Want to look at something inspiring and beautiful each time you open your computer screen? Well, what better than to try out the Lock Screen option. The Windows 10 Lock Screen can be more than just your password-entry screen. From photos to apps, it can be set up according to your choice.

The way we keep experimenting with the lock screen and home screen of our smartphones, there are creative ways to tweak your Windows 10 lock screen as well. You just need to delve into your Windows settings and customize it to your likings and preferences.

How to Change the Windows 10 Lock Screen

You can save yourself from repetitive or boring screens, and with the feature to customize the lock screen, Windows 10 has made it interesting. That means it can show your favorite app notifications, mark your calendar events or the date and time.

Multiple ways to customize your Windows 10 Lock Screen

There are three ways to customize the Windows 10 Lock Screen. They are –

  1. Windows spotlight
  2. Picture
  3. Slideshow

To check these ways of customizing the Windows 10 Lock Screen, go into the Settings app from Start Menu.

Choose Settings to Customize your Lock Screen
Choose Settings to Customize your Lock Screen

Click on Personalization. This allows you to tweak your lock screen and background image on Windows 10.  

how to customize lock screen windows 10
Choose Personalization to Change the Lock Screen

Once you are into Personalization, on the left side of the Windowpane, you see options like Background, Colors, Lock Screen, and Themes.

These options make the lock screen in Windows 10 highly customizable.

Click on Lock Screen as we want to make changes in that.

Under the Preview section, you can see three options for the background settings that include Windows Spotlight, Picture, and Slideshow.

First, we will see what the Windows spotlight is all about that is set by default.

1. Customizing Windows Lock Screen with Windows Spotlight

how to customize lock screen on windows 10
The Default Windows Spotlight Settings Screenshot

By default, the Windows Spotlight is set.

This scheme downloads new images for you. However, sometimes they do not match your likings.

windows lock screen image
Choose the Picture option to customize your own choices for the Lock Screen

If you do not want Windows to decide which image should be set as your lock screen, there are alternatives to help you change it. Read on to know that.

2. Customizing Windows Lock Screen with Picture option

Next comes the Picture option as Background.

By choosing Picture, you can browse for your favorite image from the PC folder or choose from the default images given. All the images are included in the Pictures.

windows lockscreen picture options
Choose Picture option to customize lock screen

Have a look at the next option if you are looking for some more fun with your pictures.

3. Customizing Windows Lock Screen with a Slideshow option

Even your favorite picture can bore you if you see it daily as your lock screen. You can add fun to it. When you choose the Slideshow option, you can select a whole file folder of images.

set slideshow as lock screen
Choosing the Slideshow option to change the Lock Screen

By opting for the Slideshow option, you can add a customized folder of images of your choice. This will display a slideshow of your favorite pictures with a short interval between each image.

Additional Settings To Customize Lock Screen in Windows 10

If you want an interruption-free or more customized experience with Windows 10 lock screen, just turn off some settings.

To get rid of unwanted ads, turn off – Get fun facts, tips, and more from Windows and Cortana on your Lock Screen.

customize lock screen switch off fun facts
Turn off the getting unwanted ads

There is another option you can see, turn off the option – Show lock screen background picture on the sign-in screen.

Use this if you don’t want the lock screen image to be visible when you are signing in.

customize lock screen on windows 10
Turn off the Show lock screen background picture on the sign-in screen

You can instead have a simple background while signing in.

Customize Apps to Display Notification on the Lock Screen

Now comes the option to let the apps show notification details on the Windows 10 lock screen.

First, is the option to choose an app that can show detailed status on the lock screen.

The second one consists of a set of apps that will show a quick status when the screen is locked.

detailed status quick status
Choosing the Apps that you want to be displayed on your Lock Screen

Segregate the apps under Choose an app to show detailed status and Choose apps to show quick status.

You can select apps ranging from Weather to Phone or Messaging and so on.

quick status to customize screen
Choosing the Apps that you want to be displayed on your Lock Screen

You can even choose None as an option if you don’t want any app status.

Use Cortana to Customize Windows 10 Lock Screen

The Lock screen customization allows you to use Cortana when the screen is locked in Windows 10. As you can see we have turned off everything including the option Let Cortana respond to Hey Cortana, Use Cortana even when my device is locked, etc. However, it is not necessary that you should also disable it. Cortana has great potential. Whether you want to use Cortana while the screen is locked or not, the choice is yours.

use cortana
Using the Cortana option while working with the Lock Screen

If you are a Cortana person and want quick access to it anytime, even when your screen is locked, then, enable it.


These are some of the ways to customize Windows 10 lock screen. No more boring lock screen image, no more clutter of app notifications when your screen is locked. The lock screen is meant to be private. Maintaining your privacy and customizing it to your needs is always a better option. Be it setting a slideshow of your favorite pictures, or using Cortana, we have outlined all the important aspects and possibilities.

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