psykopaint-introHave you ever wanted to paint a beautiful picture and realize you have no painting skills what so ever? If you are equally untalented at Photoshop, you will want to check out Psykopaint. The flash-based image editor easily turns your pictures into a Van Gough style painting.

With no skill or learning required, you can transform any photo you upload into a work of art. Even if you are as poor a photographer as you are a painter, you can still make the image look like you know what you are doing.

Different Canvases at Psykopaint

There are three different choices to start your project. You can start with a blank slate if you want to draw and show off your artistic skill. If you aren’t so good at drawing, you can add some flair to an image. There are a lot of ways you can manipulate the image using the different brushes.

3-psykopaint  canvas

The Tools Of Trade

Psykopaint isn’t magic, It will take a bit of effort on your part to get the desired effects. There are a few different tools you can use to add the effects to the image you are about to modify. Much like in an application like Photoshop or GIMP, you can add different effects with different style brushes.

1-psykopaint  brushes

There are brushes like a pencil and spray can. Within each of the different brushes, there are different patterns. Some of the patterns are actual shapes. For example, If you were to choose the spray can brush, there is a cat paw and a butterfly shape. When you are trying to find the right brush, you can see a preview of how each style in will look for each brush.

2-psykopaint brush styles

When you get all the basic set up and you get a feel for the layout, you can go at it. While playing with the different shapes, brushes, opacity and other features, you will see that some patterns on the original image work a little better with certain brushes or shapes.

Here are a few examples of before and after images. They are a bit more on the extreme side for the purpose of demonstration. If you prefer, you can be much more subtle in your image manipulations.

Examples Of Effects Applied To Photos



After (Ribbon brush, Shredder preset)




After (Crazy cannon brush, Edgehog preset)




After (Crazy cannon brush, Auto Splash preset)



The artsy side of anyone can come out when they can easily add effects to pictures. Many times people are frustrated with the technology of the image editing application.

If you have a child interested in art, they may not be ready to learn Photoshop, but they can pick a paint brush and move a mouse. They will probably have a great time enhancing pictures. If you let them run wild with a camera at a party or out in the back yard, the kids can even make the pictures they took look more like a digital painting.

Go ahead, check out Psykopaint

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