Facebook, being the largest of the social networking sites, is under a lot of fire when it comes to user privacy. Recently, Facebook has announced they are beefing up the privacy options for its users.

Overall, no matter the change, there are people who complain about the changes Facebook makes. However, there are some good ideas in this plan. Facebook is making incremental changes to better the privacy controls for individual Facebook users. Let’s look at these security features from Facebook and how they affect (or help) you.

Generate Application Passwords on Facebook

Application passwords will be a pretty big leap in the way applications deal with Facebook. Not so much in how they interact, more so how the Facebook user will be able to individualize the login password for each application requesting access. The reason this will be a big step is, right now if you want to grant access to an application, you need to give your one and only Facebook login password.

While this may not seem so horrible, how many of you really have a different and unique password for every single account you have? Most people I know have a handful that they use for their banking, social sites, email and whatever else they use on the web. Having someone take one of the few passwords you use will make your online identity easier to hijack.



If you are suspecting an application is doing harm or it is hacked, you can always revoke the third-party application’s password. It is much easier this way than needing to change your password with all of the other sites and applications who aren’t being malicious that may use your Facebook password.

To test this feature simply go to your Account Settings, then the Security tab, and finally to the App Passwords section.  You can generate a password that you won’t need to remember, just enter it along with your email when logging into an application.

Add Trusted Friends on Facebook

Another innovative security upgrade is the Trusted Friends feature. In a nutshell, you will be able to pick a few of your really close friends to have a code to unlock your account in case your Facebook account is hacked or you simply cannot gain access. This is a pretty innovative idea considering Facebook is a SOCIAL site. Making security more social is worth a try.



The big question to giving out the code would obviously be, how much access with these people have with this super-secret unlock code? It will likely be similar to a secret question. You will probably have to tell Facebook who has your code and then they will need to tell Facebook the code.

Here is what the Facebook security blog said about the Trusted Friends code. “Trusted Friends will let you select three to five trusted friends who can help you if you ever have issues accessing your account,” Facebook’s security blog said today. “Facebook will send codes to the friends you have selected, then you can log back into your account using those codes.”


To select your Trusted Friends, go to your Security Settings. (Account > Account Settings > Security). Once you are there click on the “Trusted Friends Section”  and select your friend’s names.


Even though Facebook gets a bad rep for all of the changes they make, they are making strides to fix security holes whole adding features to grow and compete with old rivals like Twitter and LinkedIn. There really isn’t a set growth model for sites like Facebook, so there will always be some trial and error while they grow.

(Article updated on 15th November 2019)

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