password gorilla - logoRemembering all of your passwords is a chore. Everyone seems to have a method to their madness. Password Gorilla is out to help people on the go keep all of their passwords handy. Most people use more than one computer in a day. Having access to their secure passwords from anywhere is a huge sigh of relief for many people.

There is an added bonus if you use a cloud storage like Dropbox or Goruna. The reason most people do not make strong unique passwords is they do not want to remember them or write them down and carry the list with them. So they choose a few passwords and use them for everything.

What Password Gorilla can do for you

The most obvious answer is to store all of your passwords. The beauty of Password Gorilla is a combination of its portability and the way you can group and customize how the passwords are organized.

How to use Password Gorilla

After you download and start your new password keeper, you will need to set a password for the new database. Don’t worry about the first line (database) it will be filled in when you save the file. When you have a password set, click New. password gorilla - db password

Next, you will need a master password. This will unlock the application itself. It may seem like a lot of passwords, but it is a good idea to have separate passwords for each of your databases. That way you can share one set of passwords with a group you are working on a project with, but they will not be able to access your personal passwords with the same passwords.

Make sense? Good.

password gorilla - master password

Adding passwords

This is the meat and potatoes to the application. It is the main window where you will add and retrieve all of your saved passwords. password gorilla - main window

To start, you will click on Login from the menu bar at the top of the window. In the drop down, you will select Add Login. This will pop up a window where you till fill in all of the site information.

password gorilla - add login

In this window, you have a few different lines of information to fill in. All of it needs to be filled in to keep things organized and easy to find. Use the group field to sort passwords to make them easier to find. (e.g. work, home, social, financial, etc.)

password gorilla - login info

If you notice, on the right side of this window, you have an option to generate a password. This is a great way to create strong unique passwords. If you click on the box labeled Override Password Policy, you will see several other options to create a more unique password.

password gorilla - secure password

When you have everything all typed in and you click the Ok button, you will be transported back to the main screen. You will see your group and new site login displayed.

password gorilla - passwords

Now it is time to save the database. As you might have guessed, all you need to do is click on File, then select Save As. Just like any other file, you will be asked to name the file and where you would like to save it.

password gorilla - password db location

If you want to access it from multiple computers, this is where using your cloud storage comes into the picture. You can save the database file to a folder in your Dropbox. In this same folder, you can drag the Password Gorilla application.

password gorilla - dropbox folder

With the application and databases always in sync with the computers you access your Dropbox on, you will always have the most up to date password list right at your fingertips. The application will sync to your local drive and easily run from that folder.

Mobile Access

There are also applications recommended by the developer to access your passwords while mobile. PasswdSafe is one for Android. You can choose your Dropbox folder as the location where the PasswdSafe saves its file. If you are not using an application like DropSpace to keep the information of your SD card synced with your Dropbox, you will need to make sure you have the most recent version of your Android SD card.

If you are an iOS user, there is a compatible application you can use in conjunction with Dropbox. It is called Dropsafe. It costs a couple of dollars but should do the trick.


With everyone worried about getting their Facebook account hacked or their Gmail account hacked, this is the prime time to beef up your passwords. There is no reason you cannot have a super secure password for each and every digital account you have. And with the move toward being more mobile, having all of your passwords accessible from your phone or tablet will become more and more important.

Password Gorilla is a handy security tool to help you stay safe by securing your passwords and is conveniently accessible on different devices thanks to cloud syncing.

Download Password Gorilla and keep your passwords strong and secure

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