Typically, January brings CES and with CES brings figuring out what to bring each day to show floor and scrambling with what electronics are worth carrying all day. This year, I opted not to venture to The Fabulous Las Vegas and instead take a working vacation to New York City for a week. On any trip where you need to lug electronics, figuring out what to bring and how you’ll carry it is a struggle.

There are companies out there looking for new ways to make the most of backpack space and Peak Design is one such company. Let’s look at their travel products and whether it’s worth it for those globetrotting electronic loving travelers.

A Little Bit About Peak Design

PeakDesign out of box

Starting in 2010, Peak Design’s Peter Dering went on a four-month trip around the world. As he learned, like many of us, traveling with electronics, especially camera gear just plain sucks. It’s cumbersome, it’s awkward, and it’s downright tiring without the right backpack or daypack to carry that gear.

In May 2011, Dering started a Kickstarter campaign and Peak Design was born. The Kickstarter campaign showed Peak Design that gear travel enthusiasts needed a way to bring along all the electronics they needed to work and play on trips all over the planet.

Run Down of Peak Design’s Travel Backpack

PeakDesign 45l adjustable sizing
PeakDesign Adjustable Sizing

Peak Design sent me a 45L Travel Backpack, along with a Tech Pouch, a Wash Pouch, a Packing Cube, and a Camera Cube to take along on my trip to New York City.

For this trip, I was planning to bring my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S, multiple portable batteries, multiple Tab Pro S accessories and charging cables, a selfie stick, and a phone tripod for my Samsung Galaxy S9. What Peak Design sent would prove to be more than enough for my trip, with some wiggle room.

Let’s look at my thoughts on the travel backpack, pouches, and cubes.

Peak Design 45L Travel Backpack

PeakDesign main storage space

Immediately, out of the box, you can feel the travel backpack is made from quality materials that look like they could stand up to the elements of travel. Their backpack at first is overwhelming, there are so many zippers and pockets and functionality.

The attention to detail of what travelers will need and where they’ll go in their bags is apparent at once. This backpack is solid, even when empty.

PeakDesign mesh pocket interior

The backpack actually compresses to a 35L backpack but can expand to 45L when necessary making it perfect as a carry-on item when flying.

A zippered mesh sleeve on the inside divides where you could put a laptop from the rest of your gear within the pouches and cubes that fit nicely within.

I missed that it had a hip belt upon my first inspection of the backpack. The tuck-away shoulder steps and hip belt make it easier to carry when fully loaded which is great when trekking across the city or through an airport.

PeakDesign side pocket
The PeakDesign Side Pocket

There are side pockets for smaller gear and for reaching inside directly to items like cameras, camera accessories, or a tablet. There’s even a small pocket to tuck your ID, passport, or cash for quick access without taking the backpack entirely off.

PeakDesign 45l adjustable sizing
Peak Design Adjustable Sizing

Carrying the backpack when loaded for my trip felt “lighter” than using the regular backpack I bring on my travels. The bag was more balanced, and the weight was more evenly distributed because of how it was packed up which made it feel less cumbersome and awkward on longer walks.

It took me a bit to get used to how to use the backpack, where to put my stuff, what to unzip to get what I needed but once I was used to it – it was so much more efficient than finding things in my normal travel backpack.

Peak Design Pouches and Cubes

Just like the backpack itself, the pouches and cubes that came with it are made of quality materials. They easily open and can be packed to the brim without worrying they fit securely within the Peak Design travel backpack.

PeakDesign fully loaded

I was surprised when fully packed how easily they fit into the backpack with plenty of room for my Tab Pro S and other random items I threw into max out space.

PeakDesign stacking cubes
Peack Design Stacking Cube Design for Storage

The pouches and cubes, particularly the Camera Cube, make for a secure space for electronics and other items. They can be repurposed as you see fit and as your travel needs change for a particular day, trip, or flight. There are many accessories out there that can only be used for one purpose – one of my biggest frustrations as a traveler. It was nice to see the space available in each pouch and cube, then use it as I saw fit.


I won’t lie. The Peak Design travel backpack and accessories are expensive. But if you’re traveling with equally expensive gear – it’s worth the price tag for the peace of mind. Don’t let sticker shock convince you not to invest in quality luggage, backpacks, and accessories for your adventures and travels in life.

I often worry when flying in particular about my laptop or electronics, especially when stowed in a carry-on space. Other travelers are only paying attention to their luggage. They bang, move, and throw their stuff on top of your carry-on, which can lead to damage and other issues.

With this backpack, I didn’t worry about that one because of how solid Peak Design’s backpack, pouches, and cubes are designed.

Learn more about Peak Design, their travel backpack, and accessories by visiting their website.

Disclaimer: The above company sent me the product to be reviewed on this blog. However, that has not swayed my opinion of their product one way or another.