Google With Background - © TechNorms Last week Google had announced the a new feature that lets you add a favorite photo or image to the background of your Homepage. It seems Google is ready to make its users search experience more fun by offering more and more personalization options.

You can choose a photo from your computer, your own Picasa Web Album or a public gallery hosted by Picasa which includes a selection of beautiful photos.

Add a Bit Of Inspiration To Your Google Homepage:

The default look of the Google homepage would be the same as it’s always been – clean and minimalist, but each user can choose a background image of his liking. Just below the Google Search Box, you can see the information about new features.

Google Backgrounds - © TechNorms

Unlike Microsoft Bing, which has default images, which change every day, Google has gone a step ahead and let its users choose the image. There are 2 advantages to this – Google gets to keep its default minimalist look they love so much and also make users happy by giving them options to choose their own background images.

Adding A New Background Image To Google Homepage:

Once you click on this link you see in the image above, you would see a new window where you can select a background image for your Google homepage, from you computer, your Picasa Image Gallery, a Public gallery or from a number of beautiful pictures provided by Google.

Add New Image To Google- © TechNorms

Once you select a picture and If you don’t like it or want to change it  –  a link is visible at the bottom left corner of the Google Homepage to remove the Image and select a  new one. The Editors Picks and the Public Gallery both consist of beautiful pictures. You can always choose to apply your own picture by selecting it from your computer.

What does your homepage look like?

This is a pretty cool feature, and I love it. I must access Google 10 times a day and if I get to see my favorite picture every time, what could be better than that, eh!?

My Google Homepage sports the 2010 Porshe 911 GT3 RS,  Whats your Google Background?