“Empowered women, empower women.” We celebrate International Women’s Day in March as a way of celebrating the accomplishments of women on the road to gender equality and empowerment.

This women’s day, we have compiled a list of websites to help you navigate life and its mysteries. Whether you are a hotshot corporate professional, an artist at heart or a stay at home mom, our list of websites will help you connect with and be inspired by other empowered women across the world.

Whether you are looking for fashion advice, or what to cook for dinner, a haven away from everyday misogyny, or how to navigate through the corporate world, we have got you covered. Read on for some of our favorite websites that every woman must bookmark.

Best Websites for Women

Learning and Development


womens day skillshare

Skillshare is an online classroom where you have access to thousands of classes and courses in varied subjects such as art, design, science, technology, business, marketing and much more. It is an online community of students and teachers where anybody can sign up to learn or teach. Many of the courses are taught by industry leaders and subject experts. Industry leaders such as Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, and Marc Ecko have taught classes at Skillshare.

These courses are not free to enroll in; you have to pay a course fee. The lessons are all online and self-paced, making it perfect for every woman who is looking to update her skills. If you want to get ahead at work or learn a new skill, log on to Skillshare and let the learning begin!

Girls Who Code

womens day girls who code

Girls Who Code is the inspiring story of how one code class for girls in New York has now grown into a nation-wide program that will reach close 40,000 girls all over the United States. The program aims to close the gender gap in technology and include girls and women in the computing workforce.

The program has campus and summer immersion programs, and all girls interested in coding can participate. If you are a woman in technology looking to share your skills and inspire others, or a young girl interested in coding, do look up the Girls Who Code for information and inspiration.

Workplace and Money Management


womens day women2

Women2.0 is a leading brand for women in technology; the website provides action-based and scalable solutions that close the gender gap in the tech industry. The site is written by women and has news and other content about women in tech. It runs contests and aims to bring more women into technology and help them succeed.

The website has job listings from top tech companies across the world. If you are a woman starting out in technology or a veteran in technology, this website will help you look for your dream job and give you the support to succeed at it.

The Muse

womens day themuse

The Muse is a great online resource for job-seekers and those looking for career guidance. The website is a veritable treasure trove of information on everything you need to land your dream job. You have access to coaches and courses that will help you tackle and overcome any obstacles in your career.

The Muse is an incredible resource for the modern working woman who wants to ace the corporate ladder; it has everything from dream job listings to practical career advice.


womens day dailyworth

DailyWorth is every woman’s guide to money and financial independence. Launched by Amanda Steinberg in 2009, DailyWorth brings a fresh perspective to personal finance. The website had great tips and tricks to earn more, save more and spend smarter. The site helps women understand different financial concepts and how to manage money better.

If you are looking at a website that will help you make your money work for you, take a look at DailyWorth. This is a go-to website for advice on money management, home buying, tax information and much more.

The glasshammer

womens day glasshammer

The glasshammer is a career resource portal similar to The Muse, but this website caters only to women. The website has interesting articles, career tips and other resources that every working woman needs. Join the site for career advice and coaching that will help you navigate the corporate life.

If you are looking for career advice and networking opportunities to take the big leap to your dream job, be sure to visit this website.



Mint is one of the most popular online services for personal financial planning and management. The website has been highly regarded since its launch and has earned awards from Kiplinger’s and CNN Money, both of which are highly regarded financial publications.

Mint is a money management tool that lets you stay on top of your money and get more out of life. You can track and pay your bills, get your credit score, track investments and much more on Mint. You can create budgets and allocate expenses efficiently with this tool.



Catalyst aims to change women’s lives through various platforms. The primary aim of the organization is to increase opportunities for women in business. With an organizational strength of more than 800 members throughout the world, Catalyst has offices in India, Europe, Canada, United States and Australia. They publish their research in an insightful blog called Catalyzing. Their research primarily focuses on the challenges faced by the working women and their possible solutions.

Health and Fitness


womens day empowher

EmpowHer is an online community or health professionals and experts; the website aims to inspire women to live to the best of their abilities. The site has a community of experts, doctors and other professionals who provide reliable health and wellness information to real health questions. It is a forum for women to connect over shared medical histories and is full of stories of inspiration and hope.

One of the largest online communities for women on health and wellness, this website provides comprehensive and most up-to-date information on women’s health.

Healthy Women


Healthy Women is a reliable site that includes a wealth of information about health-related queries, disease prevention, healthy living and healthy aging. You can get useful news about the latest health trends and practices too.

Healthy Women lets you sign up for daily updates on health and related topics. You can ask experts for advice on health issues and get information on personal health and wellness.



womens day mumsnet

Mumsnet is an excellent forum for mothers looking to navigate the twisted maze of childbirth and parenting. It is one of UK’s most prominent network for parents with over 12 million members and counting.

Mumsnet is great for mothers who have questions about pregnancy and parenting and don’t know whom to ask. It has multiple discussion forums where mothers can ask questions which are answered by other more experienced users. It brings mothers from all over closer and allays all anxieties that all new mothers face. If you are a mother looking to connect with other mothers in your situation, be sure to sign up on Mumsnet.

The Bump

womens day the bump

The Bump is the best pregnancy and parenting website with tools and resources that will help you get through your pregnancy and childbirth easily. It has informative articles, quizzes, games, tools and other resources that shed light on what your developing baby is going through. The Bump has an experts panel who give real answers to questions on pregnancy, labor and development, baby development and milestones, and much more.

This website is great for mothers and mother-to-be looking for reliable information on babies and pregnancy-related topics. The website aims to empower new parents and parents-to-be with expert knowledge, personalized advice, checklists and much more.



NewParent is an attractive and informative website for parents with babies, toddlers, and older children. The website has a panel of experts to advise parents on multiple issues such as baby milestones, handling difficult toddlers, teenage tantrums and much more. There are several accessible and informative articles, checklists, and other useful resources on this website.

If you are looking for a website that will help you make sense of the Gordian Knot that is parenting, make sure to stop by NewParent for answers.



farfetch woman article

Farfetch is a great online website where you can explore a vast collection of luxury items for men, women, and kids. It has worldwide express delivery and same day delivery in  London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Miami, Madrid, Milan, Barcelona, and Rome. You get the best fashion at the best prices here. Farfetch has clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, etc. at great prices.

Deal Seeking Mom

womens day deal seeking mom

Deal Seeking Mom is every budget-conscious mother’s ideal; the website has information on sales, coupons, and sweet deals from across the country. This website teaches mothers all over the US how to live within their budgets smartly. Deal Seeking Mom has coupons, deals, freebies, and informative articles on money making ideas and living on a budget for mothers who need help planning their budgets.


Brain Pickings

womens day brain pickings

Brain Pickings is the best website to go to if you are looking for intellectual stimulation and inspiration. With well-researched articles on myriad subjects such as culture, books, art, psychology, science, design, children’s books, and much more, Brain Pickings will give you food for thought every day.

Written by Maria Popova, the website also has a newsletter with which you can stay abreast of the updates on the site. It is a subjective lens on all that matters in the world today and a personal inquiry into what it means to lead a good life. If you are looking for bright and concise writing on subjects that are diverse and far-reaching, this is the website for you.

The Every Girl

womens day the every girl

The Every Girl is a beautifully-designed website that aims to inspire every girl. It provides millions of women across the world daily inspiration and guidance with in-depth features, first-hand accounts of inspiring women, practical how-to guides and more.

The Every Girl has articles on diverse topics such as career and finance, living, fashion, wellness and so on. The website is great for the modern woman who aspires to live a financially sound and well-rounded life.



PopSugar is an informative website with articles on a wide range of topics such as new beauty trends, the latest news in the fashion world, fitness, parenting, food and much more. The articles are well-researched and easy to read; the most popular are those on tips for beauty & fashion, latest trends, entertainment news, celebrity news, and movies.

The career section has the latest job opportunities as well as tips that will help you advance your career. PopSugar is an engaging website with light and fast reads on lifestyle and entertainment.

Food and Recipes

All Recipes


All Recipes is one of the most popular and the top-ranked website for recipes in the world with more than 25 million visitors every month. The site is well laid out and also has information on topics like ingredients, recipe types, health and lifestyle, occasions, cuisines, etc. in addition to recipes.

The website is a treasure trove of recipes, guaranteed to gladden the hearts of every foodie. It caters to both beginners and experts; the recipes are guaranteed to bring out the gourmand in you. With food recipes from different cultures such as Chinese, Italian, Mexican, American, All Recipes has something for everybody looking to cook a homemade meal for themselves.

Food Network


An exciting food website along with entertainment. You will get to watch shows and videos related to their channel. A lot to explore and learn. You will get direct recipes from famous chefs. You will get to read informative articles and also fun facts. You can search for best restaurants there.

Home and Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping


Good Housekeeping, as the name suggests, is a site to solve all your housekeeping issues, be it food, glamour, home ideas, lifestyle ideas, beauty, and much more. It is a one-stop shop for articles and features on everything that would interest women. It has an extensive product reviews section with reviews of a wide range of products in different categories ranging from appliances, beauty products, cars, clothing, electronics, and much more.

Style At Home


Style at Home is a home decor and lifestyle magazine that is full of ideas to maintain your home elegantly. If you love decorating or need the inspiration to do up your home, Style at Home is your best bet. It has interior design and decor tips, home organization ideas, decorating ideas, latest trends, and how to style your home on your budget.

Style at Home is great for women who love redecorating, revamping and styling their homes.

Art and Creativity


womens day etsy

Etsy is a platform for all things that are unique, handmade and vintage. It is a global marketplace of one-of-a-kind items that are unique and creative. If you have an artistic bent of mind, you can be a seller on Etsy and use the platform to sell your goods on a global scale. Its curated collections are a great place to buy the perfect gift for your significant other, your family or friends.

Etsy is an excellent platform for hobbyists, crafters, and artists who make handmade products.


womens day pinterest

With Pinterest, you can discover endless possibilities to design your life. Pinterest is a collection of images, videos and GIFs from the internet on every conceivable topic. Discover recipes, an inspiration for your design projects, home styling, clothes – anything you can think of, you will find on Pinterest. Join Pinterest to find your favorite inspiration today!

Wrapping up

We have trawled the depths of the internet to find some of the best websites for women. These websites will help you on your journey to becoming the unstoppable force that you are.

I hope you enjoy reading this article and find all our suggestions helpful. Do let us know which your favorite website is and if we have left out any in the comments below.

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