Who doesn’t enjoy a good binge-watch session? While Netflix has always been our go-to streaming platform, Amazon Prime has now come to the party. They are making their presence felt with some robust original programming.

They are continually adding new names to their extensive library, and most of the Amazon original series is worth your time. Amazon Prime Video has a vast array of Prime Originals which might elicit tiny chuckles in your body, give you raised eyebrows or leave you with goosebumps all over.

A multitude of Amazon originals has received critical acclaim while many of them promise quality but are comparatively less-known. Hunting for the tasty offerings can be daunting, especially if you’re a first time viewer. We’ve scoured through the entire list and indexed the best series, films, and shows that cannot be missed.

Are you game for the gems we found lurking on the website? Sit back, relax, and do not forget to grab that tub of popcorn.

The Best Amazon Original Series

1. Bosch

Year: 2015

No. of Seasons: 5

Cast: Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector, Amy Aquino

Harry Bosch, a homicide detective from Los Angeles, is working on solving the murder mystery of a thirteen-year-old boy. Along with this, he stands trial for shooting a serial killer.

The protagonist has issues with the authority, listens to his instincts and tries to bend some rules; while aiming to pursue justice. One of the best Amazon Prime series, Bosch is a thoroughly entertaining crime drama.

2. Forever

Year: 2018

No. of Seasons: 1

Cast: Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen

June and Oscar are a happily married couple for twelve years. They lead very monotonous lives in suburban California indulging in the same food, having similar conversations and going on vacations to their regular place.

June initiated the idea of spicing things up between the to and the duo set on a ski trip. They find themselves in unworldly situations that raise questions about them being together in the afterlife. One of the best Amazon Originals; Forever is visually beautiful, unpredictable, and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Check out the trailer to know if it’s for you or not.

3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Year: 2017

No. of Seasons: 2

Cast: Rachel Brosnahan, Alex Borstein, Michael Zegen

Set in 1953 Manhattan, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a fresh-feel Amazon original series about the life of a sunny, energetic and sharp lady; Midge Maisel. She leads a perfect life with her husband and kids hosting elegant dinners and throwing the best breakfasts in town.

Her life takes an unforeseen turn when the partner leaves her, and she decides to become a stand-up comic artist. Will she be able to survive this male-dominated profession?

4. Sneaky Pete

Year: 2017

No. of Seasons: 2

Cast: Giovanni Ribisi, Marin Ireland, Shane Mcrae

A con man is on the run from a gangster whom he had robbed earlier. On being released from jail, the protagonist decides to take cover by being with his cellmate Pete’s family; posing as Pete himself.

He is successful in assuming the identity and gets a taste of family love, which was new to him. However, the dysfunctional group of people try to drag him back into the dangerous world he wants to escape from. Watch Sneaky Pete, an Amazon original series, to find out what he does next.

5. Comrade Detective

Year: 2017

No. of Seasons: 1

Cast: Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jenny Slate

One of our most absurd Amazon show entries, Comrade Detective, was made in Romania using local actors and is now available as dubbing in English. It is a parody-comedy in the ‘buddy-cop’ format which was in vogue during the 1980s.

Two detectives investigate the murder mystery of a fellow officer, and in the process, they aim to resolve a disruptive plot to wreck their country that is fueled by capitalism. The premise of the show is ingenious. The protagonists portray television hosts who try to promote the communist agenda.

6. Britannia

Year: 2018

No. of Seasons: 1

Cast: David Morrissey, Kelly Reilly, Nikolaj Lie Kaas

The mysterious and turbulent land of 43 A.D. Britannia is inhabited by several hostile tribes until the land is captured by foreign armies which invoke chaos. Celtic rivals Kerra and Antedia must fight and survive through the Roman invasion as it threatens the existence of Celtic resistance.

One of the best Amazon Prime Original series, Britannia, is a fantasy period drama you’ll enjoy watching. It is not factually accurate or historically precise, but you will love the show if you’re a Game of Thrones fan.

7. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Year: 2018

No. of Seasons: 1

Cast: John Krasinski, Wendell Pierce, Abbie Cornish

CIA analyst Jack Ryan comes across a suspicious series of bank transfers and probes investigation to unravel the mystery. In the search for the answers, he puts his regular desk job at risk and gets entangled in a dangerous terrorist gambit.

One of the best Amazon Original shows, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, is gripping and intense. The show has a nail-biting and full of suspense plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

8. Hanna

Year: 2019

No. of Seasons: 1

Cast: Esme Creed-Miles, Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman

Hanna is a coming-of-age Amazon Original which shows the journey of a fifteen-year-old girl who was raised in a forest. The extraordinary young girl puts up in Poland with the father, Erik.

The story follows Hanna as she dodges the continuous pursuit of an off-book CIA agent and wants to uncover the truth behind who she is. This high-concept thriller is based on the film of the same name and does total justice to its predecessor.

9. Lore

Year: 2017

No. of Seasons: 2

Cast: Robert Patrick, Holland Roden, Colm Feore

One of the best Amazon original series, Lore, is inspired by a well-liked podcast of the same name. It is a horror anthology with each episode depicting a different story. The plotlines do not connect the previous episode with the next.

Lore reveals the real-life events that catalyze our darkest nightmares. Using dramatic scenes and animation, the show’s subject matter includes vampires, werewolves, spiritualism, and mental illness.

10. Goliath

Year: 2016

No. of Seasons: 2

Cast: Billy Bob Thornton, William Hurt, Maria Bello

Billy McBride, who was once a powerful lawyer, is going through a rough patch. He’s been thrown out of the huge law firm that he was a part of and is now an ambulance chaser.

His life takes a strange turn after he reluctantly accepts a young girl’s offer to defend her in a wrongful death case. One of the most addictive Amazon Original series, watch Goliath as the protagonist survives through murder threats and harassment to seek justice.

11. The Man in the High Castle

Year: 2015

No. of Seasons: 3

Cast: Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans, Luke Kleintank

Adapted by Philips K Dick’s book of the same name, The Man in the High Castle should be one of the main reasons for you to watch Amazon Prime. This Amazon Original explores what would have happened if the Axis powers emerged victorious and the Allied forces lost World War II. Would you want to see what happens when the United States is ruled by Nazi Germany and imperial Japan?

A young woman who belongs to the revolutionary groups comes across a scandalous documentary that might play a vital role in the fallout of the totalitarian regimes. The pace of the series is slow, but the superlative acting by the stellar cast makes it worth your patience.

12. Patriot

Year: 2017

No. of Seasons: 2

Cast: Michael Dorman, Kurtwood Smith, Michael Chernus

Intelligence officer John Tavner must prevent Iran from going nuclear. To pursue the aim without eyes prying on him, he joins an industrial corporation as regular office personnel.

He doesn’t fit in with his eccentric colleagues who are completely unaware of his identity. One of the best series on Amazon Prime, Patriot is a thought-provoking comedy-drama with several laugh out loud moments.

13. Red Oaks

Year: 2015

No. of Seasons: 3

Cast: Craig Roberts, Jennifer Grey, Ennis Esmer

Red Oaks, one of the best Amazon Prime Original series, is a fun and entertaining ode to the films made during the 1980s. This coming-of-age comedy does not depend on lazy callbacks and costume gags, instead beautifully crafts engrossing tales of love, loss, and growth.

College student David Myers joins a high-end summer club, Red Oaks, and falls in love with the president’s daughter, Nash. The protagonist navigates his parents’ troubled marriage while maintaining his own relationship. This Amazon show is hilarious and wholesome with excellent comic acting by the cast.

14. The Tick

Year: 2018

No. of Seasons: 2

Cast: Peter Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman, Valorie Curry

A regular office goer – Arthur is suffering from mental health issues. The accountant has little ambitions and no goals. He meets a superhero clad in blue attire, The Tick, and his life takes a turn.

The Tick, along with his sidekick Arthur, help the city combat crimes and unravel the mysterious being backing the city’s underworld. The superhero also brings out the real hero hidden within Arthur. This is an excellent Amazon TV show – it is unpredictable, and the mix of elements like action, adventure, comedy and science fiction make the series a fun watch.

15. Transparent

Year: 2014

No. of Seasons: 4

Cast: Jeffrey Tambor, Gaby Hoffmann, Jay Duplass

Morton Pfefferman decides to live his truth of being a transgender woman and plans to reveal the same to the dysfunctional family. After his dramatic confession, the secrets of all the members of the family start to spill out one after the other.

One of the best Amazon Prime TV shows, Transparent is an honest and emotional portrayal of the plight of the transgender society and the difficulties that plague them. Bittersweet, funny, immensely moving and a rare topic being picked up, make this Amazon Prime series a must-watch.

16. Tumble Leaf


Year: 2014

No. of Seasons: 6

Cast: Christopher Downs, Brooke Wolloff, Zak McDowell

Yet another excellent Prime Originals for kids, Tumble Leaf is for children of preschool age. A tiny blue frog called Fig, along with other fictional characters, play every day while discovering adventure, friendship, and love along their paths.

The children will get to learn the simple theories about basic science principles and understand the world around them in an enriching way. The narratives promote play and how learning new stuff can be fun by using stop-motion animation.

17. Crisis in Six Senses

Year: 2016

No. of Seasons: 1

Cast: Woody Allen, Miley Cyrus, Elaine May

Written and directed by the well-known and respected filmmaker Woody Allen, Crisis in Six Senses in the first time the stalwart entered into TV production since the 1950s. This comedy is set in the 1960s when America was going through turbulent times.

A middle-class suburban family is visited by a guest, Lennie Dale, and nothing is the same. Their lives and the household turns upside down but little do they know that the FBI is looking out for Lennie. How will the family react after they find this out? Watch Crisis in Six Senses, one of the best Amazon TV shows, to find out.

18. Z: The Beginning of Everything

Year: 2017

No. of Seasons: 1

Cast: Christina Rici, David Holfin

This Amazon Original is a period drama television series based in the 1920s. The protagonist’s character is inspired by the real-life sensation Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, an American socialite, and writer.

The plot depicts her story and the marital friction with her husband F. Scott Fitzgerald, who was not a famous writer then. Their crazy lifestyle including regular indulgence in alcoholism, adultery, wild parties leads to tensions between the couple that is laid out in graphic detail. They also suffer from mental illness in the later years.

19. Wishenpoof

Year: 2015

No. of Seasons: 4

Cast: Addison Holley, Hope Cassandra, Scott McCord

Another great Amazon Prime series for kids, Wishenpoof is a show targeted at preschool children. Bianca is a little girl with magical powers. She has ‘Wish Magic’ which makes all her wishes come true.

Bianca along with her hilarious teddy bear sidekick, Bob, go through everyday problems with Bianca’s mother being her constant source of help and support. Watch the little girl resolve issues of her life in her own ways, with or without magic.

20. The Last Tycoon

Year: 2017

No. of Seasons: 1

Cast: Matt Bomer, Kelsey Grammer, Lily Collins

The Last Tycoon is inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s last unfinished novel of the same name. Set in Hollywood in the 1930s, the story revolves around Monroe Stahr, an upcoming star and his power struggle with the boss, Pat Brady.

This elegant elaboration of the book delivers many dark undertones and historical intrigue since it is based on the era of the Great Depression. Moreover, everything about this Amazon show is captivating – the costumes, sets, music, and the acting.

21. One Mississippi

Year: 2016

No. of Seasons: 2

Cast: Tig Notaro, Noah Harpster, John Rothman

Another excellent Amazon originals, One Mississippi is a semi-autobiography of the famous stand-up comedian Tig Notaro. She goes back to her hometown in Mississippi after her mother passed away in the lookout for some bonding with her family.

However, there was a bittersweet clash as her conservative, and traditional step-father and brother did not understand her progressive style of living and opinions. In this melancholy comedy series, the protagonist struggles to deal with her own life problems while managing a dysfunctional family. A unique brand of humor and authentic tone make One Mississippi an unmissable Amazon Original.

22. Mozart in the Jungle

Year: 2014

No. of Seasons: 4

Cast: Gael Garcia Bernal, Lola Kirke, Saffron Burrows

Rodrigo De Souza is the new maestro at the New York Symphony. Hailey Rutledge hopes for her big chance and dreams of playing with the symphony too. However, she ends up becoming Rodrigo’s assistant fetching him his favorite tea.

One of the best Amazon Original shows, Mozart in the Jungle reinstates the fact that what happens behind the curtains is as essential and alluring as what happens on stage, if not more. Love, ambition, money, and music intertwine in this genuinely comical and fresh-feel series.

23. Homecoming

Year: 2018

No. of Seasons: 1

Cast: Julia Roberts, Bobby Cannavale, Stephan James

Heidi works at Homecoming, an organization that helps soldiers overcome their past profession and bring them back to their civilian lifestyle. Four years after she left this job and started a new life, she was interrogated by the Department of Defense behind the reasons for leaving.

She realizes there are other causes too and not just the ones she’s been telling herself all this while. What could it be? Homecoming is about good intentions, volatile bosses, ascending paranoia and unpredictable repercussions spiraling out of control.

24. The Romanoffs

Year: 2018

No. of Seasons: 1

Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Diane Lane, Isabelle Huppert

Yet another great show on Amazon Prime, The Romanoffs is written, directed and produced by the creator of Mad Men and multiple Emmy awards winner, Mathew Weiner. It is an anthology series about eight people who claim to be descendants of the Russian Royal family.

The series is filmed across the globe, and each episode narrates a new story which is shot in a different location with an original cast. Some of the ‘Romanoffs’ are only interested in their ancestry, some are social climbers while others have deceiving identities, but each of them has a compelling story to share.

25. I Love Dick

Year: 2017

No. of Seasons: 1

Cast: Kevin Bacon, Kathryn Hahn, Griffin Dunne

Chris and Sylvere are a married couple to moves to the artistic community of Marfa, Texas from New York City. Chris, a budding filmmaker, and an unsatisfied wife becomes obsessed with her husband’s colleague named Dick, who’s a college professor.

Things turn weird and complicated when her obsession becomes unhealthy. She creates an art project with a bundle of letters addressed to Dick. The hilarious plot revolves around untangling their twisted relationship and the awakening of an artist. One of the best Amazon Prime Original series, we are sure you will binge-watch the entire season at a stretch.

26. Jean-Claude Van Johnson

Year: 2017

No. of Seasons: 1

Cast: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Kat Foster, Moises Arias

Jean-Claude Van Damme, the famous action star and martial artist, plays himself in this absurd masterpiece; which is one of the best Amazon Prime Original series. The show begins by showing the protagonist’s early life when he wasn’t as famous as he was in his later years.

After a chance encounter with his ex-girlfriend, he decides to bounce back to the game. He reignites his old career, not only as an actor but also as a secret agent. He wants to travel to various locations for his film shoots and perform dangerous tasks putting his life at risk; in-between the takes.

27. Alpha House

Year: 2014

No. of Seasons: 2

Cast: John Goodman, Mark Consuelos, Matt Meloy

One of the best Amazon Original political series, Alpha House is a political satire about four U.S Senators who share the same house in D.C. The characters in the show are indifferent, have impeccable comic timing, and deliver solid performances.

The series depicts how the four personalities face re-election battles, brewing accusations, and parties; all with a sense of humor. Unfocused comedy style, realistic themes, and an amusing plot make this Amazon show unmissable.

28. Hand of God

Year: 2015

No. of Seasons: 2

Cast: Ron Perlman, Dana Delany, Andre Royo

A morally corrupt judge Pernell Harris starts to believe he can hear the voice of God after his only son PJ tries to commit suicide. The voice is asking him to find out who molested his daughter-in-law, the reason his son wanted to kill himself, and seek justice.

He suffers from a mental breakdown post this traumatic incident and sets out on a vigilante mission. Will he be able to calm his storms? Watch Hand of God, one of the best Amazon Originals where Ron Perlman gives a majestic acting performance.

29. Good Girls Revolt

Year: 2016

No. of Seasons: 1

Cast: Genevieve Angelson, Anna Camp, Erin Darke

The exceptional show that Good Girls Revolt is, should be another reason for you to watch Amazon Prime. A group of young ladies who are researchers in an American news magazine, fight for their rights in the organization as they wish to be treated fairly.

The ambitious and strong-headed girls work under the male reporters, whereas they want to be reporters themselves. Highlighting the gender bias in the corporate sector, the show follows the ladies in bringing revolutionary changes in their personal and professional lives.

30. Mad Dogs

Year: 2016

No. of Seasons: 1

Cast: Ben Chaplin, Michael Imperioli, Romany Malco

A group of 40-something men who are under-achievers, travel to Belize to celebrate the early retirement of a fellow companion. Things take an unexpectedly dark turn as a series of mysteries unfold leading to the exposure of buried secrets, deception, and even murder.

The top-notch actors deliver superlative performances as they are successful in building the tension to an incredible crescendo. There are funny sequences and dialogues in the show as well, to keep the plot engaging; thereby making it fall in the dark comedy genre.

31. The New Yorker Presents

Year: 2016

No. of Seasons: 1

Cast: Rachel Aviv, Roz Chast, Paul Giamatti

This Amazon Original aims to take America’s best-selling magazine, The New Yorker onto the screen. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney, The New Yorker Presents shows documentaries, short narrative films, poetry, and animation from renowned directors. It also includes comedy and cartoons from acclaimed artists.

The show has all the panache of the magazine converted into a visually stunning TV series. Even if you aren’t a big fan of documentaries, try your hands on this one, and you will not be disappointed.

32. Grand Prix Driver

Year: 2018

No. of Seasons: 1

Cast: Michael Douglas

This entertaining and fast-paced Amazon Original series gives you unparalleled access to Formula One racing, which is an extremely secretive and competitive world. It tracks McLaren, the most successful team in this discipline, as they prepare for their first race in Melbourne in the year 2017 and gear up for the pre-season testing before the curtain-raiser.

Three years without a single win, McLaren is hopeful to go back to their winning streak and be numero uno again. If you’re a racing fan, you will find this series fascinating.


We’ve listed 32 reasons for you to watch Amazon Prime, and new ones are being produced as we are writing this.

If you want to get your hands on the best comedies, watch Red Oaks, One Mississippi, Alpha House and Mozart in the Jungle. The best drama series, in our opinion, are Bosch, Forever, Sneaky Pete and Patriot.

Looking forward to spending quality time with the kids over the weekend? Watch Wishenpoof and Tumble Leaf. Documentary? The New Yorker Presents. Sports? Grand Prix Driver.

Watch Hanna and Jean-Claude Van Johnson if you want to see some quality action sequences and Lore if you plan to spend a night with your friends watching horror flicks.

Amazon Prime Video sees eye to eye with its rival Netflix when it comes to licensed content as well. It offers our favorite classics like Mr. Bean, Lord of the Rings and Two and a Half Men; among many others.