logo-markertoThe web is a vast sea of information. You may find something really cool, but you do not save the link somewhere that info could be lost forever. Marker.to is an easy way to highlight the web and share your findings.

If you have been out of school for a few years, you probably remember using a yellow highlighter to mark an important part of a paragraph in the book you were studying. Highlighting, along with bookmarks and other notes, made studying and finding that same bit of text much easier. Marker.to is based on the same principle.

How to set up Marker.to

You can download the Marker.to an extension for your browser from the link on their homepage. You can also get it for Firefox by visiting Firefox add-ons or for Chrome via the Chrome Web Store. There will be a yellow highlighter icon that will appear in the icon bar.

1-markerto icon

What you will see is a window pop up with options to share the page you are highlighting.

2-markerto share

Also, you will see the cursor arrow turn yellow and change in size a little.

3-markerto yellow arrow

From this point, all there is to highlighting text is click and highlight as if you were going to copy and paste.

4-markerto highlighting

When you release the mouse button, you will see the text you highlighted is now yellow. Also, you will see a window that pops up allowing you a choice of colors. Different colors are a good way to separate different topics on the same page.

5-markerto color options

Here are a few examples of a highlighted pages and a link to them so you can check it out for yourself.

Floppy disks after using Marker.to

6-markerto page highlighted

Google Bio after using Marker.to

7-markerto google

Uses for web highlighting

There are several uses for needing a highlighter for the web.

  • If you work in customer support and want to highlight a part of a FAQ page for a customer.
  • Or if you are collaboratively working on a research project with someone.
  • You can easily keep track of referenced text for a school paper or project by attaching the link to the sidebar or footer of your paper.

Why not just bookmark the page or copy and paste the text?

With everything you have going on, notes and things to remember can many times be lost as your day gets more hectic. By having the exact part of the page highlighted, you will easily remember what it is you wanted to remember the page or bit of text.

Final thoughts

There are may ways to keep information. Many people have a process of researching information. No matter how solid it may be, there is always a little application that can add a bit of ease or efficiency to your research or collaboration.

Download and see how easy highlighting the web can be. Marker.to

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