There’s a lot of cables on the market. Whether you’re looking for a USB-C one for your phone or a micro-USB one for another phone or something to hook your Xbox up to a TV, you might get confused and frustrated by the choices out there.

Companies don’t make it easy, especially when it comes to HDMI cables. Marseille, Inc. is looking to change how gamers and movie lovers upscale their content on TVs and consoles. Let’s take a look at their mCable line, how it works, and whether it’s worth your time.

Rundown of mCable Cinema and Gaming Editions

mCable Cinema Edition HDMI cable

In 2017, the mCable product line was released focused on quality imagery without sacrificing reaction time and response time from video and games. When it comes to buying cables depending on your setup at home, you may notice that you’re not getting the quality you deserve especially with 4K content.

This is where mCable’s Cinema and Gaming Editions want to disrupt the cable market. With mCable, you get HD in, 4K out even when the source material is lower resolution. While this won’t magically make everything 4K, it cleans up picture quality, improves vibrancy, and you’ll notice a difference with these cables.

My Experience with the mCable Cinema Edition

I’ve always been skeptical about cables. I worked in several big box consumer electronics retailers at the height of Monster cable dominating the HDMI marketplace. For the average consumer, a store brand cable does the job; for everyone else, finding the right cable without spending an arm and a leg is a must.

Marseille, Inc., the company behind mCable, was kind enough to let me try out the mCable Cinema Edition.

mCable Cinema Edition box

The packaging is amazing. Not only does it highlight what mCable does and how you’ll use it, but it also highlights what a quality product and experience this will be once hooked up.

I own a 1080p 50” Samsung television and leverage an Xbox One for gaming and as my entertainment media center. Depending on the output source, your mileage will vary as far as getting full 4K upscaling. Not all outputs can be upscaled to 4K, no matter what you’re using to do it, including mCable.

mCable comparison difference
(Before and After Images) mCable use for the same DVD

I noticed a difference right away with over the air television channels, old DVDs, and some of the Xbox 360 games I played on my Xbox One. While this wasn’t mind-blowing going from SD or lower HD quality content to 1080p in some cases, it was enough for me to see with my own eyes this cable was improving picture quality.

For the most part, I couldn’t tell the difference between 1080p content upscaled to 4K but seeing standard content’s quality improve showed me mCable is the real deal.

I imagine if I had a bigger TV, maybe 70”+, I’d see a more significant difference side-by-side between 1080p content and upscale it to 4K based on my viewing so far.

The mCable plugs into your standard inputs/outputs on a TV, gaming console, entertainment system, or Blu Ray player setup. It also needs a power source via USB to connect to depending on what you’re hooking it into, like your TV. This was easy to accomplish with my setup.

I’d read online that sometimes when your television goes idle, or you’re sitting through a binge session that the mCable will power down to save power. I never experienced this issue since using the cable. If this does happen to you, unplug the mCable’s power source and plug it back in to turn it back “on.”

mCable plugged into TV


With 4K televisions still not in the price range of the average consumer, mCable’s Cinema and Gaming Editions will help upscale content where it can.

For far less than you’d pay for a new television or replacing old movies and video games, you can get better picture quality now with technology that’s changing how you watch what you love.

If you’re interested in giving mCable a try and seeing the difference yourself, visit their Amazon store.

Disclaimer: The above company sent us the product for a review on this blog. However, that has not swayed our opinion about their product one way or another.