Managing time and success go hand in hand. In today’s era, where we are constantly multitasking, our computer screens times are also critical. Sometimes, we need crucial apps to be always on top be it Windows or Mac. Keeping a specific window on top saves the trouble of having to search and re-access the app, every time we need it.

While Windows and Mac do not come with such an inbuilt tool, many third-party tools let you keep a software or app window always on top. Let’s check the list of tested and qualified tools that easily allow you to keep your app windows on top for convenience and for working with ease, be it Windows or Mac.

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7 Tools to Keep App Window Always on Top in Windows

As discussed, Windows does not provide you with inbuilt functionality to keep your app windows on top always. Well, if you wish to have such a function on your Windows system, then you need to use third-party tools mentioned below.

1. AutoHotKey

autohotkey windows always on top

AutoHotKey is an open-source scripting language for Windows that allows you to create various scripts for multiple tasks like form fillers, auto-clicking, and macros.

You will have to make a single line script that will get your current window always on top. You can do this by writing a small script and executing this.

We have given instructions below to help users to get started with AutoHotKey software.

Instruction to Use AutoHotKey

Step 1: Download AutoHotKey. Create a new script by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop (or even File Explorer menu), select “New” and then “AutoHotKey Script.”

Step 2: Give the new file any name you want.

After the new script is created, right-click on it and choose “Edit Script.

It will open up the editing program you use, as in the example here is notepad.

Step 3: Then, paste ^SPACE::  Winset, Alwaysontop, , A.

Now, save it.

Step 4: Now, run the script by double-clicking on it. A green “H” logo will be there on your system tray.

Step 5: Now, you can press Ctrl + Space to set any window that you want on top.

Press the same buttons to undo the process.

You can even edit and change the Ctrl + Space combination.

Price: Free

Download AutoHotKey here

2. TurboTop

turbotop to keep app always on top

TurboTop is one of the simplest tools to use. The only feature it is made for is, “Always On Top.” If you don’t wish to juggle around different elements of application or software, then TurboTop is the best option for you.

The tool allows you to pin any window right on the top and sits comfortably in your system tray. When you click on its icon, it displays all windows that are currently open. You have to click on any of the windows to make it stick on top. All you have to do is simply download it and run it.

If you want to unpin that window, simply go to the system tray and uncheck the window, as shown in the screenshot.


Price: Free

Download TurboTop here

3. WindowTop

WindowTop for how to keep a window on top windows 10

WindowsTop is free software available for all versions of Windows from 7 to 10. It allows you to keep your Windows 10 app window always on top. Along with keeping windows on top, you can use WindowsTop to shrink the window, enable dark mode, and window transparency.

WindowsTop is available in Free and Pro version. If you wish to have advanced features, then you can opt for the pro version. We recommend the free version of WindowsTop as it does the needful.


  • Free version – Free,
  • Pro version – $5.99 for lifetime

Download WindowsTop Free version here

Purchase WindowsTop Pro version here

4. DeskPins

DeskPins to keep apps always on top

DeskPins is an open-source and lightweight software to keep your app window always on top in Windows 10. The app consists of only one feature, which is to keep a specified window on top.

All you need to do is take a pin from the DeskPins app and click on the window you wish to keep on top. You can add such pins to any app or software you want to keep on top.

Price: Free

Download DeskPins here

5. OnTopReplica

OnTopReplica to keep apps always on top

OnTopReplica is a free tool to keep windows on top in Windows 10. It is a bit different than other options mentioned on the list as you can create the replica of the window you want on top.

Just pick the window you wish to keep on top, and then you can adjust the size of the window. It allows you to select the portion of the window you want specifically. You can zoom in the window to view something properly. The list of features also includes positioning lock, adjustable opacity, and specific region to be cloned.

Price: Free

Download OnTopReplica here

6.  AquaSnap


AquaSnap is a great multitasking tool that allows an app to always stay on top. You simply have to shake the app window to make it transparent and always on top. Then you can shake it again to restore it to its normal state.

Along with this, it also provides features like Window Docking, Window Tiling, and Window Snapping. Window docking allows you to adjust the window on the screen. Just drag and drop your windows to the sides of the screen. It will automatically be adjusted to fit half or one-quarter of the screen.

It comes in 3 versions – Personal, Professional (Standard License), and Professional (Site License). AquaSnap is compatible with all the Windows versions from Windows 7 to 10.


  • Personal – Free
  • Professional (Standard License) – USD 18
  • Professional (Site License) – USD 599

Download AquaSnap here

7. 4t Tray Minimizer

4t tray to keep windows on top

4t Tray Minimizer is a powerful tool that will not only allow your app windows to stay on top but also help you to perform various tasks on those windows. The tool is lightweight, flexible, and comes in a free and pro version. It adds some buttons to the title bar that allows you to customize your windows.

The pro version has some more advanced features like customizing how you want to minimize your favorite application to the system tray, the quick launch of your favorite application. It has the button “Stay on Top” that allows the window to stick on the top.

You can minimize any application to the system tray, roll up any window to its title bar, make the app window semi-transparent, and take a look at the one in the foreground.


  • Free version – Free,
  • Pro version – USD 19.95/year

Download 4t Tray here

Best Tools to Keep App Window Always on Top in Mac

1. Afloat for Mac

Afloat for Mac to keep app always on top

Afloat is the solution for Mac OS X users to keep any software window always on top. It uses SIMBL(SIMple Bundle Loader), which is an application enhancement loader for Mac OS X developed by Mike Solomon.

It helps third-party developers modify and add functionality to applications developed with the Cocoa environment without access to the source code.

Afloat is easily accessible from the Window menu in Mac and needs SIMBL to work. You can download the required SIMBL from here.

It allows you to use some hotkeys to control all operations, and you may find it easier to use the mouse. The tool is easy to use. You just need to go to the Window option of any window and simply select the option you want to; “Keep Afloat,” “Transparency,” etc.

Price: Free

Follow the instructions to download and install Afloat here

2. The Floating Browser- Helium

helium floating browser to keep app always on top mac

The floating browser called Helium for Mac OS allows you to watch media while working. It has a customizable translucency mode that allows you to view your content and work simultaneously.

When in Translucent mode, Helium does not intercept mouse clicks. The floating content will be as it is, and you can click, drag, and scroll behind your floating window.

It is useful not only for watching movies or TV shows but also to keep other windows always on top. And, this includes any documents like tutorials or slacker window on the top of everything.

Price: Free

Download Helium here


It, therefore, becomes extremely crucial to utilize our time most efficiently. When we are working on a number of apps or software windows that are multifunctional, then the essential tools listed above can help you to keep the app windows always on top. Not only do you have the ease of working with multiple tasks and windows open, but you also can prioritize it as and when you wish it.

If you are using a Mac, then you don’t have more options to explore. On the other hand, when it comes to Windows, you have multiple options to fall back on.

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