Another year, another CES. Every year I tell myself I’m going to bring less, depend on fewer tech devices, and go with the flow – and every year I fail! This year like so many before me, I decided to showcase what’s in my bag.

No matter why you come to CES every year, chances are you bring some interesting stuff along for the ride. Here’s a look at what’s in my bag at CES 2018.

What’s in My Bag

The Bag

Fallout 4 backpack

I bring some backpack with me. Usually, it’s my Swiss Gear 17” laptop backpack. This year I brought the next level of nerdy with my Vault 111 backpack from the Fallout series my best friend gave me for Christmas.

This backpack is perfect for housing everything I need to cover the show daily, plus all the random things I pick up along the way. The best thing about this backpack is that it’s a conversation starter whether people know Fallout or not.

Not pictured: Radial STM messenger bag (for quick meetings and small events, this messenger bag houses my Tab Pro S and accessories)


Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S and accessories

This is the first year I’ve decided to bring a single laptop with me. My ever versatile and amazing Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S. I pre-ordered this bad boy shortly after CES 2016, and it’s been one of the best tech purchase I’ve ever made.

The 12” screen doubles as a laptop and handheld device depending on my needs and the keyboard folio make for comfortable typing on the go. As one of the minority Windows users among the CES media crowd, I love bringing my Tab Pro and all its accessories with me.

Electronics and Accessories

Electronics & accessories

Dongles, dongles, dongles! Cables, cables, cables! Micro USB and USB-C are kings during the show, and I always bring a couple of each, because you never know when a cable will go bad. (Plus, that saves you from spending a ridiculous amount of money in a hotel convenience shop to get powered up.) Power banks are key, too. I’ve been using these to charge both my phone and Tab Pro S on the go for years.

I also always bring my Bose QC 35s with me. These are a must in general when traveling, and I use them both to listen to music but also to get away from all the noise, especially on show floor days. I also carry a phone tripod to take some interesting pics and to record video on the go.

Not pictured: Samsung Galaxy S7 (doubles as my lifeline to social media and camera), Huawei Mate 8 (my glorified Kindle for downtime)

Fuel & Drink

Fuel, Drink & Misc

Vegas is notoriously dry, and in 2017, I came down with a cough which sent me to urgent care and put me out of commission for a day during the show. Hydration is key – regardless of how you feel! I always bring a Camelbak with me.

From there, it’s all about protein bars to stay fueled during the day between meals. Wet wipes are great for cleaning up or for when you pick a bathroom stall out of toilet paper. I always have a mini-Whoosh, too.

Not pictured: MiO Electrolyte (2 drops adds an electrolyte boost and flavor to any water) and Starbucks Doubleshot (because who wants to wait in line for Starbucks during CES?)


More misc

There’s always some random things in my bag, such as a mini-notebook, pens, highlights, and all the business cards. I always bring business cards to my day job and my tech website, because you can never, ever, ever have too many business cards. If you think you have enough business cards for CES, you probably don’t.

There’s a lot that goes on during CES – good, bad, and ugly. No matter why you come to Las Vegas or what you plan to do here, chances are you’re bringing what’s going to make you most comfortable. Don’t bring too much, don’t bring too little, and plan for the unexpected. Because you will forget something, you will have to buy something else, and the show must go on.