Quick Folder Access - © TechNorms Everyday we create new folders in our computers to catalogue data, so that it can be found easily when we need it. Sometimes you need to access some folders more often than others. Depending upon how deep the folder is in the hierarchy, it may take dozens of mouse clicks to get there.

Folder Guide is small freeware utility that allows us to add our most often used folder in the Right-Click context menu,  improving folder navigation speed. Your favorite folders would be accessible in almost every section of  Windows via the Right Click menu.

Folder Guide Usage:

Lets look at some of the Folder Guide features and how we can add our favorite folders to folder guide. There are two ways to do it.

1) Adding a favorite folder via Folder Guide settings:

Right Click on Start Button > Go To Settings and Add Favorite folders (Clicking on Start Button is just one option)

Add Folder via Settings - © TechNorms

When the Folder Guide window opens click on the “Add” button and navigate to the folder you want to add to Folder Guide Menu

Add Favorite Folder via Settings - © TechNorms

Once added your preferred folder would be visible in the Folder Guide menu

New Folder added - © TechNorms

2) Right Click On Any Folder and Click on add to Folder Guide

This is the easier of the two ways to add new folder to Folder Guide. Navigate to a folder in Windows Explorer. Right click on the folder and add it to Folder Guide menu.

Add to folder Guide from Right Click - © TechNorms

New Favorite folder added to Folder Guide:

Dropbox added to Folder Guide - © TechNorms

Folder Guide Features:

  • Quick access folders in Open/Save As/Browse dialogs
  • Quick access folders in Windows Explorer and the desktop and the Start button
  • Easy to add folder to the list of “Folder Guide”
  • Easy to edit or reorder folders in the list of “Folder Guide”
  • Runs automatically as part of the context menu


Folder Guide is less than 1 Mb in size (769 Kb) and consumes miniscule system resources on your PC. It can save you a lot of time and frustration when you need to access specific “buried” folders often or when you need to move your data around Windows. For me this program is indispensible.

Download Folder Guide for Windows.

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