GroovylistsGrooveshark is a community of international music lovers. Similar to, Grooveshark allows users to find new music, share music and discover artists and bands that might not have the publicity of bigger artists. Grooveshark has a collection of  over 15 million songs in heir database and its primary function is to bring together music lovers.

However, not every music lover utilizes Grooveshark to share music. Groovylists wants to help bring those using other services together on Grooveshark by allowing you to import playlists from, iTunes and Spotify into its fold.

How to use Groovylists to Transfer Your Playlists

Before you get started with Groovylists, you want to sign up for an account at Grooveshark. If you are not already using Grooveshark, you will find out that it has a wide array of music, you can connect with others with similar tastes and it can be a great way to discover new artists or bands you may not have heard of before today.

Visit Grooveshark’s website. Click “Sign Up Now” to create an account.

Sign up for Grooveshark

From here, you will fill in your details, accept the terms of service and click “Continue.” Creating an account at Grooveshark is quick and easy. You can either set up your profile, poke around or just head to Groovylists to start sharing your playlists.

Now that you have Grooveshark account, you want to visit Groovylists.


You will see three options on the left hand side of the screen: Convert Playlist from, Spotify or iTunes.

Click on You want to type in your username, then click “Next.”

Inputting username

You will be given a list of your playlists on Simply click the circle next to each one you want to convert to share on Grooveshark. Then, click “Groovify it!”

Convert playlist

It will take a few seconds to convert the playlist. Once it is finished, you will be directed to a page that will give you the link to the playlist on Grooveshark. You can then save it as a playlist with your profile.

Uploading and converting playlist

If you head back to the Groovylists home page, you want to click on “Spotify” now.

Spotify URI input

You will also need to open Spotify. Once open, you want to right click on the playlist you want to share.

Finding the HTTP link in Spotify

Click on “Copy HTTP Link.”

Now, you want to paste that into the “Spotify URIs” box. Finally, click “Groovify it!” to upload it to share.

Again, you will be given a link to the playlist so you can save it to your Grooveshark profile. Make sure you make note of that URL so you can connect it with your profile.

Once more head back to the Groovylists home page and click “iTunes.”

Finding iTunes playlist

Make sure you have iTunes open. You have to export your playlists from the program before uploading them to Groovylists.

In iTunes, you want to right click the playlist you want to share. Click “Export.”

Exporting iTunes playlist

You want to save it to your computer. Make sure to change “Save as type” to XML. Then, click “Save.”

Return back to Groovylists and click “Choose File.” Locate the export from iTunes and click “Open.”

Then, click “Groovify it!” It will take a few seconds to upload, depending on how large the playlist is, so be patient.

When finished, click the link provided to save it as a playlist to your profile on Grooveshark.

Groovylists allows you to share, Spotify and iTunes playlists by uploading, converting and then linking them to your Grooveshark profile.

Pros of Groovylists:

  • Allows you to share multiple playlists on Grooveshark
  • Easy steps to upload and share playlists

Cons of Groovylists:

  • Can only share up to 200 songs per playlist
  • May take multiple uploads to actually get a playlist to Grooveshark

Is Groovylists worth using to share playlists?

My experience with Groovylists wasn’ exactly very smooth. It took me four to five time each to get a playlist uploaded from each service. Even then, my iTunes playlist was only partially uploaded despite it being below Groovylists threshold for uploading.

However, it may prove to be more effective for users who want to consolidate playlists in one place online through Grooveshark. I would suggest if you are interested in Groovylists, you give it a try and let us know about your experience with the service.

Visit Groovylists today and start sharing your playlists.

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