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Have you ever wished that there was an easier way to monitor your system resources on your Mac? Meet OS Track, an app that monitors your system quietly in the background. This OS X Lion compatible app supports a full-screen view, is very easy to use, and best of all it is free.

“OS Track is a highly advanced monitoring system for your computer that allows you to analyze your use of the resources of your OS over time.” It constantly monitors your system’s CPU, memory, and bandwidth so that you can visually see how much of your resources are being used. OS Track even has a menubar icon for easy access to your reports and preferences.

OS Track in Action

Upon first opening the app, you’ll be asked whether you want to start it when you log in. Doing this will, of course, ensure that your system sis constantly being monitored. If you prefer to keep the apps that startup at login to a minimum, you can just choose to open OS Track whenever you need to.

Start OS Track on Login

Filter By Time Span

Instead of viewing your usage by day, OS Track lets you view according to a specific timespan. It keeps a 60-day history of your OS activity and you can then filter your data by a 7-day, 15-day, 30-day, or 60-day period.

Filter Reports by Time Span

Filter By Search or Name

The app features a convenient search bar that lets you search for a specific app so that you can quickly see what kind of resources it’s using. Alternately, you can simply select the name of the app from the left-hand list and view details about it that way as well.

Search for Apps in OS Track

View Your Reports

The longer you track, the more graphical your reports will be since you’ll have a larger tracking time span. Each report is viewed separately by selecting CPU, Memory, or Bandwidth.

The format is in bar graph form with different colors representing each app. You can also see actual stats in percentage form; these percentages represent the current, average, and peak usage of each or all apps (depending on which option you select).

OS Track Reports View

These reports are really a great way to see which apps are memory hogs. For instance, if your system becomes sluggish and starts moving really slow, you can easily use the reports to find the culprit that is causing the problem.

What’s Missing

While OS Track is a great app there is one thing that seems to be missing, and that’s the ability to close out apps from the interface. Of course, OS track is not a task manager, it’s just a monitoring tool, so I guess it only makes sense that you can’t quit apps from the interface. However, I feel that it would be a nice added bonus.

OS Track – Features

  • CPU Tracking
  • Memory usage tracking
  • Bandwidth tracking
  • Report filtering by time span
  • App filtering via search or name
  • Menubar icon for quick access

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