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Timely is one of the most useful Twitter scheduling tools I’ve come across. My personal favorite was Buffer , a service that lets you add tweets to your queue and then posts them automatically according to a schedule that you specify. However after just one use, Timely has taken over as my new favorite tool for scheduling tweets.


What makes Timely so unique? Well the name says it all. Not only does it schedule tweets for you, but it automatically schedules them based on the best time of day in order to maximum your impact. Plus, it not only supports Twitter, but it also lets you post Facebook updates to your personal wall or fan page.

So how does Timely know the best time is to tweet? Well, it analyzes your past 199 tweets and magically finds the best time slots to send out your tweets and Facebook updates . Honestly, what’s the point of tweeting if no one is reading it and it’s not having an impact on those following you? There really is no point and you might as well not tweet at all. This is why Timely is so useful and an imperative tool to add your daily social media efforts.

Getting Started

Once you sign up for Timely, you’ll need to connect your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. There doesn’t appear to be a limit to the number of accounts that you can add. When connecting a Facebook account, you’ll be able to choose your profile or a fan page to schedule posts for.

Connect Your Accounts

Adding Tweets and Facebook Updates

You can schedule posts directly on the website or use the Timely bookmarklet. Once adding your text, you can choose to add it to your queue or post it right away.

Timely Bookmarklet

Unlike the Buffer service I mentioned above, you can’t post the same update to all of your accounts at once. If you want to send the same update to Twitter and Facebook, you’ll have to schedule them individually.

Schedule a Post

Your accounts will be lined up on the left side of the site and you can select them individually. If you’re not sure what to post or just want to test the service out first, you can view a list of “post suggestions” which contain a few famous quotes for use.

See Your Queue and Performance

Below the post form you can see what’s currently in your queue and also track the performance of published updates. The queue is where you can edit and delete posts if needed. You’ll also be able to keep up with your schedule, because Timely shows the queued time right below the update.

View Queue and Performance

You’ll need to have some posts already published before you see anything under the performance tab. Along with your regular updates, Timely will also show you native and classic retweets along with how many clicks each one has received.

Customize Your Settings

You’ll want to be sure to go to settings so that you can customize your accounts. If you would prefer to not post on the weekends, you can disable weekends in settings.

Additionally, you can choose how many updates to post per day, select your timezone, and invite other users by email to collaborate. The collaboration feature is great for Twitter accounts and Facebook pages that may have multiple admins.

Customize Your Accounts

Timely uses its own URL shortener , but you can connect your Bit.ly account in settings so that you can track your links. Lastly, you can choose to have Timely send you weekly reports and notifications once your queue is empty.

Final Thoughts

I honestly don’t see any cons to this service, but there are definitely plenty or pros. Mainly, Timely can help you increase your followers, retweets, and all around engagement with your followers. Since this is something that many Twitter users and brands strive for, Timely is simply ultimate tool to help you maximize your impact on Twitter and Facebook.

Start scheduling your tweets with Timely