Reminders App Icon Haven’t had enough of iOS 5 features yet? Well, in case you’re still exploring or enjoying the many new features of iOS 5 and the new apps that came with it, we just like to remind you about a pretty solid new iOS app which incidentally is called Reminders.

Don’t let the app’s name lead you into thinking that it’s just another reminder app. Well, actually it is, but then Apple made sure to put in a couple of unique features that will make this app stand out from the similar apps available on the App Store. Here’s a comprehensive look at the iOS 5 Reminders app and how you can use it effectively.

Reminders App – How Does it Work

Screenshots of Reminders App - Main List View

You’ve probably used third-party to-do lists apps on your iOS devices before. Reminders are not too different from those apps but have a couple of additional features. As a to-do lists app, it lets you organize your schedules and helps you not forget important and not so important things that you need to do.

Like many other to-do lists app, Reminders is also time-based. Meaning you can assign due dates for each of the tasks you’ve jotted down, so to speak.

Location-Based Reminders

Reminders, however, sets itself apart from similar apps by way of its location-based feature. What this means is that you can list down a particular task, assign the date when you should do the task and set a reminder that kicks in when you’re at the specific place where you should be doing that particular task.

Screenshots of Reminders App - Complete Items and Details

So let’s say that you need to pick up the laundry. You jot it down on Reminders, add a location and when you’re approaching the Laundry Service Shop, the app will send a notification reminding you to pick up the laundry.

Of course, you can pretty much use this feature for every task with a corresponding location. It’s pretty cool the way it works and you should definitely check it out.

Using Reminders App Effectively

The first time you fire up Reminders app you’ll be presented with a clean “sheet of white loose-leaf paper.”  To add an item, simply tap on the first white space or the plus icon (+). Then you can start typing your reminder. Once you’re done, the item appears immediately on the main app view.

You can edit the item by simply tapping on it. Then you’ll be presented the option – “Remind Me.” Selecting that option will give you two options for the reminder – “On a day” or “At a location.”

Screenshots of Reminders App - More Details

When turning the location feature on, the app automatically sets the location-based on where you are. It uses your devices’ GPS to pinpoint your exact location. You can also select a separate address using your device’s Contacts list. Unfortunately, you can’t enter a location manually.

Additionally, if you set the location feature for a particular reminder, you’ll have the option to let the app remind you when you leave the location or when you arrive at a specific location or both.

Going back to the reminder edit view, you can still tap on the “more” option to give you options for setting priority or adding notes.

Each of the items that you create appears on the app’s main list view with corresponding checkmarks. This is to signify that such item is still active/current. Once the item is complete you simply uncheck it to deactivate the reminder for such item.

Additionally, you can view Reminders based on dates. Simply tap on the “Date” view besides the List option located on top of the screen.

Screenshots of Reminders App - Calendar and Date Views

While in the ListView, you can do the swipe-to-the-right gesture to pull out the “Complete” view. This contains all the reminders that you have completed, displayed chronologically by date. This view remains populated with complete reminders unless you purge them one by one.

Other Features

One particular feature of Reminders that was highlighted by Apple is that it syncs well with iCloud. As well as other services such as iCal and Outlook. If you use any of those tools, you might want to check out how Reminders app works with them.

For iPhone 4S users, you’ll be glad to know that Reminders works well with Siri, the much talked about personal voice assistant feature. You can ask Siri to remind you to do something at a particular place and time and a reminder will be automatically created for you.

Final Thoughts on the Reminders App

Reminders are one of those apps that you will find useful or utterly useless. It’s plain and simple – to-do list app. To fully appreciate it, make sure to put aside your high expectations and preferences for advanced to-do app. You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re looking for a simple, useful and straightforward to-do app to use with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad – Reminders has got you fully covered.

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