Web browsersEvery time a major update occurs with a web browser, it may change the way you use it. In fact, if the changes are major enough, you may even want to ditch your default browser for something new. Since every browser comes with its own features, functions, and usability, it may be prudent to utilize multiple browsers depending on just what you do on the Internet.

Every browser wants to be your default, but you do have the choice to choose just which one is your number one. We will go over how to set your default browser in Windows 7 as well as how to set some of the most common browsers as default from the browser options.

Setting a Default Browser in Windows 7

If you are using Windows 7, you can set up your default browser by clicking on your “Start Menu.”

Start Menu

From there, click “Control Panel.”

Control Panel

You want to click the “Programs” header.

Default Programs

Then, click “Set your default programs” under the Default Programs header.

Set your default programs

It will take a few seconds for any program on your computer to load any software that allows defaults to be set.

Once loaded, you can scroll through the programs and find the browser you want to make your default.

Once you find it, click on it to load its default settings.

Default settings

A brief description of the browser will appear and it will let you know how many defaults the programs have to set and what is set. You can then choose one of two ways to go about setting the default. You can either choose to set all defaults for the program or you can customize them. In order to truly make a browser your default in Windows 7, click “Set this programs as default.”

The window will refresh and will let you know the program has all its defaults.

Browser default set

Now, that browser will be your default any time you do anything related to the Internet.

In some ways, setting your default browser this way is better than doing it through the program itself, because this allows you to set all defaults as opposed to the limited ones the browser allows you to set.

Setting Default Browser from the Browser Interface

Sometimes its easier to set a browser as default from the browser interface itself. Below we have described how to set Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari as the default browser.

How to set Chrome as your default browser

If you want to set Google Chrome as your default browser, open Chrome.

Once open, click on the “Wrench” toolbar.

Chrome dropdown menu

Now, click “Options.”

Chome Basics options

Make sure you are under the Basics options.

Then, look for Default browser. If “Make Google Chrome my default browser” is not grayed out, click on it to make Chrome your default browser.

Setting Chrome as your default browser

Chrome is now your default browser.

How to set Firefox as your default browser

If you want to set Mozilla Firefox as your default browser, open Firefox.

Once open, click on the “Firefox” drop-down menu.

Firefox dropdown menu

Now, click “Options.”

Click on the “Advanced” button, then make sure you are on the General tab. From there, look under System Defaults.

(13) firefox settings 2

From there, you can click “Check Now.” If Firefox is not the default browser, a pop-up will appear alerting you to it. Click “Yes” to make Firefox your default browser.

Firefox default browser pop-up

How to set Internet Explorer as your default browser

If you want to set Microsoft Internet Explorer as your default browser, open Internet Explorer.

Once open, click on “Gear” icon in the right-hand corner.

IE settings dropdown menu

From there, click on “Internet options.”

Click on the “Programs” tab.

IE options

Now, click on “Make default.”

Internet Explorer is now your default browser.

How to set Opera as your default browser

If you want to set Opera as your default browser, you simply have to open the browser.

Opera opening pop-up

A pop-up will appear letting you know it is not the default. You can just click “Yes” to make it the default.

If you had previously said no and clicked the do not show this dialog again, you will have to open Opera and do it manually.

Once Opera is opened, click the dropdown menu in the top left-hand corner of the browser.

Opera dropdown menu

Click on “Settings.”

Opera settings

Then, click on “Preferences.”

Now, make sure to click on the “Advanced” tab. You will see the checkbox for choosing whether Opera lets you know if it is the default browser or not.

Opera advanced settings

Click on “Details.”

Windows 7 defaults for Opera

Opera will then open the Windows 7 defaults for itself. You want to click “Select All,” then “Save.”

Opera is now your default browser.

How to set Safari as your default browser

If you want to set Safari as your default browser, you want to start by opening it. If it is not your default browser, a pop-up will appear letting you know. You can make it your default by clicking “Yes.”

Safari pop-up

If you had turned off the notification before while using Safari, you want to click the “Gear” icon in the top right hand of the browser toolbar.

Safari dropdown menu

From there, you want to click on “Preferences.”

Safari preferences

On the General tab, which should open by default, you want to change the default web browser to Safari. It is that simple.

Why is it useful to change your preferred browser from time to time?

Most Internet users have a preference when it comes to using a browser. Whether it be IE, Chrome, Firefox or another browser, that software can make surfing the web easier because of how comfortable a user gets with it.

If something changes with your favorite browser, this can make or break your experience with it. This may mean it is time to invest in a browser that lets you access the Internet the way you want. This can be when changing your default browser can be a beneficial tool to a computer user.

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