At TechNorms, we’re always looking for interesting “technology.” Whether it’s a new phone, innovative software, or sometimes something so simple we overlook it. We’re always looking for ways to make our lives easier and share what we’ve learned with our readers.

One of those interesting products we’ve come across recently is the MightyMug. While it may not be the most technologically advanced product we’ve covered, it’s pretty nifty, especially for the coffee (and tea) lovers in us who work at a desk with electronic equipment all around us.

Science says we are biologically inclined to spill our coffee. If that is the case, it’s best to take all the precautions that we can. Here’s how MightyMug can help you overcome your biological instincts and save your precious coffee from spilling over.

MightyMug Review

Mighty Mug? What’s that?


The MightyMug Product Lineup

It’s happened to everyone. We’ve knocked over a steaming cup of coffee. If we’re lucky, we don’t spill it on ourselves, but sometimes that’s not the worst damage that comes our way. Spilling a cup of coffee, water, or other liquid near our electronics can have horrible consequences, especially as we’re going about our hectic daily lives.

MightyMug was created by Jayme Smaldone and a team of designers and mechanical engineers to prevent knocking over a cup of coffee. After ruining a computer and losing important data, Smaldone and his team came up with SmartGrip technology – the power behind MightyMug.

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SmartGrip technology allows a MightyMug to grip down on a flat, smooth service and stay in place if accidentally bumped or knocked into as you move about the world.

MightyMug saw its start on Kickstarter, something we love about new products and technology here at TechNorms.

My Thoughts on MightyMug

MightyMug in box

Okay, I’ll be honest. The first thought when approached about checking out MightyMug was to see who I could test it to its limits. Out of the box, I sat it down on my desk, and it gripped the surface. I then proceeded to kick it gently to see what would happen, and nothing did, it stayed in place. With a little more force, and to be funny, I kicked it harder and it came crashing down. Of course, there was no coffee in it for this test.

After the fun and games were over, and we had our laughs, I went and made a cup of coffee in it. It looks and feels like any other coffee tumbler, and the material on the outside is comfortable in the hand even when filled with hot coffee. If you’ve used tumblers for drinks before, there’s nothing out of the ordinary using MightyMug, until you set it down.

Remember, MightyMug works on flat, smooth surfaces; if you’re putting the mug down on other surface types, the SmartGrip technology doesn’t work even though it might feel like it’s gripped down in some cases.

MightyMug on desk at work

One of the only issues I saw, and it’s not a real issue, it’s something you must get used to is how you pick up the mug. I noticed when using MightyMug I tended to pull my coffee mug or tumbler or water bottle towards me. The way the SmartGrip technology works, this method of “picking up” a cup doesn’t work, and it can be frustrating at first when you want to take a sip of coffee or something else. Once you get used to how to pick up MightyMug, going back to regular cups is the frustrating part.

Having used the MightyMug daily at work, in and around my office, I’m fond of how it looks and feels. When holding onto the tumbler, it feels solid in my hand unlike some other tumblers on the market. I use a ceramic coffee mug for my coffee at home and work until MightyMug; now I only use MightyMug at work for the practicality.

I’m coming and out of my office throughout the day; I’m setting my coffee down on a variety of surfaces. I’m not the only one who may or may not knock into a table or shuffle something on a desk that hits my coffee mug. I haven’t had a spill, yet, and I don’t expect to have one at work for the time being using


The way you drink coffee, water, and stay hydrated during the day is all about how you do it. Whether you use your favorite coffee mug, your mom gave you, invested in a Yeti, or love Camelbaks, the way you drink your favorite liquids is up to you.

MightyMug is an innovative way for us tech users who are surrounded by our favorite electronics, constantly on the go and don’t want to risk accidentally knocking hot coffee or other liquids onto what we use to go about our daily lives.

Learn more about MightyMug and consider getting one yourself by visiting their website here.

Disclaimer: The above company sent us the product reviewed on this blog. However, that has not swayed our opinion of their product one way or another.