While there are many recreational activities that we carry forward from our childhoods, not many can beat playing board games with friends and family. If time and circumstances have taken away the game in a physical sense, thanks to the advancement in technology you can have them back again with a simple print command, in the form of printable board games.

Best Printable Board Games for Kids and Adults

These printable board games are sure to include all your favorite ones plus some new ones that will add more excitement and fun. Though it is likely that these games are easily accessible as an app on your phone or even browser games, there’s a significant difference between playing virtual games and having physically tangible ones handy.

Printable board games enable you to try different games every day since it requires minimal resources. These may include a pair of scissors, glue, cards or just a dice. So, indulge in a bit of fun craft before you start playing.

1. Ludo

1 ludo printable board games

This hugely popular childhood game is now available for anytime access as a printable board game. Ludo requires between 2 to 4 players. You will need dice to start playing the game, once you have your printout ready.

Choose your color from green, red, blue, yellow tokens and play solo or form teams. Strategize your moves and let the number on your dice decide how swiftly you can proceed ahead.

The aim is to beat all the opponents and reach the finishing point at the earliest. The trick and the challenge is to get all your four tokens in there to win the game.

So go ahead, roll the dice and get the biggest number to win.

Download Ludo here (Please note: The download may vary from the representative image above)

2. Snakes and Ladders

2 snakes and ladders printable board games

One of the most liked games we used to play as kids, Snakes and Ladders is available as a print and play a board game. This multiplayer game will require just a dice once you have the printout handy.

The squares have numbers from 1-100. Every player starts with a colored token of their choice. The player who reaches 100 first win.

‘Snakes’ and ‘Ladders’ are drawn on the gridded boxes so be ready to get bitten by snakes as you proceed or maybe you get to climb up the ladder to get ahead in the game if you’re lucky.

Download Snakes and Ladders here in PDF format

3. Chess

3 chess printable board games

One of the most popular strategy games, Chess has been widely played by millions across the globe, including competitions at local, national and international levels.

This two-player printable board game requires strategizing and concentration. The board consists of 64 squares in alternate colors, normally black-and-white, green-and-white, or red-and-black.

Each player is given one king and queen, two rooks, bishops, and knights and eight pawns. Playing in alternate turns, the player places his/her piece either on an empty square or on a preoccupied one by removing the opponent’s piece.

The catch is, every piece moves in a certain direction only. For example, the king advances one square in any direction. If your king is under attack and no option to escape, it is called ‘checkmate,’ and the opponent wins.

Download Chess in PDF format here

4. Sudoku

4 sudoku printable board games

Love number-games? Play this printout and play this board game every morning while commuting to school, college or work.

One of the best brain exercises, you can choose the difficulty level ranging from easy, medium, hard. The grid will change as you make your choice.

The target is to get numbers 1-9 in every square without repeating the same number horizontally or vertically.

Once you’ve correctly put all the numbers in their spots, every row, every column, and every 3×3 grid will have 1-9 without repetition. Are you all game to wrack your brain in this logical number-placement puzzle?

It is one of the best printable board games available today.

Download Sudoku here

5. Chinese Checkers

5 chinese checkers printable board games

This printable game board is for a maximum of six players.

The aim is to put all the circles of your chosen color into the triangle opposite to the one you choose to start with.

Race all your pieces to the diagonally opposite hexagram faster than the opponents by moving one step at a time or jumping over the other pieces.

Whoever reaches the goal first, wins. The other players continue to play for the second and third spots. The rules are easy, enabling children to get hooked to the game as well.

Basic strategy? Look for the longest hopping path.

Download Chinese Checkers here in PDF format

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6. Memory Game

6 printable memory game printable board games

An excellent brain exercise for your child, this printable board game is used in classrooms as well.

Consisting of animals, flowers, colorful birds, and edible food products, here the players need to match pairs using their memory.

It requires concentration since the above sheet is only shown to the kid for a few seconds and he/she has to recollect the items shown from memory and jot them down.

Do not want this game as a sheet of paper? You can collect tangible products and play by applying the same rules.

Download Memory Game in PDF format here

7. Dark Moon

7 dark sailor printable board games

This print and play board game was formerly called BSG Express and is a classic game made by Fantasy Flight Games.

For ages twelve and up, this print out game board can be played by three or more players. The players are divided into two teams.

These are the Uninfected and Infected. One team aims to survive, while the other team aims to destroy. Join the crew of miners and technicians and take part in the wonders our solar system offers.

As crew members of the ship, the players are set on an expedition where they try to overcome traumatic events. Use action cards to accuse other players of bluffing you in this game of deception and betrayal.

You know the team you’re a part of but the catch is you do not know which team the other player is a part of.

Try to guess if the player sitting next to you is a friend or an enemy?

Download Dark Moon here

8. Doctor Who

doctor who printable board games

Doctor Who is a supremely famous British TV program produced by the BBC which has a huge fan-base. The science-fiction show portrays the adventures of a Time Lord.

This Time Lord called ‘The Doctor’ is an alien exploring the universe in a spaceship which time-travels. This printable board game is a bonus for all Doctor Who Fans.

A two-sided dice will be required once you have the printouts handy.

Use cards to make allies, defeat enemies, participate in adventures and create your own Dr. Who story.

We bet the game has done justice to the source.

Download Doctor Who in PDF format here

9. Pirates and Plunder

9 pirates and plunder printable board games

Set in the age of piracy in the Carribean islands, this printable board game requires you to lay tiles to extend the map.

Place the tiles next to one another to form a map. You can then follow a trade route and place a boat on the water bodies you capture.

You get to explore islands, discover and create new trade routes, and indulge in piracy around the seas. The tokens include ships and ports.

You will love the resources and sea serpents. Do not forget to make a scoring cheat sheet.

What is more, that you can even bend the combat rules any which way.

Download Pirates and Plunder here.

10. Cards Against Humanity

10 card against humanity printable board games

Group of friends gaming over? One of the best print and play board games for party people or as the box of the game says, ‘a party game for horrible people.’

Each player starts the game with ten white cards at hand. One player picks up a black card to ask a question.

While the other players choose from their white cards to give the funniest answer.

The aim of the players is to fill in the blanks using words, sentences or phrases that are offensive in nature.

It is probable that just like you and your friends, this game can get weird too.

Download Cards Against Humanity here

11. Battleship

11 battleship printable board games

Yes, you read that right! Battleship, a game that is loved by millions of people is available as one of the best printable board games now.

A guessing game that involves two players, it is played on ruled grids which indicates the number of ships each player has.

The location of the fleet of ships of every player is hidden from the opponents. The aim is to track down the ships and destroy them.

So, get your hands on one of the most exciting printable board games on paper as you start to engage in sinking the rival’s battleship.

Download Battleship in PDF format here

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12. Monopoly

monopoly game board 2

This is a classic game and the best way to kill hours while having fun too.

Monopoly is available as a print and play board game so you need not shell out your money to buy it.

The players roll two dice at one go and move around buying properties and developing them into hotels as they proceed in the game.

You can collect rent from the opponents if they land on a property previously bought by you.

So, roll the dice, buy cities, use action cards, trade properties, and make sure your opponents reach bankruptcy, while you laugh all the way to the bank.

Download Monopoly here

13. Master Code Breaker

12 master code breaker printable board games

Remember Mastermind? Made on similar lines, Master Code Breaker requires you to crack a code using color combinations.

This two-player printable board game will require a pencil/pen after you have the printout ready. Take multiple turns as each chance will give you clues indicating if you are in the right direction or not.

Plan the next move accordingly and remember, the number of chances you can take is of course limited. Use logic to crack the code correctly. The faster you crack, the better it is.

What should be the order? Blue-black-green-yellow, or yellow-green-black-blue?

Download Master Code Breaker here in PDF format

14. Slash

13 slash printable board games

All is fair in love and war?

This card-based printable board game can be played with your group of buddies at parties or even when you’re just chilling at home.

Turn a matchmaker for people from pop-culture, history, literature, and romantic films. The player selects a card from the bunch at hand and places it face-up. The player, in turn, then selects a hand from his/her options which they think would be suitable and a match is made.

Create a romantic pair who you think look best together while enacting some of your favorite sequences to add drama.

So are you up for pairing together with your favorite fictional characters?

Download Slash in PDF format here

15. Scrabble / Crossword

16 scrabble printable board games

Best word game ever, Scrabble is a personal favorite of millions across the globe. Each player makes a word by placing tiles on the board which has letters inscribed on them. Seven letters are distributed to you at the very beginning and as you keep using the alphabets, you keep replenishing them with new ones instead.

This print and play board game will test your vocabulary. With a limited number of vowels and each alphabet containing different points, the challenge is to make big words that can be built upon.

Try to make words horizontally and vertically to beat your opponents, using the letters you have. The one with the highest score wins.

Download Scrabble in PDF format here

16. Agent Decker

17 agent decker printable board games

Ever wanted to play a game by yourself? Well, this print and play board game enables you to do so. In Agent Decker, the player is a secret agent set on a mission. The mission is to build a deck.

They have to enter into a building, walking past and combating the security guards, dogs, and alarms. There are 54 cards in total, each with a specific significance. For example, there are mission cards, initial cards, and alarm cards. You win gear and acquire skills by combating obstacles.

You get to choose a cool weapon, to get rid of the security cameras and make sure that you complete the mission within 20 minutes. Each mission takes around 20 minutes and there are five missions in total to be completed.

There’s also a high score of the checker. Beat your own scores or the high scores of the opponents.

Download Agent Decker here.

17. The Duke

18 duke printable board games

This is a two-player tile-based strategy game that is dynamic and will take you back to the feudal world.

The game board consists of 36 squares that are arranged in a 6×6 grid. Each player starts with three pieces ( two footmen and one duke) that look like flat wooden tiles. The tiles either move to an empty box or to a box preoccupied with the opponent. With each turn, the player moves the tiles and uses special powers; if applicable at all.

The aim is to get hold of the opponent’s Duke, just like you capture the king in chess. The Duke is one of the innovative printable board games because of its double-sided tiles.

Each side represents a non-identical posture signifying what the piece can do in that particular turn.

Download The Duke here in PDF format

18. Space Junkyard

19 space junkyard printable board games

Space has become a massive dumping ground for ejected components and ruined spacecraft. But, the players can use agility as star pilots to turn the tides and aim to expand their ships.

Hover through a sea of planets and asteroids to collect resources and bring back the broken ships to life. If you love space and are fascinated by asteroids and spacecraft, then this is the game for you to try.

This print and play board game will give you a ride through space as it enables you to navigate and collect resources along your way.

Download Space Junkyard here in PDF format

19. Gnostica

20 gnostica printable board games

Gnostica is a printable board game based on territories and wars that requires strategizing. The board changes its shape frequently since its made up of the tarot cards used in the game.

Each player uses pyramids to highlight that the territories are under control and occupied. When a player has one of the pyramids on the territory, he/she can use the special powers.

These can be used through the territory holds and with the pyramids that they have. Every tarot card holds the same powers too.

Each territory is worth points. Use pyramids to control them and collect 9 points to win.

Download Gnostica in PDF format here

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20. Backgammon Board

21 backgammon printable board games

One of the oldest board games, Backgammon Board can be traced back to archaeological discoveries. Involving strategy and luck, it is a perfect game for two people.

Each player has fifteen pieces or checkers at the start. They need to roll two dice and move the pieces between the twenty-four triangle points.

The objective is to move all the checkers off the board.

Defeat the opponent by removing the playing pieces from the board before the other player in this printable board game.

Download Backgammon Board in PDF format here

21. Bonus: Card Deck

15 card deck printable board games

Isn’t every gathering or picnic or house party incomplete without a deck of cards?

Favorite means of recreation since time immemorial, a deck of cards brings out the child in people of all age groups.

A pack contains 52 cards consisting of suits of clubs, diamonds, spades, and hearts. Each suit depicts a symbol and has numbers 2-10 including a jack, king, and queen and an ace.

Shuffle them and choose a variant to play this printout game board from the myriad possibilities available.

Download a printable Card Deck in PDF format here


All of the above mentioned printable board games are free to download. If you’re looking forward to playing the classic ones, try Ludo and Chinese Checkers. Love numbers? Play Sudoku.

If word games are what you prefer, then you will love the vocabulary exercises with games like Scrabble. When your geeky friends come over, try Dark Moon or Doctor Who. Play Space Junkyard and Gnostica is you want to be exported to the parallel world.

Apart from not costing you a bomb, the best part about these print and play board games is that you can always avail of another copy if the existing one becomes worn out. Or, get the print outs done professionally and laminate them for longevity.