The default Android messaging app is a pretty useful app but that doesn’t mean that there’s no more room for alternative, third-party apps. In fact, developers know that Android users would clamor for apps with more advanced messaging features as is evident by the plethora of messaging apps available on the Android Market.

One particular messaging app for Android which caught our attention was Zlango which describes itself as a free icon messaging app. Zlango makes messaging on Android a fun and hilarious task with the primary use of fun icons instead of the usual text messages.

Besides, you do get to use the traditional text messaging feature as well. This makes Zlango worthy of at least a try on your part to find out for yourself whether you’d want to use it instead of your Android phone’s default messaging app.

Here, we take a look at Zlango free icon messaging app for Android. Our detailed review will help you decide whether to give this app a try or not.

Zlango for Android – What It Is and What It Can Do?

The app’s description on the Android Market states that Zlango is a free icon messaging app. As such, it lets you text using icons instead of text. This is like upgrading your messages with an added visual impact.

How to Set Up Zlango Messaging App on Your Android Phone

You know the drill, right? Download the app from the Android Market and install it on your phone. Once this is done, the first thing that you’ll want to do is to check out Settings and pay particular attention to the option that says – “Text message (SMS) settings”.

Screenshots of Zlango - Settings

Unless you want all your incoming messages to come in via the app (which I recommend you not to do it just yet), you may want to uncheck the “Set as default messaging client”. This will allow you to still use your phone’s default messaging app while you’re exploring Zlango and trying to decide whether it suits your messaging needs.

Other Options Under the App’s Settings

While you’re in the app’s settings, you might also want to check out other options including – turning your SMS into ZMS, setting the limit for number of SMS and MMS before the app purges old messages, turning on delivery reports for each messages you send and settings for notifications on your phone’s status bar. All these settings are optional but will help you appreciate the app’s features all the more.

Using Zlango Messaging App

Now, that you’ve set up the app’s various settings, it’s time to take the app up for a spin. The next time you receive an SMS, you can opt to open it up using Zlango. But when you open the app via your phone’s app drawer, the list of messages will be displayed. Noticed that the app is now using a different skin. You can change this skin if you click on the home option located at the bottom part of the screen.

Zlango Messaging App - Dashboard

This will bring you the app’s dashboard where you will be given six options/icons to use – Inbox, SkinZ, Sent, ZlangOut, Drafts, More Fun. Inbox is simply the main messaging screen containing all your incoming ZMS and SMS.

Zlango Messaging App - Skinz

SkinZ directs you to the available skins that you can use. Drafts and Sent are pretty much the same folders as in your default messaging app. More Fun is additional goodies that you can download. Finally, you have the ZlangOut which lets you compose icon messages that you can share online via Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

Zlango Messaging App - Zlangout

Sending Zlango Messages to Non-Android Phone Users

Zlango is great when you are sending a message to another Android phone user who has the app installed. But as we all know, that is not always the case. So, does the app works with non-Android users as well? The answer is – sort of.

Zlango Messaging App - Inbox and Message

When sending a Zlango icon message to a non-Android phone user, the app will send a link to the person you are sending the message to. The message resides on the Zlango server and the message recipient can visit the link to view your icon message.

Other Features of Zlango Messaging App that You Need to Know

It’s a good thing that the app developers included an option not to make the app as your phone’s default messaging app. This gives you the option to test it out first and not be annoyed by its hilarious way of presenting SMS and icon message. This also gives you time to appreciate whether the app suits your preferences.

Zlango Messaging App - Icon Message

Obviously, the app is geared towards the younger generation of smartphone users who don’t want to use the norm in mobile phone messaging. Aside from providing an alternative way of viewing your SMS and sending out text messages through icon messages, Zlango also features auto-suggestion, toggle between icon themes when creating a message, toggle on/off the Zlango icons, converting SMS into ZMS and the pop-up reply window.

Is Zlango the Right Messaging App For You?

After using the app for a couple of weeks now, I can now say that Zlango is not the messaging app for everyone. As I mentioned before, it caters to the younger crowd of Android phone users. In fact, the more business-oriented Android phone user will find this app pretty annoying especially if you use the different peculiar skins available.

But, with time, perhaps as the app grows on you and you get to use it more, you’ll appreciate the app’s objective of making SMS and icon messaging funny and entertaining. The fun definitely kicks in when most, if not all, of your Android contacts are using Zlango.

If you are a business professional using your Android phone for official purposes, Zlango will be quite annoying and inappropriate for your needs. Those of you who don’t mind the cutesy and sometimes weird skins and interface of the app, go and give Zlango messaging Android app a shot.

Download the app from the Android Market:

Start a barcode (QR code) scanner on your phone and scan the QR code below. This will take you directly to the Android market to download the app. If you do not have a QR Code scanner app, choose one from the Top QR Code Scanner Apps for Android.

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