Apple’s iPhones get so many things right for its users. While it is great to use an iPhone as your daily driver smartphone, there are several things that you need to do to keep it exactly as you like it.

Syncing music with iTunes, storage with iCloud, transferring files to your phone from other devices, and the constant concern of data loss and backups.

Fortunately, some tools can help you do all this, and much more, all in one place. AnyTran 8 for iOS is one such software. We tried out both the free and paid versions to check out its capabilities and do a comprehensive review.

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AnyTrans 8 Review (For iOS)

AnyTrans by iMobie is available for Mac and Windows and can be downloaded for free from their website. I am using a Mac version to test this software in this article.

Installation and the User Interface.

Installation is pretty straightforward, as you would install any other program on a Mac. Once you launch AnyTrans for iOS, it waits for you to connect your iPhone. The UI is pretty friendly and easy to understand.

All the features are systematically separated into categories. They are the Device Manager, iCloud Manager, Backup Manager, etc., which makes it easy to select any option you want to use.

Features and Usage

The Device Manager

The device manager lets you manage the content on your device and its presentation. It is effortless to move content from your iPhone to your Mac (or computer). You can pick entire categories or go into each of the categories and select the specific content (photos, music, videos, text messages, etc.) you want to be transferred.

AnyTrans 8 Review – Main Interface

You can pick the destination, and all the transfers that I tried were seamless. Similarly, the App file transfer feature lets you send some files from some apps (as allowed by privacy restrictions on iOS) to your computer or mac.

One thing I have always loved about Android is that you just connect it to your computer and transfer files on or off it, similar to how you would do for an external hard drive.

AnyTrans enables this intuitive use of your iPhone as a hard drive, allowing you to copy, paste, and move files as you would on your computer. You do need to install the AnyTrans app on your iPhone for this to work, though.

The Phone Switcher

AnyTrans 8 already has support for iPhone 11 and can help you transfer your data from an Android device or older iPhone to the new iPhone 11. They make the process simple and let you transfer all the data to the new phone in a few clicks.

AnyTrans 8 Review – Phone Switcher Feature

You also have the option to connect a Google Drive account and transfer data from iCloud to Google Drive. This feature can be a lifesaver when iCloud runs out of space, and you need to move or delete data to keep it properly functional.

Also, if you want to move to a new phone, you might want to erase your older phone as well. The “erase phone” feature of AnyTrans can do that for you.

The Backup Manager

By using the backup manager, App, data can be managed on an individual basis, or you can do a one-click backup of all the data. The backups can be password protected. A full backup is first required to make incremental backups.

You can view the backed up files from AnyTrans, though you will have to give the software access to your hard disc first.

AnyTrans 8 Review – The Backup Manager Interface

Once set up correctly, you can enable Air Backup, which allows your phone to be incrementally backed up to your computer when they are on the same WiFi. This is a handy feature and gives you peace of mind by taking care of backups passively, without any intervention on your part.

The selective or full data restoration features are premium only and not available with the free trial version.

The Cloud Manager

Building upon its powerful file-transfer feature, the Cloud Manager feature of AnyTrans allows you to manage the content in your iCloud Account.

You can quickly move files from iCloud to your Mac or upload files to the iCloud. You can also view the backups created to iCloud and download them to your Mac or external hard drive if required.

AnyTrans 8 Review – The Cloud Manager Interface

You do need to sign in to iCloud every time you launch AnyTrans for iOS. It was slightly unstable when I connected to iCloud for the first time, and the app did crash. I had to log in again but did not run into any further problems with the cloud manager.

The iTunes Library

AnyTrans for iOS makes it really easy to transfer any of your iTunes media from your Mac to your iPhone. Similarly, you can selectively download files from your iPhone to your Mac. It was so smooth and easy to use that I would prefer using AnyTrans instead of iTunes any day.

Other Utilities

Anytrans 8 offers other utilities that can help you deal with media management on your phone, including a Ringtone maker and App and Media downloader. Though it may not be useful for many iPhone users, the screen mirroring of your iPhone to your Mac works very nicely and lets you take screenshots or record your screen with a single click.

What We Like About AnyTrans 8:

  • Ease of use
  • Feature-rich, all-in-one manager for your iOS device
  • Make it simple for users to transfer to a new phone.
  • Backups are easy to create and keep updated with incremental backups
  • Helps you avoid the pain of using iTunes
  • File transfers and management are very convenient, including files in iCloud.

Where Can AnyTrans Do Better:

  • Free trial. The free version has feature restrictions and time limits are too stringent (3 days). You might want to quickly look into AnyTrans Free version and see if it works for you.
  • Stability. I had some initial problems with AnyTrans, specially when connecting to a new service (iCloud) or while using a feature (Screen Mirroring) for the first time – the app would crash. Once set up, it was smooth to use in subsequent runs of AnyTrans.

Pricing and Download

AnyTrans for iOS can be purchased with a single license for $39.99 and a family license (5 computers) for $69.99. You can download AnyTrans for iOS here.

Summarizing; AnyTrans 8 supports iOS 13 and can help you transfer to the new iPhone 11 as well. It is a robust software that can be an all-in-one tool for managing your iPhone, and I can recommend purchasing it for users who are looking for such software. As of now, I am using it as the primary software to manage my iPhone XR, and I am pretty happy with it.

I will continue to use it for the next few weeks and perhaps update this review with new insights if any. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about the capability of AnyTrans 8, do try out the free version to make an informed decision.

(Article updated on 2nd December 2019)