Amazon-KindleThere are many different ways to take advantage of the Amazon Kindle. For users of the original Kindle, you could browse the web in a rudimentary fashion. For those that have invested in the new Kindle Fire, you can browse the web in a fancy new browser built for the device. If you are still using an older Kindle model, you can use Tinderizer to view web articles on the device without actually using a browser. This means you can take articles from blogs, news sites and more to read later on your Kindle.

Tinderizer works for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox (ver. 3.5+), Microsoft Internet Explorer (ver. 8+). Opera is not yet supported (We were updated by the app devs that Opera doesn’t support a specific tech they require). It uses the web app Readability to save articles online and convert them to an easier to read format. Tinderizer uses the function behind Readability to let you read web articles on a Kindle.

How to use Tinderizer


Read through the introduction to the website and then click on “Set up Tinderizer!” link.

Set up Tinderizer!

Tinderizer utilizes bookmarklet technology within your web browser. Click on “Make the bookmarklet.”

Make the bookmarklet

You will be asked to use your Kindle e-mail address to link with Tinderizer. This allows the bookmarklet to send a web article directly to your Kindle using the Personal Document feature.

Enter your Kindle e-mail

Keep in mind that it does cost money to send documents to your Kindle if you do not use the free Kindle address. If you have not set one up, visit your account management settings for your Kindle. Once you have the e-mail address set up, enter it into the text box.

Click “What’s next?” to continue.

Now drag the link “Send to my Kindle!” to your bookmarks toolbar or bookmarks folder.

Send to my Kindle!

Your next step is to login to your account and adds the Tinderizer e-mail address to your allowed document senders.  This allows you to accept documents e-mailed from Tinderizer to download to your Kindle. Without doing this, you will not be able to use the service to send web articles to yourself.

Add a new approved e-mail address

You want to click add the Tinderizer e-mail address to your “Add a new approved e-mail address” link under Manage Your Personal Documents. Click “Add Address” to continue.

Now, navigate to a web article. For this example, I will be using an article for TechNorms. Click on the bookmark you dragged to your toolbar or folder.

A small pop-up will appear letting you know Tinderizer is doing its job.

Sending your web article

When it is finished, it will let you know to turn on your Kindle and wait for the document to be delivered.

Web article sent

Now, once downloaded, you will see the title of the web article on your main screen.

Kindle main screen


If you right or left click it, you will see the options for the web article, just like any other Kindle eBook.


Web article options

Finally, if you click on the web article to read, it will pop up on your Kindle pictures and all. You can read through it just like you would anything else you sent to your device.

Web article being read on Kindle

Tinderizer makes it easy to read any web article on your Amazon Kindle.

How effective is Tinderizer?

Tinderizer is an amazing tool to get the most out of your Kindle. Since Amazon’s Personal Documents feature is lacking in some of the key components to make it truly compatible with all forms of media, Tinderizer allows you to read web articles without having to use a browser to do it.

If you ever wished you could read from your favorite sites on the go with your Kindle, you can now with Tinderizer.


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