies will need to find ways to fit in and convince consumers they’re still relevant. For now, it’s still nice to pick up and a pen and paper here or there, but for how much longer will that capture the imaginations of American Greetings customers?

To learn more about American Greetings, visit their website here