When you own a beautiful device like the OnePlus 6, you may want to add to its beauty or personify it to match your style by getting a case for it. Or maybe you just want to be on the safe side and protect it from bumps and drops. While the parent company, OnePlus does offer a protective case in the packaging, you don’t get a color or a texture choice.

For those who like to mix it up, we have a comprehensive list of different options from different manufacturers that promise great style, functionality, and even different skins.

From transparent to armor-like protection, you have the choice of slim fits and flip covers too. Here is the comprehensive collection of the best cases for OnePlus 6.

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The Official OnePlus 6 Cases

Rolled out directly from the manufacturer, these sleek OnePlus 6 cases are what you should be looking at first. Especially so, because of the smooth liquid crystalline glass body that the phone sports.

OnePlus 6 Bumper Case Karbon

OnePlus 6 Bumper Case

Do you fancy all-around protection? Then do look at this the shock-resistant-edged-bumpers that provide impact protection. The hardy outer shell is supported by a slim and light-weight profile. It is style combined with great protection. Flexible, sturdy and lightweight the special fibers are expertly woven into this case’s instantly recognizable geometric design!

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OnePlus 6 Bumper Case Ebony Wood

OnePlus 6 Bumper Case Ebony Wood FV 1

If you fancy all wood and glass look, then this cover for the OnePlus 6 phone should be enticing enough for you. Besides a precise fit that it offers, it almost seems seamlessly wrapped around this glass bodied phone. It makes a definite statement about your personality while offering a smooth look and a comfortable fit.

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OnePlus 6 Bumper Case Nylon (Black)

OnePlus 6 Bumper Case Nylon Black FV 1

If you are comfortable to constantly feel your phone then it would do you good to buy this mobile cover for your OnePlus 6. The Nylon case combines its finely woven texture with a comfortable grip that gives a distinct appearance.

This one will go a long way in terms of time to give you the secure feeling of having taken all precautions against dirt and fingerprints and still look stunning!

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OnePlus 6 Silicone Protective Case Red

OnePlus 6 Silicone Protective Case Red FV 1

With this case, you’re definitely going for that ‘Lady In Red’ look. This case makes the OnePlus 6 phone look quite elegant in its glass-encased body. Like to stand out? This color is a good choice.

Crafted with genuine wood it offers another option of black trimmed with red, that gives it a rich texture and absolutely sound protection.

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OnePlus 6 Flip Cover Black

OnePlus 6 Flip Cover Black FV 1

This truly works well for the feature of ‘Face Unlock’ on your new OnePlus 6 phone, since all you have to do is flip it open!

Crafted from creamlike soft PU leather, that’s soft to the touch, this gives you a very corporate executive look in a first-class manner.

It is one classy ‘Open and Shut’ case, guaranteed to add mystery to your phone’s personality.

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Best OnePlus 6 Transparent Cases

Olixar ExoShield Tough Snap-on

ExoShield Tough Snap on FV 1

This see-through cover for your OnePlus 6 phone can easily be Cinderella’s Glass slipper and just as elegant for the proud owner.

Slim and adding minimum bulk, it also has an anti-slip coating. With a tough protective design with reinforced the ExoShield is very resistant to damage from unexpected knocks and drops.

The reinforced raised corners, further provide protection against scratches for both the screen and rear camera, especially when placed on flat surfaces.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style Slim Clear Case

oneplus 6 clear case

If you look at this slim clear case it will remind you of your glass pane that looks out to your favorite view! Apt to fit snugly on your OnePlus 6 phone, it boasts of shockproof TPU bumpers, precise cutouts that allow seamless access to ports and raised bezels to protect screen and cameras!

Not much damage can be done to your phone if you choose this protective cover.

Ringke [Fusion] Crystal Clear Case

Ringke Fusion Crystal Clear Case FV 1

The Ringke Fusion Case for OnePlus 6 is a unique design to carry. It is designed to eliminate damage due to unexpected drops by providing a simple matching wrist strap! This is designed for the built-in QuikCatch lanyard hole to comfortably secure your phone to your hand. Its certified Military Grade Drop Protection comes with inner corner cushions to protect from drops.

The Active Touch Technology flexible TPU bumper allows easy and natural access to all vital ports and buttons. Dual active coverage edges cover all four corners with guards and tapered lips to lift off flat surfaces for raised bezel protection against daily use scratches.

Rear camera bezel design uniquely offers a smooth transition slope area for quick lock and unlock on the biometric finger scanner. It also has a side bezel that’s uniquely designed to improve smooth and easy glide.

We would say, go for it!

Orzly FlexiCase Slim Fit Protective Flexible Gel Case

oneplus 6 Flexible Gel Case

You can easily encase your beautiful glass bodied OnePlus 6 phone in FlexiCase’s slim-fit made with Flexible Gel!

This is a very durable material and offers for protection against daily wear and tear, small knocks & bumps and scratches. The flexible material with a non-slip finish allows the case to be put on with ease. With access to all ports, buttons, and features (including full use of the cameras) whilst still inside the case, it also has a raised lip on the front to give your phone maximum protection while on a flat surface.

Best OnePlus 6 Flip Covers

Noreve Tradition-B Leather Case

Noreve Tradition B Leather Case FV 1

If the idea of encasing your sleek glassy model of the OnePlus 6 phone with leather appeals to you, then do look at this classy cover that is available in a range of shades.

The Noreve Tradition B Leather Case looks decidedly exciting to carry around, adding a dash to your personality!

The premium leather cover with the horizontal flap makes an excellent armor for your phone protecting the display from tiny scratches or cracks. It is provided with an inner lining that adequately cushions the phone. There are fine cut-outs provided to access the camera, or plug-in to the audio and phone charging too. The flip cover aligns beautifully with the magnetic shut mechanism. In addition, it also doubles up as a portfolio or a cardholder, marking it as a very convenient to carry around.

32nd Shop Classic Series – Real Leather Book Wallet Case Cover

32nd Shop Classic Series FV 1

The OnePlus 6 leather book wallet case as the name suggests is a multi-functional product that primarily poses as a great protective shield for your OnePlus 6 phone.

Made from a supple yet durable faux leather it features convenient card slots in addition to a larger compartment that can be used for carrying your hard currency. The inner shell of this cover is made from a tough polycarbonate material with a delicate touch matte effect finish.

There are precise cutouts that provide unobstructed access to your phone’s camera, speakers, headphone jack and charging port. It also has a built-in card slot and storage compartment making this case ideal for everyday use.

Pick from a smart shade of either Black, Deep Blue & Purple to match your style.

StilGut Slim Vertical Leather Flip Cover Case

Oneplus 6 leather case

Choose from the shades of Black or Cognac as an elegant design for your OnePlus 6 phone.

This StilGut Slim Vertical Leather Flip Cover Case is ultraSlim, made of leather and secured with a firm clasp. There are recesses on the back of this cover for the fingerprint sensor, the dual camera, and the LED flash USB-C port, headphone jack, speakers and buttons. You can also turn on/off the Sleep/Wake function on the display just by opening or closing the lid.

But the most interesting feature is that the light flip cover with clip opens from top to bottom instead of the usual side to side. If you like this unique approach you might want to try out this beautiful flip cover for your OnePlus 6 device.

Best Armor Cases for OnePlus 6

Cocomii Ultimate Armor Case

Cocomii Ultimate Armor Case for oneplus 6

If you are someone who values protecting your phone, especially the sleek model of the glassy OnePlus 6, with style and elegance, then you simply have to check out this cover from Cocomii.

Going by their objective of bringing the most stylish accessories with the hardcore protection value assured, this cover promises to deliver!

For optimum defense, the Ultimate Armor is designed to absorb shock with its high-quality TPU layer and handle impacts with its reinforced PC bumper that is able to withstand extreme impacts. Precise cutouts ensure easy access to all features while tactile buttons ensure haptic feedback.

The Ultimate Armor claims certified Military-Grade Protection. Need we say more for this combination of strength and elegance?

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Spigen Rugged Armor Case FV 1

Another good choice for your OnePlus 6 phone is the Rugged Armor as it offers style and protection packed into a single layer.

With its “Air Cushion Technology” and strategically raised lips, it promises to defend all corners and the camera from all unwanted contact from everyday drops and impacts. Carbon fiber detailing runs along its edges and it will offer a fashionable look that is timeless especially if you prefer a matte black frame.

Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for OnePlus 6 Case (2018) - Black
  • Resilient Shock Absorption and Carbon Fiber Design

Cocomii Commando Armor (Black/Red)

CCocomii Commando Armor Black FV 1

If you prefer army grade protection for your phone, then this cover is an excellent choice for your OnePlus 6 phone.

One look and you know shielding your phone from damages like cracks and scratches is serious business. This offering from Cocomii swears to uphold design with functionality in the accessories market.

So go for this unique and classy look that is packed with power and quality.  The sturdy yet slim, dual-layer structure features a TPU body and polycarbonate shock absorbing bumper frame and has precise cutouts ensure easy access to all features and raised lips to protect the screen and camera. Of course, it says, certified Military Grade protection.

So go ahead and make a fashion statement with any of the vibrant colors available!

Urban Armor Gear Plasma Feather-Light Rugged Military Drop Tested Case

Urban Armor Gear Plasma Feather Light Rugged Military Drop Tested Case FV 1

Here is another phone cover for your glass bodied OnePlus 6 phone that promises Military drop-test standards.

With its armor-like shell and impact resistant soft core, the feather-light composite construction gives easy access to the touchscreen and the ports while the oversized tactile buttons are also very convenient.

Other Notable Cases for OnePlus 6

Nillkin Nature Series TPU case

TPU OnePlus 6 case

If you prefer to flash your ownership of the classy brand of the OnePlus 6 phone and yet want strong protection then you have a great choice in this cover. Completely transparent the Nillkil Nature series TPU uses environmental non-toxic TPU and is silky smooth and ultrathin to touch and feel.

It also glitters and is translucent with an anti-slipping structure with frosted sides. The unique design of the closed volume keys protects the keys from scratching. It also has an integrated dust plug design, for protection from dust particles.

It is easy to install and easy to take off, fits in easily and offers good protective care. A definite transparent beauty that spells out comfort and style.

Poetic Nubuck Credit Card Case

Oneplus 6 Credit Card Case

This case for your OnePlus 6 phone has a high-grade TPU back constructed with a premium perforated PU leather credit card case. Its slim design allows for an easy fit in your bags or pockets. It also has perfect port cutouts for your charger, speakers, camera, and fingerprint sensor.

Nillkin Qin Series Leather case

Nillkin Qin Series Leather OnePlus 6 Case

This phone case uses superior natural texture leather that gives you an experience of a superior touch!

Soft delicate lining, anti-skid, and dirt-proof it also has a classic flip! The leather cover designed gives your cell phone an all-around protection. There is a customized inside slot for you to place your card and carry it around conveniently. The unique details design of the slot, nickel screen, LOGO shows the elite style.

Definitely a big baron in the world of fashion statements!

Amzer Designer Soft Gel TPU Case with the US Flag

Amzer Designer Soft Gel TPU Case with USA Flag Soldier Monochrome FV 1

When you have the US flag and the soldiers silhouette on your phone cover, it speaks volumes about your personality!

This Soft Gel TPU Designer case is fashioned from a durable soft gel material and topped off with an HD print. Shock-resistant from accidental bumps and drops, it provides great comfort while handling too.

Note: Neoprene Sleeves cannot be returned for a refund, they can only be replaced if any manufacturing/printing defect is found.

Otterbox Commuter Series Case

Otterbox Commuter oneplus 6 case

As the brand name suggests the Commuter Series keeps your OnePlus 6 protected while you rush about your daily chores.

It is slim and tough and offers the additional benefits of the three Ds – Dust protection, Drop protection and Dual layering! Do try it!