Box.Net-LogoAlthough mobile technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and can now stack up quite capably to their desktop counterparts for certain tasks in terms of usability and software quality, handheld devices and tablets still pale in comparison when it comes to internal storage, a quite critical factor when deciding on any device in these days of HD movies, for example.

So, anyone lucky enough to own an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, can now get access to 50GB of free online storage courtesy of, the popular cloud storage, and sync service.

The Promotion Details


Unfortunately, this is not a permanent offer, and while it’s remarkable, it’s limited by time. The offer began at midnight on the 13th October and will run for an appropriate 50 days (till Dec. 2, 2011).

To get access to the 50GB of cloud goodness, you’ll need to login to your account on any iOS device that’s running the latest version of the application, which is version number 2.3.4.

You’ll then be assigned your 50GB of storage automatically, and you can be on your way with vast amounts of cloud storage that could potentially more than treble what you currently have built into your device.

What Else Do I Get?

You’d think that such a promotion would be enough, but no. is also generously, but also perhaps quite thankfully, upgrading the maximum file upload limit to 100MB, four times that which it used to be at a now seemingly meager 25MB.

Although that still means you won’t be able to throw HD content on there, you can still host a lot of music if you can be bothered moving it all across, for example, or gargantuan quantities of documents.

What’s more, now has the capability to stream content from AirPlay on your iOS device to an Apple TV, for example, making it less critical to use the service for movies or TV shows.


There’s no doubting that this could potentially be an enormous boost not just for in their ongoing competition with services such as Dropbox and their new rival in iCloud, which is probably the instigator for this apparently outrageous lavishing of the cloud.

In truth, the service was probably about to be left behind due to iCloud’s integration with all Apple products and Dropbox’s cross-compatibility tied with its lack of limits on file size, so it could be a promotion that while relatively short-lived, could keep it afloat for the foreseeable future, or at least prevent its current user base disbanding overnight.

Visit “” From your iDevice to get this deal.

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