There’s great news around the corner for gamers in the virtual world. Some lucky ones, US-based who are closer to twenty years of age will get to try it for free as Google tests its pilot of Project Stream from early October 2018.

Yes, this simply translates into being able to play the yet to be officially launched version of Assasin’s Creed Odyssey, not only free but also instantly with online game streaming on Google’s Chrome Browser.

What the rumor mills had labeled Google’s Yeti streaming service, has now been rechristened as Project Stream. It plans to make good its promise of bringing game streaming online so that high-end gaming isn’t restricted by any hardware limitations.

Gamers who have internet speeds of 25 megabits per second or higher will be able to have a go at the latest version of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey that will be newly launched around the same time.

Very simply put live streaming is transferring the compressed content of both video and audio variety over the internet to be played or viewed immediately rather than first storing it on the hard drive a then replaying it later. Live streaming is when the media is sent continuously as it arrives. This logic will now be applied to live action gaming, courtesy Google’s servers.

What makes Project Stream Attractive to Gamers of all Levels?

What Google now offers is the convenience of the graphics being rendered via super-mega computers elsewhere so that gamers can play without any lag or connection issues. The advantage for the end user, the gamer, in this case, is the ability to play high-intensity games on PC and laptops that would otherwise be incapable because of limiting hardware!

This means even if you don’t have the storage space for such a high-end game, or an expensive graphics card or console, you would still be able to enjoy a great gaming experience.

Computer Gamer Playing Online Games (Representative Image)

In this era where everything in life seems to be “Instant”, streaming of media has definitely made life very tech-dependent! So the way you entertain yourself through, movies, live concerts, or even games has changed drastically!

We want everything virtual to be as close as it can be to the real experience! So while a couple of nanoseconds don’t make a dent in our viewer experiences for a movie or an entertaining video, it makes a huge difference to the gamer where every split second could make him/her a winner or a loser!

Google assures that it has tried its best to ensure that every pixel is powered by an array of real-time rendering technology. It promises that it does justice to the creators who have spent years on developing these games. The live streaming will honestly try to deliver the fantastic artistry of visual effects, animation, and simulations which create amazing worlds, thrilling adventures and bizarre experiences with great aplomb.

Google’s challenge is laid out bare for now. Depending on the feedback and user experiences that will trickle in, Project Stream will transcend from its alpha to the beta stage smoothly. It promises to be a technically complex process and much more demanding than video streaming.

There is a lot riding on the success of this. After all, there is the prospect of very lucrative commercial profit as well as Ad revenue involved. By providing a super reliable service to the end-user, Google will also inadvertently offer greater control for the content creator, in this case, the game producer, and in addition ensure a multi-user huge geographical reach!

With so much at stake, one can easily fathom that it has surely come a long way, but when and how it reaches its zenith will a thing to watch out for.

(Image Credit: Computer Gamer by amirraizat via Shutterstock)