Anxiety - Lightweight To-Do List Management

If you’re someone who uses iCal or Apple Mail on the Mac to manage and keep track of your tasks, you know how frustrating it can be. You either have to leave one of the 2 applications open all day or open them when you need to see your tasks. While there are various Mac apps that can help you manage your tasks, very few are as simple and easy to use as Anxiety.

Anxiety is super-lightweight to-do list app for Mac OS X that will simplify your life by letting you quickly and easily manage your tasks. Anxiety syncs with iCal and Mail and imports the tasks and calendars created in each application. Therefore, checking off a task in Anxiety will also check it off in iCal and Mail and vice versa. Additionally, double clicking on any task in Anxiety will launch and highlight it in your chosen default application (iCal or Mail). This way you can edit the task and add details if needed.

This free app is so clean and minimalist that you might forget that it’s there! If you’re tired of dealing with to-do list apps that take up your whole screen or need at least half of your screen, then you’ll love how small, beautiful, and effective Anxiety is. Let’s take a closer look.

Getting Started

When you first start Anxiety, you’ll see the pint-size task window on your screen. By default, your items will be organized into multiple sorted lists, meaning you’ll be able to choose which list shows at any given time.

Anxiety Multiple Sorted List

However, in preferences, you can change this to a unified list so that all of your tasks show all together on one single list.

Anxiety Single Organized List

Other appearance options available are:

  • Select the maximum number of rows to show in your task list.
  • Highlight alternating list rows.
  • Show or hide task and calendar counts.
  • Show or hide configuration menu.
  • Fade task list window in and out when active/inactive.

Adding and Removing Tasks

The best thing about Anxiety is how easy it is to add and remove tasks. Removing tasks is as simple as checking them off. This does not actually delete them from your list though. It just removes them from your uncompleted list. You can still access them in iCal and Mail by viewing your completed tasks.

Add New Tasks to Anxiety

Adding tasks is done by clicking on the checkmark in the top right corner of the window. A small drop down will appear and you’ll be able to enter the title of your tasks and choose the task list to add it to.

Adding New Calendars

You can also add new calendars in the same manner. You’ll notice the little calendar icon next to the tasks lists menu (in the screenshot above). Click on this to bring up the add new calendar option.

Add New Calendars to Anxiety

You can then enter a name and then create the new calendar. This allows you to easily sort your tasks into groups.


The main pro of Anxiety, of course, is that it’s so quick, easy, and convenient to use. Many users like to choose where their app icon will show, in the menubar or in the dock. With Anxiety, you can choose to show it in either or both location.

You can also choose to hide Anxiety when inactive, though this can be a bit inconvenient since once hidden you have to click on the menubar or dock icon to bring it back.


The main con of Anxiety is that you cannot edit your tasks or calendars from the app; you’ll need to launch iCal or Mail in order to add details, set reminders, invite others, etc.

Another con is the fact that Anxiety always stays on top of any other Window you have open. While this is a nice feature, it would be better if you had the option to go back and forth between the two. Sometimes you may want it hidden while working in your browser or another application.

Lastly, there is no way to change the colors or theme of the Anxiety window. So if you’re someone who doesn’t like white on dark backgrounds, then this could be a huge deal breaker for you.

Download Anxiety To Simplify Your Tasks List!

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