Did you buy yourself a new WiFi router? Choosing a good name for the network SSID is one of the first steps you’d need to take. Moreover, if your wireless network connection has some generic name, for the time being, you need to consider changing it as soon as possible to something more exciting and uncommon. Funny WiFI names can amuse strangers and neighbors when they’re looking to connect and come across yours.

SSID names not only identify your wireless network but also serve as conversation starters when your friend or friends come over and keep network hoppers at bay. If you’re hunting for the best wireless network names, you are in the right place. 

Funny WiFi Names To Make An Impression

funny wifi names

We’ve compiled a list of some cool WiFi names, which will give you a unique identity. What would you go for? The nerdy WiFi names, the secret network names, the hilarious ones, the ones which are out-right witty, or something creative? Well, if you are a Harry Potter or a Game of Thrones fan, we’ve got something for you. And what about funny names with Star Wars and Marvel references? We got that too.

We’ve put the funny WiFi names into categories to make the ride easy for you. You can also directly jump to your favorite classification. So sit back, have a good laugh and wonder why didn’t you come up with something as cool as these.

Here’s a list of the best-handpicked WiFi network names that are funny, clever, definitely out of the box and gives you a secure connection.

Funny WiFi Names

Who wouldn’t like to give his/her internet network a quirky name? Funny router names never really go out of trend and speak volumes about you. Gone are the dial up days when people used to have simple router names.

Here’s a list of some of the funniest WiFi names:

1) It hurts when IP

2) Martin Router King

3) You Pay Now

4) The silence of the LANs

5) Don’t Even Try It

6) Get Off My LAN

7) Connect and Die

8) No Free WiFi here

9) My Own Damn Internet

10) Mom use this one

11) Who pooped in the pool

12) I left the seat up

13) Pick up your dog shit

14) Come and clean up my house

15) Use at your own risk

16) Your WiFi my kids

17) I pronounce man and WiFi

18) I did your WiFi last night

19) FBI Surveillance Van

20) Hide your kids, hide your WiFi

21) Reserved for guests, I hate

22) Free for 1 day

23) Enter the dragon’s

24) Drop it like it’s hotspot

25) Don’t snoop

26) Girls gone wireless

27) Hack me

28) Nacho Wifi

29) Please connect for identity theft

30) Spying on you

31) I’m cheating on my wifi

32) Hillary Clinternet

33) Your wifi is sleeping with my wifi

34) Where the wild pigs are

35) Go go router rangers

37) IP a lot

38) Move on

Cool WiFi Names

If you liked our list of funny internet names, you’d like this one even more. Use these WiFi network names and be the coolest among your gang of friends. Shock your neighbors and have a unique identity by displaying your witty, crazy side.

Here’s our list of fun WiFi names, which are so cool that you’d use them right away.

39) Abraham Linksys

40) Benjamin FrankLAN

41) Slower than Yo Momma

42) Bandwidth Together

43) Simon Says No WiFi

44) Prohibited Area

45) Quit using my WiFi

46) Titanic Syncing

47) WI-FIght when you can make love

48) Not the WiFi you’re looking for

49) Every day I’m buffering

50) Get your own

51) LAN Down Under

52) Searching….

53) Connection lost 

54) Trojan Virus

55) Bring your own internet

56) Byte me

57) Bondage club

58) Pretty fly for

59) Covet not thy neighbor’s wifi

60) Area 51

61) Not in range

62) I have wifi and you don’t

63) Whose car alarm is that

64) Lag out loud

65) Modem pole

65) Russian Hackers

67) Is it me you’re looking for?

Creative SSID Names

Are you an innovative thinker? How about coming up with some wacky, weird, attractive, and funny WiFi names which would gain you attention from people? The creative WiFi names you keep also deliver a message to the onlookers and may elicit a response or even a compliment from those trying to connect.

68) RIP Net Neutrality

69) Very Slow

70) $ per hour

71) Virus-infected WiFi

72) Go Home Tourist

73) I have a weird WiFi name bro

74) Password is YOU


76) WiFi so serious?

77) NASA Station

78) Pushing Limits

79) Dare to steal

80) I’m HILLARY-ous

81) Can’t hack this

82) Blind sight

83) Chicken deal

84) Changed to protect the innocent

85) Printer only

86) Not free so get stuffed

87) Only for zombies

88) Ex-wifi

89) JackPott

90) Wi of the Figer

91) Daily bread

Nerdy WiFi Names

Have you ever come across funny network names that are nerdy? How about keeping one yourself? Let’s show your nerdy and geeky side to your friends and neighbors.

Here’s our list of the funny WiFi names which will be loved by nerds and awaken the genius in you.

92) You Shall Not Password

93) Spiderman’s World Wide Web

94) That’s what she SSID

95) May the Wi-Force be with you

96) 404 network unavailable

97) Crushed by Candy

98) Max User Connected

99) She wants the D-link

100) Free Wi-Fi for books and coffee

101) Airplane mode activated

102) All men must WiFi

103) From Paris with LAN

104) We’re invisible

105) The WiFi of Oz

105) The Black Links

107) Bill Wi the Science Fi

108) Go go gadget internet

109) Wifi art thou Romeo

110) Safe levels of radiation

111) House of black and wifi

112) Alt-255

113) Wibbly wobbly timey wifi

114) Skynet

115) Occam’s router

116) Not a pokestop

117) Wild wifi appeared

Harry Potter SSID Names

Harry Potter wifi names

Are you a Potterhead? If yes, you’d be fascinated by this section. We’ve listed the best WiFi names that are funny and have some Harry Potter connection. Well, if you’ve read the books or seen the films, you will surely understand the puns.

Here’s a list of the funny WiFi network names for all Harry Potter fans.

118) Room of Requirement

119) The Whomping Wi-Fi

120) The Floo Network

121) WiFi Guardium Leviosa

122) Go Away You Muggle

123) The Triwizard Internet

124) The Black Links

125) Lord Voldemodem Gay

126) The Mystery of Darkness

127) Hogwarts Express

128) Hagrid’s hut

129) Accio internet

130) Squibs only

131) Dunbledore’s IT staff

Star Wars Funny Wifi Names

Are you a Star Wars fan? Well, who isn’t? Use these funny router names with a Star Wars connect and impress your friends and peers.

Here’s our list of funny wifi names for all those who love the above-mentioned science fiction.

132) The Profundity SSID

133) Shoretrooper

134) Suck my force

135) Cave of evil

136) The Death Star Gunner

137) Killun WiFi Station

138) X-Wing WiFi Fighter

139) Clone Force 99

140) A New Dawn

141) Zeta Class Imperial Shuttle

142) Jar jar linksys

143) Let the web win

144) Forest moon of Endor

145) Docking bay 94

Marvel Funny WiFi Names

Every time Marvel Studios comes up with a new superhero film, it breaks the internet. The theatres are full, and the fans are super-excited. How about using funny network names with Marvel films connect for your WiFi? Super-cool, isn’t it?

Here’s our list of the funniest WiFi names every Marvel fan would love.

146) Iron LAN

147) The BT Infinity Stones

148) NoStringsOnMe

149) Web of Spiderman

150) SkyeLab

151) Ant-LAN and the Wi-Fi

152) Captain America: The WiFi Router

153) ItsAllConnected

154) Browsers Assemble!

155) WiFibranium

156) Don’t scratch

157) WANpool

158) Project INSIGHT

159) Third world network

160) Ant-WAN

161) Power Cosmic

162) We are not savages

163) I am Groot

164) Loki Doki

165) WANkanda

166) Spider Pool

Disney Router Names


Disney is an escape from reality. Its products are something we’ve grown up watching and loved since childhood. They know how to create fans, and their characters leave a lasting impression.

Are you an adult who is stuck in reverse? We’ll give you funny Wi-Fi network name options that’ll make you nostalgic.

Here’s our list of Disney WiFi names reaffirming the fact that their fandom prevails across generations.

167) Snow-WiFi

168) The Seven Dwarfs Internet Router

169) MagicFountain

170) Monsters Edu.

171) Haunted House

172) The Wi-Fion King

173) LANtasia

174) The Shaggy WiFi

175) Hakuna Matata

176) muLAN

177) Taco Belle

178) Quack private network

179) Wifi Treasure Island

180) Wifi of the jungle

181) I’m not goofy

182) Donald Duck Network

183) Snow WhiteFi

184) Disney-holic

185) Charlie is here

186) Alice in Wifi land

Lord Of The Rings Funny WiFi Names

Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? Book or film or both? The action-adventure theme and the battle sequences have left people enamored all over the world. And well, we are not complaining.

How about naming your Wi-Fi router, taking inspiration from the epic fantasy series? Excited much?

Here’s our list of funny WiFi network names that all Lord of the Rings fans would approve of.

187) Lord of the Ping

188) Paths of the WiFi

189) Cry you Cools

190) WiFisengard

191) You’ll get a High-Speed

192) Moore door network

193) Lords bling

194) Lake Fi

195) One WiFi to Rule Them All

196) Gondor’s Internet

197) Middle Wifi

198) Fool of a wifi

199) Lidless Eye

200) Calacirya

201) SaruLAN

202) Helm’s deep

Game Of Thrones Funny WiFi Names

Game of Thrones wifi names

Power-play and prehistoric era; everyone seems to be a Game of Thrones fan these days. We’ve got some awesome Wi Fi router name options that are funny and have a GoT reference.

Well, if you’re a fan, you are sure to get all the puns; and if you don’t, are you a fan?

Here’s our list of fun Game of Thrones router names, which you’ll be forced to switch to now!

203) Winternet is Coming

204) House LANnister

205) Browsing Strong

206) The Dornishman’s WiFi

207) The Pingslayer

208) We Do Not Load

209) Websteros Winternetfell

210) Jon_Snow_Knows_Something

211) All Men Must Wi-Fi

212) The network that was promised

213) Ping in the north

214) Lannisport

215) Oathkeeper

216) The sites witch

217) The crownlands

Doctor Who Funny WiFi Names

Any Doctor Who fans here? Even if you started watching it during high school, we are sure you’re obsessing over it ever since. Twenty-six seasons down, and we are still not over it, right?

We’ll share some of the funniest WiFi names with Doctor Who references, and the fans are sure to have a gala time. Maybe you can use the exact ones we’ve listed or twist them in your style.

Here’s a list of the quirky network names for your SSID, which will rekindle your love for the series.

218) What do you do?

219) Hey Osgood!

220) You are potato

221) I save lives

222) Look here’s the Doctor Who

223) Violets are Blue, WiFi is gone

224) My internet is Better Than You Think

225) Be Alive with LAN

226) Just don’t connect to it

227) Zygon inversion

228) I am the doctor

229) Violets are blue, Wifi is gone

Random Funny WiFi Names

Our last category includes a handpicked selection of random funny wifi names and clever puns. These hilarious router names do not fall under any specific section and are unmissable. So, if you are bored with the regular ones and wish to have some quirky, mischievous, and fun wifi names, this section is for you. When you are living in a hostel, have limited internet access, sometimes slow internet, and panic when you can’t see the wifi network, these funny wifi names will cheer you and your neighbors too.

Here’s presenting a list of the random, funny and clever wi fi network name:

230) Usa Usa Usa Usa

231) Thanks Obama

232) Spread the wealth

233) Try me

234) You click I pay

235) Work only

236) Cup of sugar

237) Modem family

238) For sale inquire within

239) Ready to mingle

240) To be or not to be

241) Capture the lag

242) Candy in the van

243) Clean your glasses

244) Cash is king

245) Shaken not stirred

246) That itchy feeling

247) Missed connections

248) Keep it on the download

249) Full bars

250) Guess where we live – Question Mark

251) This Too Shall Pass

252) I am Sandra Bullock

253) Gimme a Break

254) Leave My Mobile Hotspot

Tips For Choosing A Clever Wi-Fi Name

Irrespective of whether you choose one of the above WiFi names or something else of your own, here are a few guidelines and pointers you should consider for selecting clever wifi names:

1) Always aim for a name that is unique yet memorable.

2) Do not ever include personal details, for example, your name, address, phone number, birth date, flat number, etc.

3) Never name your WiFi related to the network password. Make sure the two are entirely different.

4) Avoid using proactive SSIDs, which might make your network connection a prime target for hackers.

As long as you follow what we’ve said above, there should not be too many other network security risks to worry about.

If you’re thinking about hiding your WiFi name to keep the hacker at bay, do not bother. Even if the SSID is not being broadcast, those with malicious intentions can still decipher it using packet sniffers and probe requests. So use a cool WiFi name and make sure you use a unique and somewhat difficult password.


We’ve listed 250 handpicked funny WiFi names, which we thought are epic. So, no more sticking to the default names for a router or picking up the cliched ones. Hoping that the list made you smile, and you’re thinking of replacing the mundane ones with these fun Wi-Fi names. Did you enjoy reading it as much as we did while jotting them down for you?

Spread the best Wi-Fi names among your friends and get a shoutout for applying the most quirky ones on your router. Funny, nerdy, or GoT based; what would you first put? We hope that these cool Wi-Fi names will inspire you to choose something unique, and you will end up showcasing your sense of humor.

(Article Updated on 31st December 2020)