logo-TuneIn-RadioIf you travel, you may have heard a radio local radio station in some part of the world that played the right mix of songs or had a great Dj. Sure you can usually find the station online and listen, but what about when you are mobile? TuneIn Radio is the answer.

TuneIn Radio, with stations and features galore, is pretty much the ultimate Mobile radio app. It’s available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry as well as for Windows Phone 7. Has both free and paid versions, with the pro version having a few extra features. Perfect app for the music lovers.

How TuneIn Radio works

The basic idea in TuneIn Radio is that you can search for and listen to a lot of broadcast radio stations right on your computer. Tie that ability to hear stations from your area and from the other side of the globe right from your smartphone along with the web app, you have yourself a lot of music to listen to.

You will probably notice while using TuneIn Radio on your computer, an another application will sometimes load to play the music. The app used will depend on who is streaming the station’s broadcast feed. Some feeds may be on I Heart Radio or Liquid Compass or other similar web-based applications.


Based on your location, you will have your choice of the local area’s stations. If you are in Los Angeles, you can hear stations like:

  • KKJZ, 88.1 Long Beach, CA – America’s Jazz And Blues Station
  • 95.5 FM HD2 – KLOS-HD2
  • 102.7 FM KIIS-FM – L.A.’s #1 Hit Music Station

You are not forced into only listening to the local flavor. You can still choose any available station, anytime.

1-tunein local stations


There are a few ways to search. While searching, there are a couple of boxes to tick to help you sort. If you are looking for something to listen to right away, make sure the “Listenable Now” box is ticked.

2-tunein listenable now

The first is by searching for a station. If you know the broadcast radio station’s call letters, you can enter those into the search bar and see the results.

2-tunein search bar

If the station has specialty shows, you will see those as options too. If the show you want to listen to is not available at that time, you can save it in the presets for later.

3-tunein call letters

The next method of searching is by an artist. This works the same way. Enter the artist’s name. The results will be a long list of stations that play that artist’s music. This is a great option if you want to find stations that play a certain genre of music.

4-tunein pink floyd

Another way is to search for a radio show’s name. Talk radio, sports, and other stations will give their shows a name. Many times these are the syndicated shows that play on many stations all over the country or the world. This may be an easy way to find that funny morning show you heard while you were on vacation.

5-tunein house of hair

How it sounds

As long as you have a somewhat fast internet connection and newer computer, there shouldn’t be much buffering. The sound quality has been great overall. There were a few random stations that had the levels a bit high so there was some distortion and over exaggerated bass, but overall the sound was quite good.


Another benefit to using TuneIn Radio is having Podcasts available to listen to. There a lot of different podcasts in the Talk genre. To find these, you may be best off searching for the topic you’d like to hear about. Or if you know the exact name, you can also search for it that way.

7-tunein podcast


The presets work just like they would on a traditional radio. When you find a station you like, you can save it for later. However, if you want to use the presets, you will need to sign up for an account. When you sign up for an account and save some stations in the presets, you can access your saved stations from any computer with an internet connection or the TuneIn Radio mobile application.

Mobile apps

The mobile application works very well. The TuneIn Radio mobile application is available on all of the major platforms.

6-tunein mobile app

The searching is fast and aside from the initial buffering, there haven’t been any pauses or re-buffering during use. Also, the mobile application plays the stream right from the application. It is not like the web app that may re-route you to another application who is already streaming the feed.

Other devices

TuneIn Radio can also be accessed on other devices such as Google TV, a BMW application in your Mini or BMW, Boxee or other devices.

8-tunein other devices


The combination of being able to use TuneIn Radio on almost every device you may use and hearing almost every radio station on the air makes for an easy decision about the application to use. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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