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How many web-based applications have you tried once and not used again? Did you delete the account or is it just sitting out there taking up space, keeping a record of your personal details? We have heard about how personal information of thousands of people was compromised when the Gawker Network was hacked and not to forget the much publicized PlayStation network hacking. So, if you don’t use it, it’s better to delete an unused account.

Sometimes the process to delete your account can be a bit unclear. Some sites just do not want to let you go or want to prevent fraudulent deletion requests and complicate the process of deleting accounts. Thankfully Delete Your Account can help.

The site is simple and has instructions on what you need to do to delete your unused accounts on several social networks, web-based email sites, blogs, etc. While it seems like there is a new social site popping up every month, the most popular sites are listed here.

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Why you should care

While it may not be a big deal to some people, there are others out there who may not want any more info on the web that is needed. For example, did you had a few party heavy years at college and posted lots of pictures on your MySpace page to prove it? Well, then you may not want the law firms you are now interviewing with to see your, um… networking skills plastered all over the web.

Deleting your unused accounts, be it email, social sites or anything else unused on the web is a good idea.

Where to start

All of the sites are listed alphabetically. On the start page, just click the letter you need to find the site you have an account on.

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Say you have an old Yahoo email you do not use anymore. Click on Y and you will see Yahoo and YouTube. When you click on the site you need the instruction for, you will see the instructions to go about deleting your account.

yahoo-delete your account

As you can see, there is a link to the page you will need to visit along with the steps you will need to take to delete your unused yahoo account.

yahoo instructions-delete your account

“What about some of the others?” you may be asking. Glad you asked. Here are a couple more examples of what you may run into when you delete your unused accounts.


dropbox- delete your account


tagged-delete your account

Are they all easy to delete?

There are a few out there that will take a little more effort to delete. These sites may want a reason for you wanting to terminate your account. This means you will need to send a quick email to cancel. A couple of sites that require an email are Meebo and Digg.

meebo-delete your account

What if you change your mind after you delete your account?

Some accounts do not delete right away. The just stay in a non-active state for a little while to give you the chance to restore it. Others, however, just delete as soon as you click the confirmation button. Make sure you have all of the information and pictures you may need off the account before you delete it. does list some instruction on how to restore an account if there was an option to restore it. Hotmail is one example showing the restore instructions.

hotmail-delete your account


While not every site is available, there is a good list of popular sites. The website is regularly updated with deletion options from more and more sites.

Having the links directly to the page you need when deleting your unused accounts is very helpful. The links and instruction make the process much faster and a bit more painless.

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