Amazon Kindle LogoIf you have an Amazon Kindle, how much have you spent on eBooks? Did you know you could download a number of eBooks for free? There are a variety of resources online to download free, legal eBooks for your Kindle. You can even send documents to your device for free if you have the right formats available of books you want to read. We have already seen how we can send webpages to your device.

If you are still paying for eBooks, you have a lot to turn learn about how to save money and still keep up with your reading habit. Let us take a look at a few ways to get free eBooks for your Kindle.

How to download free eBooks from Amazon Store

If you bought a Kindle, chances are you are already using to browse and buy eBooks.

Head to Click on the options for Search and choose the “Kindle Store.”

Kindle Store option in search

Now, type in “0 00 free kindle books” in parenthesis in the search box and click “Go.”

Free eBook results

Your search results will be filtered with free titles from usually with the most popular at the top. In this case, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is at top.

Click on the free eBook you want to download.

eBook details

All the usual information you will find when looking for a product on will appear. You will see the Kindle Price for the title is $0.00 and includes free delivery to your device.

Depending on how you have your payment settings set up on Amazon, you will either see a regular checkout or the Buy now with 1-Click option. Click on whichever option appears.

Buy now with 1-Click

Now, you will have to choose where to deliver the free eBook. Any device you have linked to your Amazon account can be the recipient of your eBook, simply choose which device and click “Deliver.”

Free eBook sent to Kindle

Amazon will then send the title to your Kindle or wherever you chose in a matter of seconds. You will also receive an e-mail to confirm your “purchase.”

Now, when you turn on your Kindle, you will find the title will be downloaded and then shown on your first page of eBooks.

Free eBook from Amazon on Kindle


How to download free eBooks from Google Books

Google Books can be an easy way to find free books as well. You used to have to go through a few steps to get a Google Books eBook but now the process is much simple and utilizes sending documents to your Kindle for free.

Head to Google Books

Search by title, topic or genre in the search box then click “Search Books.”

Searching for an eBook on Google Books

Google will give you a list of results with either Free or Preview.

Google Books search results

Free means the eBook is yours to read for free while Preview means you can check out a few pages of the eBook before buying it.

Click on the title to continue.

Google Books options

On the left-hand side of your browser, you will be given the options for the eBook you selected. Click “GET IT NOW.”

eReaders and other devices

Scroll down to the bottom until you find the header for eReader and other devices. Click on “Download PDF.”

You will have to fill in a CAPTCHA, so type in what you see and click “Submit.”


If successfully submitted, you will be able to download the Google eBook. From there, you want to open your e-mail.

Sending e-mail to Kindle

This is where you will utilize sending documents to your device to read a free eBook from Google Books.

How to send documents to Kindle for free

Now that you have your e-mail open, you want to type in your Kindle free e-mail address. By sending the PDF file you downloaded from Google Books this way, you can send it to your Kindle for free.

Make sure you attach the PDF to your e-mail before sending it.

It can take awhile for a free document to make it to your device. Just hold tight and wait for the e-mail from Amazon to let you know the document made it to your Kindle account.

Once you turn on your Kindle, it will download to the device and you will be able to read it.

Google Books eBook on Kindle


How to create your own eBooks

You can also use the method of sending documents to your device you create yourself by following the above steps.

Simply save the file in one of the following formats:

  • AA
  • AAX
  • AZW
  • BMP
  • DOC
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • HTML
  • Mobi (unprotected)
  • MP3
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • TXT

Then, send it to your free Amazon Kindle e-mail address. Wait for Amazon to receive it, convert it and then turn on your Kindle and let it download your created document.

Keep in mind that creating your own eBooks can be frustrating and tedious as the conversion process is not foolproof. You may lose formatting, spacing and other components of what you want to read that make it unreadable.

Can you get free eBooks other ways?

There are other ways to get free eBooks as well as the methods listed above.

Did you know that you can lend books to other Kindle users? If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can use your Lending Library to share with others using a Kindle. Check out Amazon’s instructions for lending books on your device.  While there are a handful of eBook lending websites on the Internet, they are not supported by and can actually cause more harm than good by using them which is one of the reasons Amazon opted to only let Prime members use the Lending Library now.

If you have a library card, you can check out eBooks for free by visiting your local branch. Depending on the library, you may have to follow different steps to send the eBooks you check out to your Kindle. Check with the librarian when you check out eBooks; you should be given instructions on how to ensure it makes it to your Kindle.

You can also use a free service such as Tinderizer to convert websites, whether they are short or long into a readable format for your Kindle. We detailed how to use Tinderizer to make it easy for you to start using.

Are free eBooks worth downloading to your Kindle?

Free eBooks are without a doubt a great download. You can find a variety of genres from the classics to even popular books that you would have to pay to read. While purchasing eBooks is a good way to stay current with what you want to read, checking out what can be read for free is also a great way to catch up on things you missed.

You might be surprised at what you can find for free on your device by learning just where to look. Check out the ways we showed you how to find free eBooks for your Kindle and then let us know what treasures you have found.

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