win 8 logoIt happens every time something changes. People complain because they like the old way better. If you are one of the people trying out Windows 8 and dislike the tiles Start Menu, here is an easy fix. You can use the Windows Menu Switcher app to toggle back and forth between The Windows 7 and Windows 8 style Start menu.

The app

There is not a lot to this application. It is a very simple application with no settings and one option.

If you want to play along as you read, here is the download link for the Windows 8 Start Menu Switcher.

To start using the Start Menu Switcher, download the .zip file and extract the application file. If you plan to keep the application and toggle the Start Menu back and forth, you will want to move the application to an easily accessible folder and may want to pin the app to your Taskbar. This application does not autorun when you start Windows 8.

1-win 8 menu switcher extract

Once you have the file extracted, you can run the application file. Depending on your setup, you may need to “Run as Administrator.” There isn’t any kind of setup wizard, the Windows 8 freeware application just opens and is ready to be used.

2-win 8 menu switcher extracted

When you run the application, don’t freak out because the wording is in Chinese. There is an icon on the bottom right to change it to English. Here is what you will see when you run the application. The 7 is for the Windows 7 Start Menu and the 8 is for the Windows 8 tiled Start Menu.

3-win 8 menu switcher main

If you want the Windows 7 Start Menu, click on the “7.” Your Start Menu will be changed to this. As you can see, all of the tiles are gone and it shows the shortcuts to the default folders.

5-win 8 menu switcher 7 start

If you want to ease into the Windows 8 tiled Start Menu, click on the 8 and you will be back to what you started with.

4-win 8 menu switcher tiled start

Does that lower your stress level a bit?

Final thoughts

All joking aside, there are some valid reasons for changing the look of your Windows 8 Start Menu. The first one that comes to mind is, you don’t need the extra features. A minimalist computer setup can make you more productive.

It all comes down to what you are most comfortable with. If you are working and you need to be productive, go with what you know and get to know the new stuff when the pressure isn’t on.

If you are using Windows 8 for fun or personal use, give the new options a try. Customize the tiled Start Menu by pinning different apps and things you frequently. The more you make it your own, the odds are better you will like the way the tiles work.

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