If you are looking to exercise your mind and also be entertained on your Android device, time to explore the best puzzle games for Android. Simple jigsaws, word games, sudoku and similar ones ruled the puzzler world once upon a time. Today, the scope of entertainment and experience have gone to another level, making your Android phone nothing less than a competition arena. 

The tricky but interesting Android puzzle games entertain and stimulate the brain, increasing its ability to learn and sharpen its thinking skills. Be it offline Android games or online, a lot of experts world over believe that when a person tries to solve a puzzle, he tries to reason out in a logical way to solve the problems that are posted. He may be able to recognize patterns and draw up solutions to reach the desired solution. So, in short, it keeps your brain active and keeps you on your toes!

50 Best Puzzle Games For Android That Will Help You Get Smarter

Everybody enjoys gaming but when entertainment is combined with intellectual stimulation, it is a very invigorating experience. In no particular order, genre and art style, let’s check out the best puzzle games for Android that are available on the Google Play Store. From thrill to entertainment to brain stimulation, it combines it all.

1. Baba Is You

Baba Is You is one of the best puzzle games for Android, where you play by your rules. That is amazing in a game world where you find a lot of rules to adhere to. Each game level has blocks that represent rules. You can interact with these blocks and change the rules for the level.

As enjoyable as the game is, it is as challenging to win. The game lets you push blocks and cause unanticipated events, like turning yourself into a rock. But that’s not just it. You can even turn your goal into something very different. So, the game packs a lot of fun and surprises for you to explore. 

Download Baba Is You here.

2. Golf Peaks

If Golf and mountains are your weaknesses, then Golf Peaks is the perfect game you can play. You can play Golf and climb mountains here. You possess cards that can move the ball. There are 120+ levels you can compete in, and then the summit is all yours.

If you are too tired to play your favorite Golf game out in the sun, this mini Golf game will offer unending fun. It is just you, the ball, and the climbs; take your time to find the right card to push the ball into the hole. And when all the right cards aid you in climbing, enjoy the view from the top.

Download Golf Peaks here.

3. Hocus

Hocus is one of the best puzzle games for Android that comes with a simplistic design. The game features a cube, and players must navigate it to reach their goal. It is a play of Artificial Intelligence where it creates levels for you. But you can also make your levels if you wish.

Hocus is an illusion puzzle game that comes with lots of unimaginable shapes. There are over 120 levels for you to try. The levels you made can be shared with other players playing it elsewhere. In addition, you can also try the levels created by other players. 

Download Hocus here.

4. Gorogoa

What if Gorogoa offers only a two-hour gameplay? You will have more fun than any other game that bores you with umpteen levels. Players arrange and rearrange panels to solve puzzles, and each puzzle brings a unique challenge. The tiles are illustrated with beautiful pictures you will enjoy watching.

Tile puzzle games are usually considered easy to play, but not Gorogoa. If you thought you could simply move the tiles and solve the puzzles, you are wrong. The carefully designed puzzle tiles will shake your imagination to find the unique solution that leads to victory.

Download Gorogoa here.

5. Shadowmatic

As kids, all of us played with shadows to create different projections. Shadowmatic is one of the best puzzle games for Android that lets you relive your childhood. Elevate your shadow experience with this unique game that asks for a lot of imagination from the players.

You will rotate various 3D objects before a spotlight to create identifiable silhouettes. When you progress in the game, you will play with multiple 3D objects, and the game will become increasingly challenging. You can play the game for a short burst of energy or extend it for more fun.

Download Shadowmatic here.

6. I Love Hue Too

If you love playing with colors, you must definitely try I Love Hue Too. The game combines harmony, geometry, perception, and more to create visually appealing puzzles. You will immerse in different lights, colors, and shapes and solve puzzles by moving tiles.

There are more than 900 puzzles in the game to test your skills. Navigate through each and discover your hidden talent for solving color puzzles. You can also choose from different play modes to make the game more interesting. This game is for you if you are always good at differentiating colors.

Download I Love Hue Too here.

7. Bridge Constructor Portal

If you are a fan of Portal and Bridge Constructor games, you will love this one too. Bridge Constructor Portal is one of the best puzzle games for Android that presents a blend of the elements from both games to give a unique experience to the players. You experience everything in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center.

You have just joined the lab and are in charge of building ramps, bridges, and other constructions for safe travel. You can call it a puzzle game based on the laws of physics. There are 60 test chambers where you will use your skills to build impressive constructions.

Download Bridge Constructor Portal here.

8. Zenge

Mind giving company to a lone man? Zenge tells the story of Eon, who is stuck between time and space. It is a beautiful story that relaxes the players as they go through the puzzles and solve them one by one. Nothing will distract you while in the gameplay, so enjoy each moment.

And it is not just the gameplay that you will enjoy. The art and music are so good that you will have a wholesome game experience. So, the next time you want to relax, start playing and solve the puzzles at your own pace.

Download Zenge here.

9. Mekorama

Developed by an indie developer, Mekorama is one of the best puzzle games for Android you can choose on a day you plan to relax. You will control a robot that traverses through various pathways beating obstacles. If you are successful, you will reach the end of the level.

You will gather collectible level cards during the play. A level editing tool is available to make custom levels. These can even be shared online for other players to use. You will enjoy each level and the unique mechanics if you play right. 

Download Mekorama here.

10. Brain It On!

Next is a physics puzzle game that will stimulate your brain. And it’s more challenging than you think. A lot of thought goes into solving each level. You will tap on the phone and draw shapes, lines, and objects to complete the levels successfully. 

Brain It On! allows competing with your friends, and the winner will get the Bring It On crown. There are dozens of puzzles to solve in this exciting puzzle game. And new ones that present new challenges are being added continuously. There are more than 200 levels, so you can take your time completing each.

Download Brain It On! here.

11. The Eyes of Ara

If you love the eerie silence that wraps abandoned castles, welcome to The Eyes of Ara. The Eyes of Ara is one of the best puzzle games for Android that features many hidden rooms and vaults for you to discover. The puzzles are all elaborate, and you may take some time to solve them.

The castle stands high on a remote island, presenting various challenges to the players. Solving mysteries and finding lost treasures become important parts of solving puzzles. But now, your primary duty becomes uncovering the secret of the signal from inside the castle. Can you handle it all?

Download The Eyes of Ara here.

12. Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a subway simulator that bestows the responsibility of building subway lines in a city. You are in charge of a city that is rapidly expanding. As the need for subway lines increases, you draw more lines to improve connectivity. The most important thing is that the passengers must reach safely.

Mini Metro features a simplistic design where the primary aim remains creating the best routes for passengers. There are many game modes you can try. You will also enjoy the soundtrack that will enhance your creativity as you are busy drawing.

Download Mini Metro here.

13. Two Dots

The best puzzle games for Android are mostly relaxing, and Two Dots is one of those. Two Dots is a puzzle game revolving around making connections. You will find several dots, which you must connect with lines, and in the process, you can collect fabulous treasures.

Don’t think that Two Dots is only about connecting dots. You will flow down rivers, enter abandoned castles, and be involved in many adventures during gameplay. Another highlight is the soothing music that always sounds in the background. So, get in for a cool package of fun and relaxation. 

Download Two Dots here.

14. Turn It On!

Turn It On! comes with several black boxes, and you must uncover the mechanics behind them. There are handles, switches, knobs, buttons, and more to help you in the process. You can turn them on and find out how the thing works. If you love working with machines, this game will give you a good time.

Turn it On! has many hidden challenges, some of which can make you work hard to get results. You must also look out for the correct timings so that the puzzles are successfully solved. Nothing is luck here; your hard work is what pays.

Download Turn It On! here

15. Path of Giants

When you look for the best puzzle games for Android, try Path of Giants, which gives control over not just one but three characters. The benefit is that you can use each of their strengths to advance the game. These characters together help you solve the puzzles in each stage.

The game is about three explorers journeying to discover hidden mountain treasures. How they unitedly put effort into solving puzzles is very important in progressing the game. With top-notch graphics and gameplay, you will enjoy the journey with them.

Download Path of Giants here.

16. Cessabit

Once again a relaxing game, Cessabit is more of a memory game where you answer questions correctly to move forward. You will be presented with hand-drawn pictures. Look at them carefully and answer the questions that follow. Tap on objects for hints and move closer to the answer.

The line art in Cessabit is beautifully compiled to release the players’ stress. In addition, you can also immerse in the nature sounds for much-needed peace of mind. There is no hurry to complete levels. You can take your time to understand each picture and answer questions.

Download Cessabit here.

 17. Word Search


Word Search is one of the best puzzle games for Android that will help you improve your vocabulary. For all those who aspire to be writers, it is an excellent exercise for adding to your arsenal of words. If you are a language buff, Word Search is a productive solution to your polyphagia for learning words. 

The main objective in Word Search is to find as many words as possible in the automatically generated grids. The interface has fantastic colors and visual animation when you find a word. You can also keep a record of your scores. The letter sizes are customizable so that you don’t have any visual problems while playing.

Download Word Search here

18. Lara Croft Go

Given the uber experience it delivers, Lara Croft Go is one of the best puzzle games for Android on the Play Store. If you have enjoyed the Lara Croft movies, then here’s a treat for you! Lara Croft Go is a puzzle-based adventure in a mysterious world. There are challenges that you must encounter as you reveal the story of the Queen of Venom.

There are menacing enemies and deadly traps at every stage, which means you cannot be careless. Solve more than 115 challenges spread across 7 characters and collect ancient objects to unlock new outfits for Lara. 

Download Lara Croft Go here

19. Jigsaw Puzzle World

Jigsaw Puzzle World is a perfect puzzle app for kids. It’s a great exercise to have your five-year-old racking brains over a bunch of pieces to create a picture. One of the best android puzzle games, it has various levels that can cater to children as well as adults. 

There are four stages in total which consist of 9 pieces, 25 pieces, 100 pieces, and 255 pieces. You can rotate the pieces of a picture as per your requirements. You can also play in multiplayer mode plus keep track of your scores and the leaderboard.

Download Jigsaw Puzzle World here

20. Monument Valley 2


Monument Valley 2 is regarded as the most breathtaking puzzle app in terms of graphics and also is one of the best puzzle games for Android users. It is an interesting adventure in which you have to guide a mother and her child as they embark on a journey through magical pathways and puzzles, discovering the many secrets of Sacred Geometry.

As a sequel of Monument Valley, this entertainer certainly won’t let you down. It has beautiful graphics, consisting of an eclectic mixture of architectural styles, monuments, and stunning geometric figures that will awe you to the core. The new chapter, The Lost Forest, raises voices for forest conservation.

Download Monument Valley 2 here

21. Hitman Go

Every avid player will know what Hitman is all about, isn’t it? The age-old stealth video game has been beautifully converted into a turn-based puzzle genre for Android. In Hitman, you need to keep a watchful eye on your enemies as you make your moves along the grid in fixed spaces. Your aim is to assassinate all your enemies and also infiltrate well-guarded locations. 

Disguises, distractions,  sniper rifles, and d7’s iconic Silverballs will do their level best to cause hurdles as you look to complete your missions. The beautiful scale-model visuals will leave you in awe of the graphics. All in all, Hitman Go is one of the best puzzle apps to go with if you love some action while solving challenges.

Download Hitman Go here

22. Cut The Rope


It would be fair to say that Cut The Rope is one of the best puzzle games for Android. It isn’t just one game – it’s a kind of mini-universe with an engaging storyline. You play as Om Nom, the little monster who comes out of a mysterious package. 

All you need to do is collect gold stars, discover hidden prizes, and unlock exciting new stages to get the candy that Om Nom is so fond of. With innovative physics-based mode, you will have numerous challenges to solve and hidden prizes to discover. The fact that Cut The Rope has won the BAFTA and the Pocket Gamer awards tells you it is one of the top puzzle games for Android users that you should try out. 

Download Cut The Rope here

23. Candy Crush Saga

When we talk about puzzle apps, it would be a sin to overlook the greatest puzzle app of the decade. Yes, Candy Crush earned that title for itself, knowing that it has been a massive hit with over a billion users all around the globe. 

The concept is as simple as it can be. You have to move two adjacent candies and match three or more candies of the same color to eliminate from the board. There are more than a trillion stages to play, so if you do start playing this one, expect yourselves to be addicted to this masterpiece for years!

Download Candy Crush Saga here

24. The Room

Definitely one of the best puzzle games for Android out there, The Room is a beautiful creation that has splendid visuals. It is a journey that takes you through beauty and mystery simultaneously. If you are a fan of 3D graphics, The Room will hardly disappoint you.

As the concept goes, the player has to unlock four boxes by solving numerous challenges

involving physical mechanisms. It uses a variety of motions enabled by mobile device touchscreens to simulate actions in real life, such as looking around the device, turning keys, and activating switches. 

Download The Room here.

25. Threes 


If you find your solace in numbers, you are bound to enjoy this little numeric adventure, which is also one of the best puzzle games for Android. Threes has a heart-warming soundtrack, and an endearing cast of characters. Further, it proves to be a really good exercise for your mind both for adults and children.

Threes is all about numbers and you can spend hours playing them. It’s very challenging and has an outstanding design. You have to create multiples of three by sliding the tiles. The game ends when there are no moves possible and the tiles are taken into account for the final score.

Download Threes here

26. Escape Titanic

Escape Titanic is one of the best puzzle games for Android with over 3 million fans worldwide. There are no specific instructions to follow. All you need to be is smart and just face the test of wits to match speed in this adventure. 

The objective is to prepare yourself to escape from the world’s most infamous ocean liner tragedy. All the scenes are different from each other. It’s a free-to-try app where you can play the first chapter. If you want to unlock the epic full version, then you need to pay. It has 50 clever puzzles, each one more challenging than the other. There are many hidden agents that will aid your escape. 

Download Escape Titanic here

27. 100 Doors Seasons


The 100 Doors Seasons is yet another awesome free brain and puzzle Android game. It tests your mind in various ways. The main goal is to solve a puzzle and open the doors to escape. You get rewards for solving puzzles that are out of the box. The challenge is to get out of the room. It has different kinds of challenges with hidden objects. 

You can use the features of your phone like shake, rotate etc. Every new room has impressive graphics and beginners also get useful tips to succeed. You can skip difficult rooms. There are regular updates to add new puzzles that maintain novelty and on-going excitement.

Download 100 Doors Seasons here.

28. Adventure Escape: Murder Manor

Try one of the best puzzle games for Android where you play the role of super-sleuth Kate Grey, who has an invitation to visit Wickham Manor. Unfortunately, her vehicle stopped working just outside the premises. As the last course of the meal is served, she sees a murder being committed. As a player, now you have the opportunity to solve the mystery. 

All you need to do is plan your getaway after you unlock the secrets. With amazing graphics and nine chapters, you will face unique challenges. You have to gather tools and items to help you to get free and discover the mystery murderer and the reason behind it. 

Download Adventure Escape: Murder Manor here

29. Psycho Escape


Imagine being stalked by a psychopath! Your phone rings. You pick it up. A strange husky voice says that he’s coming to get you. And, he knows all about you? That means he knows who you are, where to find you, and follows every movement you make.

Being hunted by a murderer and trying to escape would be a horrifying experience. This is exactly what you get to experience in Psycho Escape. In terms of offering a thrilling experience, this puzzle game for Android stands second to none.

Download Psycho Escape here

30. Where’s My Water? 2


Where’s My Water? 2 is yet another interesting puzzle app that sports an engaging concept and challenge. For as long as you are playing it, you will never have to worry about boredom. No wonder it feels like one of the best puzzle games for Android out there, isn’t it? In Where’s My Water? 2, you can play as anyone of Swampy, Allie, Cranky, and Mystery Duck. 

The sequel has three new locations – the Sewer, the Soap Factory and the Beach. These characters have lost the water connection to their shower and are not able to bathe as a result. Your job is to guide fresh water through a slew of challenges such as dirty water, toxic water, and steam to the character’s shower. 

Download Where’s My Water? 2 here

31. Crossy Road


Crossy Road, as its name suggests, is all about helping your characters cross the road. Before we get on with the details about this exciting adventure game, know that there are over 200 million players already in love with it. You have to answer certain questions to let your characters cross the road. 

Crossy Road can be played in multiplayer mode on the same device. Add the fact that you can also play this game on an Android TV, and you have an exciting experience in store. Collect over 150 retro-styled, pop art-inspired characters, cross roads, train tracks, and rivers, and dodge traffic in a candy wonderland with the Android Robot. 

Download Crossy Road here.

32. Horror Escape


Horror Escape is free of cost, which is why it makes our list of best puzzle games for Android. Would you enter a forsaken asylum? Before you install Horror Escape, let us warn you, this adventure isn’t for the feeble-hearted!

Play it only if you are brave and smart enough to face the challenges. In order to win, you have to solve several puzzles and riddles. They are quite innovative and will force you to rack your brain to solve them. The amazing graphics and the unique experience make sure you have an uber experience when you play. 

Download Horror Escape here

33. Mirrors of Albion

Mirrors of Albion will definitely make your list of the best puzzle games for Android, given its exciting plot, challenges and concept. As Alice, you must travel through Foggy Albion, a city full of notorious thieves and crime lords, and beat them all to restore law and order in the city.

Throughout your mission, you can uncover hidden objects and learn their secrets. Not just that, but you can also meet intriguing characters that will help you on your quest. You will gain experience points as you play; these points will help you gain access to new buildings and cities in the town.

Download Mirrors of Albion here

34. Can You Escape?


The objective of Can You Escape? is to get out of the rooms. To reach the next level, one has to solve the issues and search for all the secret objects. There are 12 challenging rooms and addictive mini-challenges. 

With beautiful graphics and different themed rooms, it also comes up with regular updates to provide novelty to the players. What’s more, Can You Escape doesn’t charge a penny for all the fun it offers! If you love the escape genre, then this puzzle app must be on your smartphone.

Download Can You Escape here

 35. Escape The Mansion


Is the house haunted? Or is there just an obnoxious murderer lurking somewhere? If you love an adrenaline rush and horror games, this is one of the best puzzle games for Android users. Escape The Mansion has a number of puzzles and mini-plots within it that will force you to think hard to solve them. 

You got to give it your 100% while keeping your wits with you. There is a hint shop that will provide you with appropriate clues and hints on your way to solving the puzzles. Users can also skip levels at any time as per their wish. 

Download Escape the Mansion here

36. You Must Build A Boat

If you have ever imagined yourself being a Sinbad or a Popeye, here’s the perfect choice for you to be one! You Must Build A Boat is pretty much everything that its name suggests – building a boat and surviving loads of challenges.

You have to travel the world in your boat, right from the top of the Mage Tower to the bottom of hell. Hire a crew to live with you as you make your journey and capture sea monsters to help you aid in the numerous quests and battles that you will encounter on the way.

Download You Must Build A Boat here

37. You Must Escape

With the trickiest puzzles, You Must Escape is one of the best puzzle games for Android. You must solve them if you wish to escape from where you are locked in. Your purpose is to find a way to open different doors and exit each room by solving the issues presented to you. Find and combine objects to solve the puzzle to escape.

There are logic brain teasers that will leave you wanting for more once you solve them. The levels are easy at the beginning, but don’t let that fool you! Tougher stages are a promise as you advance. You Must Escape has different themed rooms and new rooms are added often. 

Download You Must Escape here

38. 7 Little Words


7 Little Words is the perfect puzzle app for you if you enjoy crosswords and anagrams. Divided into sets of 7, there are clues, mysteries, and more than 20 letter groups to be dealt with. Rearrange, combine, and decode to be a winner. It has challenging modes that you can learn easily and is one of the best free Android games. 

There are 10,000+ puzzles to be solved over 5 different stages ranging from beginner to advanced. You will get a new puzzle every day without any subscription. Added to that, 7 Little Words also has a set of daily puzzles ready to entertain you in your leisure time. 

Download 7 Little Words here

39. Doors and Rooms

Regarded as one of the best puzzle games for Android in the escape genre, Doors and Rooms is free to download and is very entertaining. Every single mistake can cost you to recede a level or two. Doors and Rooms promises to be an addictive and engaging adventure that will leave you wanting for more. 

You have to find clues through tricks. It’s a long-lasting battle of wits against the developers who created it. You have to be very cautious as one mistake can spoil everything. There are themed backgrounds and difficult challenges to cross. The graphics boast a quality that has never been seen before.

Download Escape Doors and Rooms here

40. Word Brain


With over 30 million competitors who find this interesting, Word Brain is a puzzle game for Android to train your brain. For people who aspire to be true word geniuses, you guys need to look no further than this challenge.

Word Brain starts at an easy enough level but gets tough quickly. You have to rack your brain and find the hidden words. All you have to do is just slide your finger on the letters and the letters will collapse. If you follow the correct order, you will clear the grid. If you get stuck at any point, don’t panic as there are no unsolvable challenges. 

Download Word Brain here

41. World’s Hardest Escape Game


Your logical thinking and reasoning skills will be tested to the limit in World’s Hardest Escape Game, which is why it is regarded as one of the best puzzle games for Android. A super challenging one with 20 different locations that keep you engrossed with crazy problems and difficult brain teasers, you will surely fall in love with the game.

The name itself is a stark reminder that it will test and compel you to be on your toes while solving the puzzles. It comes with a gameplay of 10 hours, meaning there are oodles of challenges to worry about. 

Download World’s Hardest Escape Game here

42. Wordox


Wordox has almost 3 million players and has been awarded the best word game, as mentioned by the developers on Play Store. In this one, you can play a game within the other. For example, while a player is constructing a word in one section, you can make your word in another one. 

You can steal your opponent’s letters for your words and make your moves inaccessible. It’s an enjoyable one to play. You can challenge random players or play with your friends (via Facebook, their user ID or face to face with them on your mobile device).

Download Wordox here

43. House of Secrets Hidden Objects 


The Family Heritage House Secrets has a mystery to be solved. It is one of the best puzzle games for Android if you love solving riddles and mystery. There is a strange house and you will find strange clues in the rooms. Something mysterious has happened in the house and you need to find what it is and solve it using strange clues. 

Each room has a different design and background. There are three types of puzzles that you need to solve: word lists, silhouette puzzles, and picture levels. There are over 100 puzzles across the aforementioned categories distributed in 30 stages. 

Download House of Secrets Hidden Objects here

44. 4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 Word has around 220,000,000 players which speaks that it is widely adored amongst the masses. Its amazing success has made it one of the best free puzzle games for Android. 4 Pics 1 Word has 4 pictures that have 1 word in common and you have to figure out what the word is. 

You can have endless fun with the countless puzzles.  New challenges are added frequently. It requires no prior registration and has no complicated rules. Just download the app and start playing to have fun.

Download 4 Pics 1 Word here

45. Criminal Case

If you are fond of watching crime series then, this one is sure to entice you! Join the Police of Grimsborough and prove your detective skills by helping them solve the murder cases in this adventure. You have to analyze the available evidence to catch the killers. There will be enough clues, but in the end, it all boils down to your intelligence and analytical ability. 

In Criminal Case, you can also interrogate suspects as per your liking and deduce clues to catch the murderer. You can play multiplayer with your friends and, thus, time to be better than the rest!

Download Criminal Case here

46. Just Jumble


Just Jumble is one of the best puzzle games for Android that will help you in improving your vocabulary. It is a simple fun game for people of all ages. It boasts 2,865 puzzles, meaning you will have no scarcity of challenges and entertainment. You can share the puzzle with your friends if you get stuck. 

Just Jumble has been carried in newspapers for over 60 years. It’s an easy one to play and there are hundreds of funny puzzles to explore. With amazing and high-resolution graphics, it lets you see the cartoons in full-screen. All in all 

Download Just Jumble here

47. Mystery Manor

An unusual event happened in the Manor and destroyed the normal life of its inhabitants. Their beloved master Mister X has disappeared, leaving a strange message. This is where you, the detective, comes in. You are the only one who can solve the secret of the Mystery Manor. 

So, step into the mysterious Manor and take the challenge. You will have to solve logical riddles, find hidden objects, and unlock new rooms. Every labyrinth in the mansion is a passage full of hidden secrets, objects and mysteries. Solving those puzzles will get you closer to the location of Mister X.

Download Mystery Manor here

48. WordHero

Strive to be a word hero! If you are fond of solving a puzzle and word-finding, then you will surely love Word Hero, one of the best puzzle games for Android.  Boasting an infinite number of levels, each game interface lasts for three minutes. You can see your rank against everyone at the end. 

You can also compete against more than thousands of players and keep track of your rank hourly, daily, weekly or monthly on the leaderboard. Users can add your friends from Twitter or Facebook by searching for them by their mail Ids.

Download Word Hero here 

49. Time Crimes

Make friends, send gifts and receive them too as you play one of the best puzzle games for Android. Time Crimes Case combines a series that you will enjoy playing if you love the mystery genre. Here’s a great chance to be a Sherlock Holmes or a Hercule Poirot and solve mysteries.

A free hidden object mystery game, it has a unique concept. A certain criminal has been altering the past, and your job is to travel through the time machine and uncover his plot. Save ancient, valuable objects from being stolen and preserve history. There are hundreds of quests to solve and multiple objects to collect as you progress through an engaging storyline to reach your goal. 

Download Time Crimes here

50. Davey’s Mystery

You can term Davey’s Mystery as the stuff of your dreams. Out of the blue, an old, rich man named Davey has left his estate to you. All you have with you is a key, and your curiosity to unravel the mysteries within the estate. 

There are several objects to find and investigate and many interactive devices that help you in your quest. Davey’s Mystery has classic point and click adventures. Get ready to test your brains to the fullest when you install it.

Download Davey’s Mystery here

Final Thoughts

All users love to play the best puzzle games for Android. One of the most crucial reasons for its universal appeal is that it can be played by people of all age groups.  Additionally, they also help in improving logical and analytical skills. 

The article gives some incredible options when it comes to the best puzzle games for Android. These unique puzzle games to play on your Android smartphone enhances your mobile gaming experience. You will find here relaxing puzzle games and classic puzzles that improve your problem-solving skills. So, happy gaming!

(Artice Updated on 25th July 2023)