Priv3 logoIf you thought the idea of World War III was bad, you should really be scared of what the various social networks you use are doing to one another. In an effort to derail each other, many social network sites track your every move… whether you are on their site or another. In fact, if you visit any site with the concepts of Like, Follow or +1, you are most likely being tracked by any social network site you use.

Even if you do not Like, Follow or +1 on a web site you are visiting, social networking sites are still tracking what you are doing, how long you are there and other details about your browsing experience.

Priv3 is a developmental add-on for Mozilla’s Firefox that offers you a secure browsing session from the invasion of privacy that comes from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. The developers of Priv3 have teamed up to create and implement this extension in an effort to combat tracking from social media sites.

How to use Priv3 To Protect Your Privacy

If you want to see what Priv3 can do for you, you want to install the Firefox add-on by visiting its home page.

Click on the “Install” image. Firefox will offer you a pop-up to begin the installation process, click “Allow” to continue.

Allow Firefox to install Priv3

The add-on will download into your computer’s cache. This will only take a few seconds.

Priv3 downloading

From there, another pop-up will appear warning you about entrusted third party Firefox add-ons. You want to click “Install Now” to begin the process.

Trusting Priv3 to be installed

Firefox will prompt you to restart. Click “Restart Now” to restart Firefox and finish the installation process.

Restarting Firefox to finish Priv3 installation

Priv3 is now installed, and you want to ensure it is enabled and ready to use. Open the Add-ons Manager in Firefox.

Priv3 enabled

You will see Priv3 listed. If the word Enabled is on the right hand side, make sure to click on it to start Priv3. By default, it should already be enabled but just in case you want to make sure you are protected.

Now, click on “More.”

Priv3 automatic updates

You want to scroll down to the bottom and make sure Automatic Updates is “On.” This will ensure that Priv3 updates when new releases are available. This will give you the latest protection from social networking tracking as the developers implement changes.

That is it! Priv3 is working on your behalf while you browse without you having to worry about doing anything to make sure it blocks your activity from social networking sites. Keep in mind that if you opt to Like, Follow, +1 or interact with a social networking site on a page you visit, they will be able to track your movements on that page. However, when you head to another page, you are protected again until you choose to be a part of the social networking experience.

Pros of using Priv3

  • Once installed, Priv3 is working to protect your privacy, by blocking all efforts by Social media sites to track your online activity
  • Developers are working on ways to block other major social networking sites

Cons of using Priv3

  • Other add-ons you already may be using, such as AdBlock Plus, stop third party trackers such as the ones from social networking sites
  • Social networking sites will eventually find a way to break the add-on and continue tracking your browsing habits, hopefully the Prv3 developers would continue developing the addon

Can you really stop social networking sites from tracking your every move?

Social networking sites will do anything they can to keep traffic coming to them and not their competitors. Social networking is a cutthroat industry as seen by the intense rivalry between Facebook and Google+. It is not illegal to track your movements online and often you agree to let these sites do just that when you sign up to use their sites.

As more and more spotlight is put on just what these networks are doing with your information, more people are taking a stand to protect themselves from the intrusion. Priv3 is one such way to stop Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn from following your every move online. While you may not be able to stop every social network from tracking you, you can do what you can to prevent some of your habits from them.

Install the Priv3 Firefox Addon.