The good news for the fans of the HBO channel is that it is now streaming two services, HBO Go and HBO Now. With these streams, one can watch their favorite TV shows, movies, and other HBO specials with ease and on multiple devices.

Let us understand the difference between HBO GO and HBO Now and which one of these two would be the best choice for you?

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The HBO Go Interface

HBO Go is a free streaming service that comes free with your paid HBO subscription as part of your cable or satellite TV subscription. If HBO is part of your cable or satellite TV package, you are eligible to get HBO GO free.

It is provided by HBO through a TV provider. You can watch HBO programming on any device you want, but you can’t watch HBO GO without a cable subscription.

The HBO Now Mobile App

HBO Now is an on-demand streaming service that does not need cable or a satellite TV package to work. You can subscribe directly from HBO or a subscription provider such as Amazon, Hulu, and Roku etc.

It is a great option for cord-cutters who rely on online streaming for entertainment

Parameter 1 – Content in HBO Go Vs HBO Now

In terms of content, the difference between the HBO Go and HBO Now is very minimal. Both services offer almost the same content. That means you have access to the same movies, shows, and documentaries on both services.

Both services provide on-demand content to subscribers and the content is available at the same time as the original broadcast on HBO. The apps and the app interface are also similar with user-friendly sections such as Featured, and Just Added. These help you to select movies to watch.

New movies are added every week, along with great HBO content such as talk shows, news, comedy specials, documentaries, and much more.

Parameter 2 – Price Factor in HBO Go vs HBO Now

HBO Go comes free with your paid HBO subscription. To use HBO Go, you need to have a subscription to HBO. The monthly rate for HBO differs according to your package and your location. Check with your service provider for actual costs.

HBO Now has a free one-month trial for new users and it costs $14.99 per month thereafter. Since it is a standalone package, it does not require a cable or satellite connection to work.

Just download the app, sign up and use it via service providers such as Amazon, Hulu, etc.

Parameter 3 – Access

Both HBO Go and HBO Now will give you access to HBO’s entire library of amazing content. This includes TV shows, documentaries, special shows, hits like Game of Thrones, and movies from four major Hollywood studios.

The major difference in the two streaming services is in how you access the content. HBO Go can be streamed on most devices using the login credentials given by your cable operator.

HBO Now was launched exclusively to Apple TV initially but is now available on all major streaming service providers.

The best part of both HBO Go and HBO Now is that they both support simultaneous streaming. This basically means that simultaneous streaming allows different family members to watch their favorite shows on different devices at the same time.

Parameter 4 – Devices supported by HBO Go Vs HBO Now

HBO Now works on almost all devices including Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire TV, the mobile phone, computer, Android TV, Chromecast, and even PlayStation. See a list of all supported devices here.

HBO Go is also available to stream on most devices but not all TV providers support HBO Go on all devices. Make sure your TV provider supports your device before trying to stream.

You can stream HBO Go on your mobile phone, Android TV, PlayStation, Chromecast, Amazon Firestick and much more.

Parameter 5 – Availability of HBO Vs HBO Now

Both HBO Go and HBO Now are only available in the US and some US territories. If you live outside the United States, you cannot take advantage of these streaming services.

Final Thoughts on HBO Go vs HBO Now

So if we need to understand the bottom line of which streaming service is better, then the above parameters help with your specific choice and need.

Content-wise, both streaming services are essentially identical. If you are a cable subscriber and have already subscribed to HBO, then HBO Go makes more sense for you because you are already getting it free of cost.

If you are a cord-cutter and rely solely on streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime for your entertainment needs, HBO Now is your best option to access HBO’s content online.

By recognizing the need for a streaming service, HBO has made it easier for viewers to watch its bestselling shows and movies. So the viewer really is the winner.

We hope we helped you decide which service to go for when we talk about HBO Go vs HBO Now.

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