Panda_AntiVirusEveryone knows that decent anti-virus protection is a staple of any Windows-based machine, and if you don’t, then you should do now. Because it is. But sometimes people fall into the trap of claiming anti-virus is too expensive, despite the abundance of free basic packages from various vendors.

Well, now there’s no excuse. At least not for the next 6 months, as Panda Anti-Virus is offering a free 6-month license for its innovative cloud anti-virus product for anyone with Facebook and a mouse for clicking ‘Like’.


What is Panda Cloud Anti-Virus

Well as the title suggests, it’s an anti-virus product from developers known collectively as Panda. But actually, it’s a little more than that. You see, as many anti-virus applications such as AVG or Avast will sit locally and suck dry a sizable proportion of your PC’s resources, Panda sits in the cloud and takes the weight off your desktop.

Essentially though it offers the same protection as the others will give or take a few anomalies. However, the driving force behind Panda is very community-driven, meaning that when new viruses are found and reported, the anti-virus definitions are automatically sent to the cloud and subsequently to every other user of the software’s package instantaneously, rather than relying on software updates and hefty downloads.

What Does This Mean?

This means several things, actually. In theory, it does give you a more up-to-date and therefore secure anti-virus package all of the time, not just after each download and update procedure.

As well as that, you do get significantly faster scans in my experience, with an entire system scan taking less than half the time to complete on Panda than it did with AVG.


What it doesn’t mean though, is that you will lose the features that you might get with a local package. While relatively basic, it does offer a number of key features, such as connecting to the Internet via a proxy, customized scans, automatic USB drive scans and recycle bin scanning.


As well as that, there’s a clean and crisp user interface, and although I do often have an immediate grudge with an application that ventures far from the standard Windows UI, this is relatively tasteful and doesn’t look too out-of-place.

Panda_Scan Results

The Promotion

As I already mentioned, to qualify for the offer you merely need to like the official page on Facebook and follow the instructions. Just visit their Facebook page to get access.

Get the 6 months free licence for Panda Antivirus now