Crime, action, or drama? Which is your favorite genre? When all these elements combine, it becomes a thriller.

Netflix has a massive array of thrillers, most of which are perfect for you to kick back and enjoy after a long day at work. What could be more exciting than plopping on your couch and binge-watching the best thriller movies?

A criminal who is unstoppable or a mystery that cannot be solved, a man trying to fight for his survival or a world where miseries do not seem to end; these best Netflix thrillers will keep you glued to the screen.

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Here’s our list of the 40 best thrillers on Netflix right now that will get your blood pumping and give you an adrenaline rush.

Best Thrillers on Netflix

1. The Endless

Year: 2017

Run time: 1 hr 51 mins

Cast: Aaron Moorhead, Justin Benson, Callie Hernandez

Plot: Two brothers receive a video message which forces them to go back to the UFO death cult they escaped a decade ago. Things go sideways as they find the members of the cult living in a different reality under mysterious circumstances.

Will their lives be perennially entangled with the cult? Will they be able to unravel the truth about themselves, which they could not in the younger days? Watch The Endless, one of the best thriller movies, to find the answers.

Watch The Endless here

2. The Invitation

Year: 2015

Run time: 1 hr 40 mins

Cast: Logan Marshall-Green, Tammy Blanchard, Emayatzy Corinealdi

Plot: Will and Eden, a loving couple, lost their son to a tragedy. The wife disappeared post that, only to return after two years as a married woman; with another husband and a completely changed person.

Will accepts Eden’s dinner party invitation. It reopens old wounds, creates new tensions, and Will is sure about the fact that Eden and her gang have a mysteriously terrifying agenda up their sleeves.

Watch The Invitation here

3. The Good Neighbor


Year: 2016

Run time: 1 hr 37 mins

Cast: James Caan, Logan Miller, Keir Gilchrist

Plot: Two tech-savvy high school kids use technology to make their elderly neighbors believe that his house is haunted. However, the power outages, sudden low room temperatures, remote-controlled doors and electricity, and even loud noises did not affect the victim.

The cruel prank took unexpected turns, and a series of coincidences leads to tragedy. Dark, edgy, excellent performances, and an astonishing conclusion make The Good Neighbor one of the best psychological thrillers on Netflix.

Watch The Good Neighbor here

4. Only God Forgives

Year: 2013

Run time: 1 hr 29 mins

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Kristin Scott Thomas, Vithaya Pansringarm

Plot: Julian is an American gangster and drug dealer who runs a fight club in Bangkok. His life gets complicated when his brother is killed by a cop on the charges of murder.

Julian’s mother, head of a powerful criminal organization, wants to seek revenge. She is bent on finding out who killed her son. With revenge on her mind, she aims to cause destruction in one of the top thriller movies, Only God Forgives.

Watch Only God Forgives here

5. Bird Box

Year: 2018

Run time: 2 hrs 4 mins

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich

Plot: Five years post a global terror drove most of the people in the society to commit suicide, a mother and her two children must fight to survive. They need to cross a treacherous river blindfolded in search of safety.

One of the best suspense thriller movies, Bird Box, is directed by Emmy winner Susanne Bier. The trio is desperate to make it to the end. Will they, or won’t they? Watch the film and find out!

Watch Bird Box here

6. Brick


Year: 2005

Run time: 1 hr 49 mins

Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nora Zehetner, Lukas Haas

Plot: One of the best psychological thrillers on Netflix, Brick is about a lonely teenager Brendan, who finds out that his secret crush from school is dead. He recalls her last phone conversation with him, during which she mentioned she was in trouble.

He navigates his school’s social network to track down the killer and reveal his identity. While investigating his girlfriend’s disappearance, Brendan plans to take revenge as he slowly unravels the motive of the murderers.

Watch Brick here

7. Cam

Year: 2018

Run Time: 1 hr 34 mins

Cast: Madeline Brewer, Patch Darragh, Melora Walters

Plot: Alice, a webcam performer, runs an adult show with a huge fan following. Her life takes a mysterious turn when her doppelganger takes over her online account.

One of the best spy thriller movies, Cam, is about Alice trying to track down the culprit and reclaim her identity. Why did the look-alike hijack her channel? Why does she want to destroy Alice’s life? Watch the film to find out!

Watch Cam here

8. Hold The Dark

Year: 2018

Run time: 2 hrs 5 mins

Cast: Jeffery Wright, Alexander Skarsgard, James Badge Dale

Plot: Three local boys are killed in Northern Alaska by a pack of wolves. Mother of one of the boys, Medora, hires naturalist Russell Core to track down the wild creatures.

A strange relationship develops between Medora and Core, as the latter finds himself swept into a chilling mystery. One of the best Netflix thriller movies, Hold The Dark is a must watch.

Watch Hold The Dark here

9. Enemy


Year: 2013

Run time: 1 hr 30 mins

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Melanie Laurent, Sarah Gadon

Plot: Adam Bell teaches history at a university in Toronto and leads a rather monotonous life. He comes across his doppelganger in a film and is curious to find out more about him.

Claire, the look-alike, has a much more sorted existence, but their lives take mysterious turns when he starts strangely obsessing over Adam. Watch their realities intertwine in Enemy, one of the best thrillers on Netflix right now.

Watch Enemy here

10. Green Room

Year: 2015

Run time: 1 hr 35 mins

Cast: Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Patrick Stewart

Plot: Members of a punk rock band in the Pacific Northwest are about to end their low-budget trip but accept one last performance offer. While their gig at the isolated rural club, they witness horrific acts of violence.

The hosts, a terrifying gang of neo-Nazis, are bent on eliminating all evidence. Watch Green Room, one of the best crime thrillers on Netflix, to find out what happens next.

Watch Green Room here

11. The silence of the Lambs

Year: 1991

Run time: 1 hr 58 mins

Cast: Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, Scott Glenn

Plot: FBI trainee Clarice Starling works under the leadership of Crawford, who asks her to pick the diseased brain of Hannibal Lecter. A psychiatrist turned cannibal, Lecter, has been imprisoned for eight years in maximum security isolation.

The two need his brain to solve murder mysteries and catch a serial killer. One of the top thriller movies, Silence of the Lambs, is an Oscar-winning cult classic.

Watch Silence of the Lambs here

12. The Invisible Guest


Year: 2016

Run time: 1 hr 46 mins

Cast: Mario Casas, Ana Wagener, Jose Coronado

Plot: Adrian, a wealthy businessman, wakes up next to his dead lover’s body in a hotel room. He hires Virginia Goodman, a veteran lawyer, to solve the mystery.

Adrian tells Virginia, an expert in witness preparation, about the significant gory events that took place in the couple’s lives as a series of stories unfold. One of the top mystery thriller movies, The Invisible Guest, portrays how the truth and lies are conveniently interchangeable.

Watch The Invisible Guest here

13. Blue Ruin

Year: 2013

Run time: 2 hrs 30 mins

Cast: Macon Blair, Devin Ratray, Amy Hargreaves

Plot: A vagabond, Dwight Evans, returns to his childhood hometown on a mission. He aims to carry out an act of vengeance by hunting down his parents’ murderers.

The protagonist finds out that the culprit is being released from prison and plans to kill him. He succeeds in the same, but what unfolds post that is something you’ll never expect. Watch Blue Ruin, one of the best crime thrillers on Netflix, to find out more.

Watch Blue Ruin here

14. Into The Forest

Year: 2015

Run time: 1 hr 41 mins

Cast: Ellen Page, Evan Rachel Wood, Max Minghella

Plot: Two sisters lost their father during a massive power outage, which was no less than a deadly apocalypse. Into The Forest, one of the best thriller movies, is a story of survival of these two frightened souls.

Isolated in their woodland home, the young girls find themselves trapped in situations that will change their lives forever. The new reality tests their endurance, skills, adaptability, and if they have the strength to challenge the morality of familial bonds. Chilling, dark, and emotionally compelling content make this film a must watch.

Watch Into The Forest here

15. The Sixth Sense


Year: 1999

Run time: 1 hr 47 mins

Cast: Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment, Toni Collette

Plot: Malcom Crowe, a disheartened child psychologist, is visited by his unhappy ex-patient. He decides to take up a similar case post this encounter to yield better results this time.

A 9-year-old boy can see dead people and communicates with the spirits. Crowe is determined to uncover the truth in The Sixth Sense, one of the best thriller movies of all time.

Watch The Sixth Sense here

16. Cold in July

Year: 2014

Run time: 1 hr 50 mins

Cast: Michael C. Hall, Sam Shepard, Vinessa Shaw

Plot: Richard Dane accidentally shoots and kills a home invader in self-defense. The burglar’s father, Ben, is bent on taking revenge.

He kidnaps Richard’s son, and a multitude of twists and turns follow. One of the best thrillers on Netflix, Cold in July, is dark, full of suspense, has a good soundtrack, and a great ensemble cast.

Watch Cold in July here

17. Gerald’s Game

Year: 2017

Run time: 1 hr 43 mins

Cast: Carla Gugino, Bruce Greenwood, Henry Thomas

Plot: Jessica and Gerald want to give their unsuccessful relationship another chance. They head out to an isolated lake house in Alabama to reignite the lost spark and spend quality time with each other.

Their retreat turns into a fight for survival as Gerald dies of a heart attack and Jessie lies trapped in bed, fighting psychological demons within her mind. One of the best thrillers on Netflix right now, Gerald’s Game is a must-watch.

Watch Gerald’ Game here

18. In Order of Disappearance


Year: 2014

Run time: 1 hr 56 mins

Cast: Stellan Skarsgard, Pal Sverre Hagen, Bruno Ganz

Plot: Nils, a mild-mannered man, is a driver who plows snow off the winter roads in Norway. His son is killed for no fault of his, and Nils seeks revenge and justice.

His actions trigger a war between a Norwegian gangster ‘The Count’ and his Serbian rival, the mafia boss, ‘Papa.’ Will Nils’s beginner’s luck help him win the blood feud? Watch In Order of Disappearance, one of the best suspense thriller movies, to find out.

Watch In Order of Disappearance here

19. Body of Lies

Year: 2008

Run time: 2 hrs 8 mins

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Mark Strong

Plot: A CIA agent Roger Ferris along with a veteran operative at Jordan intelligence come together to hunt down criminals. They aim to track the cleric who, along with his group of men, places bombs all around Europe.

The three protagonists take charge of pursuing and infiltrating the terrorist network, but each one of them has a different method of achieving the target. Who will succeed in capturing the underground terrorist and how? Watch one of the best thriller movies to find out!

Watch Body of Lies here

20. Pandora

Year: 2016

Run time: 2 hrs 16 mins

Cast: Kim Nam-gil, Kim Joo-hyun, Jung Jin-Young

Plot: An earthquake hits a Korean village, which leads to a massive explosion in a nuclear power plant causing destruction. The entire nation is panic-stricken, and a man risks his life to prevent another nuclear disaster.

One of the best thriller movies on Netflix, Pandora, highlights the causes that facilitate malfunction and how humans unknowingly allow it to happen. The film also portrays how the Government shoves away from its responsibilities and locks up the citizens to prevent them from creating mass panic instead of helping.

Watch Pandora here

21. Boy Missing

Year: 2016

Run time: 1 hr 45 mins

Cast: Blanca Portillo, Antonio Dechent, Vicente Romero

Plot: A well-known lawyer, Patrica’s son, Victor, gets kidnapped. He returns traumatized, unable to recall the place at which he was kept, and the prime suspect is Charlie.

When the kidnapper is released due to lack of proof, Patrica takes things in her hands and seeks justice. Events spiral out of control as inevitable unintended and disastrous consequences follow. What could have happened? Watch Boy Missing, one of the best crime thrillers on Netflix, to find out.

Watch Boy Missing here

22. Hush

Year: 2016

Run time: 1 hr 21 mins

Cast: John Gallagher Jr., Kate Seigel, Michael Trucco

Plot: Maddie is a deaf and mute writer who settles into the woods to lead a solitary life. She is the sole witness of her neighbor Sarah’s murder.

When the killer finds out that Maddie cannot hear or speak, he’s fascinated. He enters her house through the window, wearing a mask and decides to have fun. Even without loud music and jump scares, Hush manages to hold the audience and is one of the top mystery thriller movies.

Watch Hush here

23. The Hurt Locker

the hurt locker

Year: 2008

Run time: 2 hrs 10 mins

Cast: Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty

Plot: One of the best thrillers on Netflix, The Hurt Locker is an intense depiction of elite soldiers with the most dangerous jobs ever; disarming bombs during combat. A new sergeant, James, is assigned to an army bomb team during the Iraq war.

As he takes over the bomb disposal squad, his subordinates are taken by surprise by James’ methods of handling work; portraying his indifference to death. Their new leader is wild and will change how each of the team members thinks.

Watch The Hurt Locker here

24. Lila & Eve

Year: 2015

Run time: 1 hr 33 mins

Cast: Viola Davis, Jennifer Lopez, Andre Royo

Plot: A single mother in Atlanta, Lila’s son, was murdered in a drive-by. She joins a support group where there are lots of others suffering from the same plight.

Eve, another mother who loses her child, in the same way, is bent on taking revenge. The two women take matters in their own hands and aim to track down the killers as the police were of no help.

Watch Lila & Eve here

25. Colonia

Year: 2015

Run time: 1 hr 49 mins

Cast: Emma Watson, Daniel Bruhl, Michael Nyqvist

Plot: After a few blissful days of love, Daniel and Lena get involved in the Chilean military coup of 1973. The two are out on the streets together, but after the proceedings, Daniel is held in custody, and Lena is set free.

Lena attempts to free Daniel from the prison camp, which she joined voluntarily posing as a God-seeker. She farms the land while keeping an eye on her boyfriend. Will she be successful in rescuing him? One of the best thriller movies, watch Colonia to find out what happens next.

Watch Colonia here

26. Gone Baby Gone

Year: 2007

Run time: 1 hr 53 mins

Cast: Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan, Morgan Freeman

Plot: Amanda McCready, a 4-year-old-girl, goes missing from her Boston neighborhood. The police have little help to offer, so the mother of the child hires two private detectives to solve the case.

Kenzie and Gennaro aren’t experts but know the locality where all of them stay really well. The two face drug dealers and pedophiles, but just as they are about to uncover the truth, they face a moral dilemma. What is it? Watch one of the best thriller movies of all time, Gone Baby Gone, to find out.

Watch Gone Baby Gone here

27. Berlin Syndrome

berlin syndrome movie

Year: 2017

Run time: 1 hr 55 mins

Cast: Matthias Habich, Max Riemelt, Teresa Palmer

Plot: Clare, an Australian photographer, meets Andi, a charming local while holidaying in Berlin, and they hit off instantly. But, their budding romance takes a sinister turn when she’s locked inside his apartment.

She’s stuck there with no way out while he’s left for work. What is his ulterior motive? Will she be able to come out? Watch one of the best thrillers on Netflix, Berlin Syndrome, to find all the answers.

Watch Berlin Syndrome here

28. The Survivalist

Year: 2015

Run time: 1 hr 43 mins

Cast: Martin McCann, Mia Goth, Olwen Fouere

Plot: A nameless mortal struggles to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. He finds himself a small plot of land to reside in, amidst the forests. A mother-daughter duo approaches him for help, and he is at a fix.

The two women seeking food and shelter offer him a bargain he couldn’t refuse. Can they be trusted? Are they a threat to his life? Watch The Survivalist, one of the best suspense thriller movies, to find out what happens next.

Watch The Survivalist here

29. Copycat

Year: 1995

Run time: 2 hrs 3 mins

Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Holly Hunter, Dermot Mulroney

Plot: A murderer is copying serial killers from the past in plotting murders. Criminal psychologist Helen Hudson who survived an attack, along with detectives M.J. Monahan and Reuben Goetz, must come together to track down the copycat.

Will their hunt for the San Francisco psycho be successful? One of the best psychological thrillers on Netflix, Copycat is dark, full of gripping sequences and outstanding performances.

Watch Copycat here

30. The Hateful Eight

Year: 2015

Run time: 2 hrs 47 mins

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh

Plot: A few years after the Civil War in the wintry Wyoming landscape, a bounty hunter and his prisoner find shelter in a way station where they have a chance encounter with six strangers. Can they be trusted? What good are the evil characters up to?

Writer-Director Quentin Tarantino pulls an Agatha Christie-style mystery in The Hateful Eight, one of the best thriller movies on Netflix. High caliber acting, iconic performances, and solid direction make the film grandiose, mannered and self-indulgent.

Watch The Hateful Eight here

31. Reindeer Games

Year: 2000

Run time: 2 hrs 4 mins

Cast: Ben Affleck, Gary Sinise, Charlize Theron

Plot: Ex-con Rudy Duncan’s cellmate Nick dies in prison during a riot. Post his release, and Rudy decides to pose as his dead friend to get lucky with Nick’s love interest and pen pal Ashley.

Little did he know that he’ll be involved with Ashley’s psychotic brother Gabriel and be a reluctant participant in a casino robbery. Reindeer Games in most the best thriller made in a long, long time.

Watch Reindeer Games here

32. The River Wild

Year: 1994

Run time: 1 hr 51 mins

Cast:  Meryl Streep, Kevin Bacon, David Strathairn

Plot: Rafting guide Gail takes her family on a trip to raft down a wild river, with the hope of saving her troubled marriage. The vacation turns deadly when they are kidnapped by two con-men, Wade and Terry, who are running away from the law.

Will the couple be able to get rid of their hijackers? What is the secret that Gail and her husband Tom come to know about Wade and Terry? Watch The River Wild, one of the top mystery thriller movies to find out.

Watch The River Wild here

33. Velvet Buzzsaw

velvet buzzsaw new movie

Year: 2019

Run time: 1 hr 52 mins

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Zawe Ashton

Plot: One of the most cerebral Netflix thriller movies, Velvet Buzzsaw is a satire that shows how three people try to make profits out of the paintings of a deceased person. They face dire consequences as a supernatural force sets out to seek revenge.

Set in Los Angeles’ art gallery, the film takes on capitalism and embraces its absurdity from the very beginning. You might not feel at one with the characters or their plights, but your eyes will be glued to the screen throughout.

Watch Velvet Buzzsaw here

34. Small Crimes

Year: 2017

Run time: 1 hr 35 mins

Cast: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Gary Cole, Molly Parker

Plot: A disgraced former cop turned ex-con, Joe Denton is released from six years of imprisonment. He goes back to his hometown to rebuild the mess he left behind and in search of redemption.

One of the best thrillers on Netflix right now, Small Crimes is delightfully suspenseful, gritty, and dark although it might be disappointing for some of you to see your favorite Game of Thrones characters not swinging swords and fighting dragons.

Watch Small Crimes here

35. Lakeview Terrace

Year: 2008

Run time: 1 hr 53 mins

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Patrick Wilson, Kerry Washington

Plot: Newlyweds, Chris and Lisa move to a posh neighborhood in Los Angeles post their wedding. Just as they thought life was happy and perfect for them, an officer who stays next door makes life hell for the couple.

The middle-aged man had issues with the Mattsons’ interracial marriage, but the attitude problem soon turned into hard-core harassment. One of the best psychological thrillers on Netflix, Lakeview Terrace, will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Watch Lakeview Terrace here

36. Calibre

Year: 2018

Run time: 1 hr 41 mins

Cast: Jack Lowden, Martin McCann, Tony Curran

Plot: Best friends Vaughn Carter and Marcus Trenton set on a weekend trip to Scotland. After a shocking turn of events, the two find their morals and bravery brutally tested.

Will they be able to let it go and hide their paranoia? Will they be able to act normal? One of the best crime thrillers on Netflix, Calibre is an exceptionally crafted film that is intensely shot and executed.

Watch Calibre here

37. A Most Violent Year

a most violent year movie

Year: 2014

Run time: 2 hrs 4 mins

Cast: Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain, David Oyelowo

Plot: Abel Morales, an immigrant and businessman with big ambitions is a victim of New York City’s most violent and crime-ridden year, 1981. He tries to avoid corruption’s easy path while chasing his dreams and expanding his craft.

The protagonist, along with his family aims to capitalize on the American Dream; but decay, violence, and corruption, pose as threats to destroy what he’s built so far. One of the best thrillers on Netflix, A Most Violent Year is a must-watch.

Watch A Most Violent Year here

38. I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore

Year: 2017

Run time: 1 hr 36 mins

Cast: Melanie Lynskey, Elijah Wood, David Yow

Plot: Ruth is a timid nursing assistant who is fed up with the human indecency around her. She’s a depressed soul, but when her home is burglarized, she gets a new lease of life.

Ruth, along with her obnoxious neighbor who’s trained in martial arts, decides to track down the thieves. However, the two soon find themselves in a scoop as they reluctantly become a part of the world they know nothing about.

Watch I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore here

39. Bluebeard

Year: 2017

Run time: 1 hr 57 mins

Cast: Cho Jin-Woong, Shin Goo, Kim Dae-Myung

Plot: Dr. Seung-hoon hears a secret murder confession from his elderly patient under sedation. This old man also happens to be the doctor’s landlord.

As dismembered bodies show up close to the protagonist’s home, he realizes he’s a part of a murder mystery that needs to be resolved. Is the doctor right in thinking that the old man and his son are serial killers? One of the best thriller movies on Netflix, Bluebeard is mysterious, gripping, and tests your detective skills.

Watch Bluebeard here

1. The Fast and the Furious

Everyone has heard about the Fast and the Furious series. Have you seen the origins of this story? If not, you’re in for a treat. If yes, well, you can always rewatch this classic.

Year: 2001

Run time: 1 hr 46 mins

Cast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez

Plot: A detective Brian O’Connor has been assigned with the task of finding the gang of people responsible for stealing a truck full of electronics the previous night. In his undercover mission, he joins the suspects who are a part of a street-racing crew in Los Angeles.

Brian is fascinated with the new world that he is a part of now. Amidst all this, he falls in love with the lead suspect and gang leader Dom Toretto’s sister Mia. Watch one of the best thriller movies of all time to know what happens next!

Watch The Fast and the Furious here


We’ve listed the best thrillers on Netflix, most of which will keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you’re looking forward to watching the cult classics, get your hands on The Fast and the Furious, Body of Lies, Brick, Silence of the Lambs and The Sixth Sense.

Best crime thrillers on Netflix in our opinion are Calibre, Boy Missing, and Blue Ruin. Watch the best suspense thriller movies like In Order of Disappearance, The Survivalist and Bird Box to keep guessing what will happen next, till the end.

How about checking out the best thriller series on Netflix? Our favorites are You, The Fall, Collateral and Marcella.

Fictional content but real tension, the best thriller movies will give you nerve-wracking and nail-biting moments. Dark psychological thrillers or interactive mysteries? What would be your pick?