delicious-iconSeveral months after acquiring then social bookmarking site Delicious from Yahoo, AVOS has finally launched the new Delicious site. Subsequently, the site was put back in beta. According to the announcement, this was done to open the site for improvements as well as solicit feedback from the users. The feedback was then to be incorporated to improve the new Delicious.

So, what has changed? Which features were removed and what has been retained? Let’s take a closer look at the new Delicious to find out whether the social bookmarking service that we used to like so much has gotten better.

Stacks are the New Delicious

The major change introduced by AVOS to the new Delicious site is what they call as – Stacks. Simply put, these are merely collection of links, presented in a visually appealing way through the use of thumbnails. These thumbnails are then arranged in stacks for easier viewing.

screenshot of the new delicious grid view

The premise or should we say objective behind the introduction of Stacks is to cut through the noise generated by sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites which receive and publish various links to online content. According to AVOS, while these links maybe useful, getting through the haystack of links and then sharing them can become cumbersome. Search tools don’t help much either.

And so the Delicious Stacks were introduced. Defined as collections of links that Delicious users can share with practically anybody. Think of Stacks as your playlists for your bookmarks.

How Do Stacks Work?

Any Delicious user can create stacks. To do so, log in to your Delicious account and click on the “Create Stack” button and enter the title of your stacks, a brief description and then you can start adding links.

Once you’ve added enough number of links, you can preview how your stacks will look like and then save your stacks. The Stack you’ve created will soon appear under your account tab’s “My Stacks” option.

customize your stack

Once you’re stack is created, you can then share with anybody via their email or Delicious accounts. You can also add a brief text to your sharing message.

publish delicious stack

What Happened to the Delicious Bookmarks?

Not much has changed here. They are now called Links. And these links can be culled further and added to Stacks for a better and more visual presentation. However, there seem to be a minor redundancy here. If you want to build your links, you can create subject-specific stacks, then add links to each of them.

You may as, so what’s the use of the Links then?

screenshot of the new delicious featured links

If you check the Delicious main site, there are tabs for both Featured Stacks and Featured Links. And the difference between the two are simply the way they are presented. Stacks are more graphical while Links are straight out lists.

I’m guessing that Delicious is just trying to avoid total uproar by long-time users of the site by providing both options. Retaining the previous Bookmarks, now called Links would make the site cater to previous users while Stack will try to invite new users.

screenshot of the new delicious recent links

What Was Retained?

Taking a side role in the new Delicious site is the previous center of Delicious’ service – Tags. You can still tag stacks as well as links. And you can navigate the site using these tags.

Additionally, the new Delicious added the ability to use multiple tags. This was not possible in the previous setup of the site.

Other Changes to Delicious

One minor and yet useful addition to the features of Delicious is the ability to add your profile pics. This somewhat gives Delicious a more personal touch and could be the start of making the site not just a social bookmarking site but could pave the way for its transition to becoming a full-blown social networking site. But of course, that’s still a long way from happening.

Is the New Delicious Still Delicious as It Was?

The answer to this question depends on how extensively you have used the previous Delicious social bookmarking site. Did you find the previous version of Delicious more useful than other social bookmarking sites in same genre? If yes, then you might have a problem adjusting to the new Delicious.

If weren’t too much into Delicious before, then the new Delicious site will be a refreshing sight for you and eventually you might like it, especially the new Delicious Stacks feature.

screenshots of the new delicious - my stacks

Another point to consider is the existence of other social bookmarking sites that you may be using right now. These include social bookmarking sites such as Diigo and Stumble Upon. These two sites have already established themselves and have already amassed quite a number of followings. Diigo for one is a pretty good and stable social bookmarking site with excellent collaboration features for closed community.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, despite what some social media analysts are saying that the Delicious site may not really make it, I think that there’s still some hope into bringing it back to the forefront of social media tools. Delicious is among the prime movers of the social media phenomenon, it will break my heart to see it vanish into oblivion. I hope that the AVOS guys can spin the same magic they did with YouTube, and get Delicious back on top.

Check out the revamped Delicious.

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