While people have been reusing worn-out clothes for as long as clothes have existed, an online thrift store is a relatively new concept in American history. Online thrift stores come in handy when people are looking for budget shopping.

So, what exactly is a thrift store?

A thrift store is a place where you can buy and sell used items like clothing, accessories, collectibles, housewares, and any other product. You can get your hands on the vintage stuff too.

Imagine getting a piece of clothing (used once or twice earlier) from your favorite high-end brand for a heavy discounted price? Similarly, how about getting a good bargain in exchange for a product you no longer use?

There is no longer any stigma attached to purchasing and using old products. And, the icing here is that it is not frumpy anymore. As long as the products are in good condition and don’t cost you a bomb, you’re good to go.

Today, shoppers need not leave the comfort of their homes to indulge in buying luxury merchandise or second-hand products. With the advent of online thrift stores and websites that sell used clothing online, you can browse through the categories and the myriad options available, and buy furniture, jewelry, or any other item of everyday usage.

Saving a few bucks here and there from your hard-earned cash isn’t a bad deal after all!

Here’s our list of the best Online Thrift Stores

1. ShopGoodwill

1 shop goodwill online thrift store

If you’ve ever shopped from eBay or know about it, you will find this online thrift store similar. ShopGoodwill offers its products up for auctions. The person who bids the highest becomes a legitimate buyer of that particular product.

There’s a ‘New today’ category on the homepage which displays the recently added products. We recommend you to buy them as soon as possible before they become hot-selling merchandise. The ‘Ending Today’ category lists the products for which the bidding ends on the same day itself.

The money received from Goodwill auctions is used to fund education and cater to the employment needs of disabled and underprivileged people.

Anyone can visit the website, but to bid or buy the products, you need to sign up for a free account. You can filter by categories, sellers, price, or directly enter the name of the product you wish to purchase. Be quick in the ‘Last Chance’ category for the bid might end in the next few minutes, and it will be your last chance to get your hands on it.

Check out ShopGoodwill here.

2. Gone Tomorrow

2 gone tomorrow goodwill auctions

One of the best second-hand stores, Gone Tomorrow, allows you to sell your used items and buy the products they have for sale.

The popular categories include clothing, jewelry, antiques, collectibles, and housewares. The thrift store online has a variety of vintage items as well, which will surely catch your attention. The website also boasts of having multiple unique products that are rare and not easily found elsewhere.

Browse through the categories and subcategories to look for the exact products that you need. For instance, if you’re looking for books, they are classified like fiction, non-fiction, historical, children’s books, and so on; you can pick the one as per your choice.

One of the most striking features of the online thrift shop is that they ship hundreds of products for free.

Check out Gone Tomorrow here.

3. ASOS Marketplace

3 asos marketplace second hand stores

Yes, you read that right! ASOS has a vintage website too.

The vintage collection of this online thrift shop is simply fantastic and one of our personal favorites. The website is based out of London, and they are continually adding a new collection to the online portal. Each time you open the site to check the collection, you will find an array of fresh items on display.

Many stores like ASOS have come up in the recent past, but the predecessor offers quality products at affordable prices for both men and women, like no other.

The price for hundreds of exquisite items is as low as $100. A vintage silk bomber jacket for $27 and a white vintage dress by Nike for $27 as well, is what caught our attention the most. So, what are you waiting for?

Check out ASOS Marketplace here.

4. The Vintage Twin

4 the vintage twin thrift store online

The Vintage Twin is an online thrift store started by two twin sisters. It has a few branches over various locations in Manhattan. If you do not reside in the city, check out their thrift shop online.

One of the best-used clothing stores, The Vintage Twin, has plenty of cute and appealing products on display. Our favorites are the pink and green plaid midi skirt for $61 and sheer floral dress for $53.

One of the most distinct features which make the website stand out is that they display and sell unique and one of a kind products. Irrespective of what you purchase, you will not find anything the same or even similar anywhere else for sure.

However, if you want something similar to what you have purchased, they will try to hunt it down and offer the same to you. The most noteworthy aspect of this thrift store online is charity. They contribute around 10% of their proceeds towards various aids and charitable organizations.

Check out The Vintage Twin here

5. ThredUP

sshot 1 8

ThredUP isn’t the perfect choice for getting your hands on the unique vintage items. However, if you want to buy products from your favorite brands at highly reduced prices, ThredUP is the best bet.

They have all the regulars, including women’s clothing, kid’s clothing, designer clothes and accessories, even maternity wear; all of them in good condition and for a fraction of the actual retail price.

Every user gets a discount of 20% when they sign up for the first time. The thrift store online also gives free shipping on orders above $79. Alya Casual skirt for $12, or Free People long sleeve top for $25; what will be your pick? ThredUP men’s collection too is worth drooling over.

Check out ThredUP here

6. Tradesy

6 tradesy used clothing online

Have you been eyeing a specific designer piece for a long time? Look out for them on Tradesy.

Just like ThredUP, Tradesy is an ideal website to get your hands on high-end brands at good discounted prices. Best suited for modern clothing, this thrift shop online gives you around 70% off on the actual price printed of the product; without compromising on quality.

Be it shoes, clothes, or designer handbags and purses; name the brand and get it here. Apart from selling gently used products, Tradesy also made it easy for you to put up your branded products on sale. The seller knows the authenticity of the item, and the buyer understands the brand value, so it’s a win-win for both.

Some say that the online thrift store is like eBay, while others claim it’s better than eBay. For mobile shoppers, the website has apps on Android and iOS.

Check out Tradesy here.

Download Tradesy on Android, iOS

7. Refashioner

7 refashioner best online thrift stores

One of the best online thrift stores, Refashioner, has a collection of exceptional vintage pieces and a wide range of products from top brands.

The unique feature of the website is that they transform and modify old clothes into new and sell them to the consumers. Not only this, but they also provide a story behind every product they have at their disposal. Isn’t it amazing that you not only get to know the history behind the items but also their origin.

The prices are comparatively higher as they cater to the elite brands. Be it a Miu Miu or Fendi, it’s great to get these high-end and branded merchandise at such discounted rates.

Are you game to get your hands on the exquisite private collections?

Check out Refashioner here.

8. LePrix

8 leprix stores like asos

One of the best-used clothing stores, LePrix, is the perfect stop for you if you’ve always wanted to buy a specific designer piece. The website claims to have pre-owned luxury items in good condition.

Their inventory is huge. You might not be able to scroll down all the options at one go, but the designer products are available at super-slashed prices. You can filter the designer of your choice alphabetically, and the plethora of names that pop up is overwhelming.

The consignment boutique guarantees 100% authenticity and is one of the best thrift stores in NYC. You get to choose from over 500 designer brands and get a discount of about 75% on the price tags.

Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Burberry, or Chanel; which one will you get your hands on first?

Check out LePrix here.

9. Depop

9 depop thrift shop online

If vintage products are your thing, Depop is the perfect place for you. The stylish retail website and app boast of quality products at low prices.

This thrift shop online has users trying to sell the products along with independent designers showcasing their collection. You get to witness trendy products and outfits sourced from varied resources.

You can buy vintage fashion, jewelry, books, and magazines; and sell vintage finds, pre-loved clothes, and original creations too. You can browse through their new uploads or look up for specific products. You can also sort the products by distance and end up saving the shipping costs by buying directly from the sellers in your city.

A classic Nirvana fanny pack or a pair of voguish culottes, what will you buy first?

Check out Depop here.

Download Depop on Android, iOS

10. Swap: The Largest Online Thrift Store

10 swap online thrift store clothes

Swap is the largest thrift store online and one of the biggest consignment sites. The website boasts of over 2 million consignment products and used clothing items from over 10,000 brands.

Apart from apparel for men, women, and children, Swap has toys, video games, sports, and outdoor goods, home decor stuff, movies, and books. You can avail the products at massively discounted prices, including 95% off on various occasions.

The website offers free shipping on all goods above $60. The users can also refer the site to their friends and earn $10. They have a regular clearance sale on used clothing, toys, and maternity wear, which is such a blessing for the consumers. The online thrift shop also has a unique section where you get everything at $5, and every product is an absolute steal.

Levi’s, Ann Taylor, Carter’s, or H&M; which of these brands will you get your hands on first?

Check out Swap here.

Download Swap on Android, iOS

11. Poshmark

11 poshmark online thrift stores

One of the best websites to buy and sell used clothing online, Poshmark, has a wide variety of products listed. Fashion, make-up, kids’ clothes, shoes; you name it, and they have it.

Thousands of sellers curate high fashion looks for the shoppers on this portal. Whether you want to get rid of the pair of boots you never put to use or a vintage fur coat, which is of no more use to you, Poshmark is the ideal place to do it.

Apart from selling clothes of everyday usage, what we liked about the thrift store online is their incredible vintage section. From jewelry to hand-knit crochet sweaters, you will find it all here.

With over 2 billion users worldwide, the website boasts of uploading 25 billion new products every day. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the seemingly endless pages of items on sale? Which brands will you get your hands on first? Coach, Dior, Mac, or Zara?

Check out Poshmark here.

Download Poshmark on Android, iOS

12. eBay

12 ebay thrift store outfits

All of us have heard of eBay, but have you considered the website for thrift shopping? The online thrift shop enables the users to participate in auctions and bid for the items they wish to purchase. However, if you do want to participate in the sale, you can straight-up buy an item.

Thousands of people list their used clothing online, making it easy for you to search and look for exactly what you want for a fraction of the original cost. Apart from apparel, eBay has a vast collection of tech products, antiques, sports-related stuff, and furniture.

One of the best thrift stores online, eBay is known for its excellent customer support service. Selling old clothes and other products is as easy as buying new ones on this website. You can sell your cars, other automobiles, and even specific parts of your vehicle, for instance, tires as well.

Check out eBay here.

Download eBay on Android, iOS

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13. GoodTwice

13 good twice second hand clothing stores near me

One of the best second-hand stores, GoodTwice is a website targeted specifically for women’s clothing. They allow only used clothes in excellent condition for sale. The website sells them at slashed rates, sometimes as low as $10.

You will come across various brands such as Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Bebe, and Charming Charlie. Each item displayed goes through a thorough quality check process and is then listed on the website.

If you did not find what you are looking for, do not get worried. The site adds second-hand options every day, so the collection looks new each time you open the online thrift shop.

Apart from promising the products to be free from apparent blemishes like holes and stains, GoodTwice charges only a mere $0.99 for shipping. How awesome is that? So, what will you pick first, a Burberry scarf or a Prada bag?

Check out GoodTwice here.

Download GoodTwice on Android, iOS

14. Etsy: The Online Thrift Store with a Difference

14 etsy online thrift

Etsy is a one-of-a-kind community where people come together to buy and sell old and new products online. Apart from regular buying and selling, the users are exposed to a unique collection of handcrafted items directly from the makers.

The global online marketplace supports independent creators by displaying their talent in the form of art and craft items, jewelry and accessories, and home decor products. The website has made the process easy by letting the customers directly contact the manufacturers.

Etsy guarantees secure shopping to all the visitors by using the best technology to protect the transactions. If you’re looking beyond used clothes online, this website is the place for you.

You can also get customized products suiting your preferences. They have an exquisite vintage collection too. How beautiful is it to directly buy from the people who put their heart and soul into the making of a product?

Check out Etsy here.

15. Facebook Marketplace

15 facebook marketplace thrift store online

The social media giant has a Marketplace, too, which is a great place to buy and sell used products online. The worldwide platform enables you to enter the name of the region you’re operating from, and the results are filtered accordingly.

Apart from a localized search and dealing with people in your vicinity, you can also visit the seller profile and get in touch with them. The process provides authenticity to the identities of buyers and sellers.

With a multitude of categories available, you can buy clothing items, accessories, furniture, gadgets, and even cars. Enter what you’re looking for, your city details, and you’re good to go.

You can strike a conversation and negotiate deals with the traders on Facebook Messenger. Home decor or fashion, what will you get your hands on first from the Facebook online thrift shop?

Check out Facebook Marketplace here.

16. Instagram: The New Face of Online Thrift Store

16 instagram thrift store outfits

Instagram isn’t only for posting pictures and sharing what you are eating or doing. Many people use the social media platform for buying and selling products at cheap rates. As a channel for thrift shopping, Instagram is slowly making a niche audience for itself. Various people are coming up with their pages on Instagram to showcase their collection to the section of people who use the online portal.

You can use hashtags while looking for specific products or directly visit the profile of a particular manufacturer or reseller to browse through their collections.

Coco & Orange and Fox & Fawn Bushwick are our favorite picks for fashion. There are a variety of antique and vintage products available too. Check out pages like Georgia NYC Vintage and Lost and Found Vintage to grab exquisite items at slashed rates. Other fun pages where you can shop from include Nomad’s Novelties, Small Needs, and Shop Girl. However, our personal favorite online thrift store on Instagram is The Break.

Check out Instagram here.

17. The Real Real

17 the real real salvation army auction

Do you own a luxury product that you are no longer interested in and want to sell? The Real Real is the best place to get rid of it and get a reasonable price in return.

One of the best thrift stores in NYC, The Real Real, has brick-and-mortar branches in New York and Los Angeles. However, if you do not belong to either of the two cities, you can hit up the online shop.

The website has a team of experts who check the quality of the products to make sure what you pay for is in pristine condition. Therefore, although the item is second-hand, the site ensures making excellent and standardized merchandise available to the users by providing authentication.

One of the largest consignments businesses worldwide, The Real Real, has separate sections for men, women, and kids. The other popular categories include jewelry, watches, home, and designers. The most striking feature about this online thrift store is that they send a commission from the sale to the person who listed the product.

Check out The Real Real here

18. EBTH

18 ETBH thrift online

Everything But The House (EBTH), as the name suggests, claims to have everything on sale, apart from a house. The thrift store online is an estate sale marketplace that you can access from the comfort of your home.

Every auction starts from $1 only, and you get unique products from across the United States. The one-of-a-kind items go through professional processing. The website has a team of experts who authenticate all products up for sale on the portal. They also sort, catalog, and photograph the merchandise.

Fashion, art, electronics, kitchen and housewares, appliances, and more; you name it, and they have it. Our favorite categories are furniture and jewelry because the collection that we came across in these two sections is to die for and desirable.

They provide a full-service selling to the users where you do not even need to lift a finger. The website’s white-glove service takes care of everything.

Check out EBTH here.

19. Vestiaire Collective

19 vestaire collection online thrift

Did you ever wanted to buy a product but stopped due to the price tag? And, when you were ready to invest in the same, the product is not available. Well, let us tell you where exactly to look for it.

One of the best thrift stores online, Vestiaire Collective, enables community members to ask questions to the fellow members about the availability of specific items they’ve been eyeing. They have an exquisite collection, which includes antiques and rare products too. The users can indulge in price negotiation for every product on sale and strike the best deal.

Are you guilty of buying an expensive product you didn’t need? Well then, this website is an excellent place to make the best deal.

Founded in the year 2009, Vestiaire Collective states that around 3,000 products are being added to the site daily. With sellers from over 48 countries, your designer luxury bag from Paris is just a click away. What are you waiting for?

Check out Vestiaire Collective here.

20. What Goes Around Comes Around

20 what goes around comes around online thrift store

One of the best websites for getting your hands on used clothes online, What Goes Around Comes Around, offers some of the most beautiful luxury and vintage products.

Best known for rare and unique finds, the thrift store started in the year 1993 in New York City. It also has brick-and-mortar shops in cities like Los Angeles, Miami, and East Hampton. If you cannot visit the store, they have an equally fabulous online presence.

A massive collection in the apparel section, the website should be your first go-to-choice for buying classic bags and exquisite pieces of jewelry. The prices they offer for the used merchandise are too reasonable and good to be true.

The accessories section, too, will blow your mind. After all, where else would you find luxury vintage items at slashed rates and in good condition?

Check out What Goes Around Comes Around here.

21. Beyond Retro

21 beyond retro thrift online

If you’re from London or have been to the city, chances are you’ve already picked up a piece or two from this iconic store. For those who cannot visit it, check out their website with the same products on display.

Shopping for vintage products is one of the most eco-friendly ways to buy new clothes. Moreover, over the last decade, Beyond Retro has maintained the top spot when it comes to the most sustainable buying options.

The online thrift store boasts of over 200 pairs of vintage jeans and apparel. You can browse by era to get your hands on the fanciest items of the ‘80s or the ‘60s. How about dressing up like your favorite celebrities from that era?

Beyond Retro has an exciting category called ‘Reworked.’ In this section, they’ve put up merchandise on which they have worked again to make it reusable. It includes clothes and bags for both men and women, along with items from popular brands like Nike and Adidas. Also, you are in for a surprise, if you love dungarees. Their collections and the options available will blow your mind.

Check out Beyond Retro here.

22. Vinted

22 vinted salvation army auction

One of the best second-hand stores, Vinted, enables the users to find vintage gems from their favorite brands and list the products they no longer use. Apart from regular buying and selling, you can also indulge in product swapping on the website with fellow users. Vinted lets you post listings for free and get great deals for the products you wish to sell.

The website makes affordable options available for anyone who advocates a sustainable lifestyle. What more? You will even find selected pieces for as cheap as $2. The popular categories include women’s and men’s clothing, handbags, accessories, and shoes.

If you own merchandise from brands like Forever 21, H&M, Zara, and Victoria’s Secret, and want to sell them off at reasonable rates, this website is the perfect place for you. Cool Nike Sneakers or classy Ralph Lauren clothes, what will you pick first?

Check out Vinted here.

Download Vinted on Android, iOS

23. Elia Vintage

23 elia vintage thrift online

One of the best online thrift stores for women’s clothing, Elia Vintage, is fashionable and trendy at the same time. Keeping the focus on modern fashion, the vintage resale shop is a rage among women who want to up their fashion game.

Their collection of retro suits and silk blouses are dreamy with minimalistic designs and soft colors. Every piece displayed on the website is elegant and exquisite. That’s precisely the reason why most of the products are already sold out as we scan through the pages.

With the target audience as young professionals, the clothes are available at reasonable prices and discounts. If you do not want to miss out on the new products that they keep on adding, we recommend you to visit their Instagram page and turn on notifications. Furthermore, by doing so, you will receive one every time a new product is listed and is up for grabs.

Check out Elia Vintage here.

24. Grailed

24 grailed online thrift

We cannot end our list without putting up the best thrift store online for men. How often do we come across websites solely dedicated to second-hand clothing and other items for men only?

The user-based website is known for its excellent quality products at slashed rates. The reliable online thrift shop allows the users to get in touch with the sellers beforehand. So, you can strike a conversation and negotiate a good deal.

With an exclusive collection of jackets, sneakers, polo t-shirts, accessories, and sweatshirts, they cater to every possible item. Furthermore, the luxury menswear store also makes tailored suits and tuxedos. Hugo Boss, Nautica, Burberry or Ralph Lauren, which one will you get your hands on first?

You can scan through the entire directory by entering the name of your favorite designers. Hence, you can also put up the high-end products you no longer need for sale and get a good bargain for the same.

Check out Grailed here.

Download Grailed on Android, iOS


You no longer need to Google second-hand clothing stores near me as we’ve curated a list of the best online thrift stores for you.  Buying thrift store outfits not only saves a whole lot of money but also adds multiple options to your otherwise mundane closet.

Check out ASOS, Poshmark, and Tradesy for women’s fashion and Grailed for menswear. Jewelry and collectibles? Scan through Gone Tomorrow. Housewares and antiques? EBTH.

The Vintage Twin and ThredUP are our favorites for vintage products. What Goes Around Comes Around has the best collection of luxury bags at feasible rates. Check out Swap for toys, video games, and sports-related stuff. Refashioner and LePrix boast of making merchandise from high-end brands affordable and in good condition.

An online thrift store is a game-changer because you can finally get your hands on the products from the luxurious brands you’ve always wanted to own.

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