It is tough to define DevOps in simple terms. DevOps has emerged out of the need for greater efficiency and coordination between software development, quality, and infrastructure teams. It is a union of software development (Dev) and infrastructure operations (Ops). There are DevOps certification courses that can help you get acquainted with tools and processes.

When done well, DevOps can shorten the software development life cycle, and a better quality product is deployed and delivered. Along with speed and quality, DevOps offers other benefits like security, reliability, team collaboration, and risk management. The companies hire for DevOps engineers to have the factors mentioned above in the team and product delivery.

What Skills should a DevOps Engineer have?

DevOps engineers do not write code for any applications and products individually. However, they are required to have basic coding knowledge to update the existing code written by the development team. They are required to have good knowledge of DevOps tools like Ansible, Docker, Github, Kubernetes, and many more.

A strong collaboration and communication skills are must along with the knowledge of tools and codes. As the products are delivered rapidly, there are chances of security vulnerabilities. A good DevOps engineer should know how to avoid such vulnerabilities.

The other required skills include cloud-deployment skills, scripting knowledge, automation knowledge, and testing skills. The passion and customer-centric mindset is something that can add up to be a successful DevOps Engineer.

Best DevOps Certification Courses

The online learning sites can help you gain the required knowledge when it comes to learning new technology. We have gathered the best DevOps certification courses from different online sites to help you with tools, skills, and processes to be a successful DevOps engineer.

Note: All the courses from Udemy have lifetime free access with mobile and TV compatibility.

Pro tip: If you are interested in enrolling in a course from Udemy, you may want to wait for one of their promotions before purchasing. Udemy frequently offers promotional discounts that can range anywhere between 10% to 90%. Please do note that not all courses have this promotion.

1. Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course by Udemy

DevOps certification Courses from udemy

The DevOps certification course will help you learn Kubernetes so that you can deploy, use, and maintain your applications on it. You can manage and run containerized applications using Kubernetes. There is no mandatory prior knowledge required for taking this course. If you really want to be a DevOps engineer, then Kubernetes is something you need to master.

What do you need to get started?

As mentioned above, it is not compulsory to have below mentioned skills and knowledge. However, having them can be beneficial.

  • Knowledge of  Linux, Docker, and AWS is plus
  • Developer, operation, and networks background will be helpful

Key Features

  • Learn to install and configure Kubernetes
  • Scale up your apps using metrics
  • Know how to run stateful and stateless applications on Kubernetes
  • Learn to automatically build and deploy your Helm Charts with the help of Jenkins
  • Run functions on Kubernetes by installing and using kubeless
  • Learn to do tasks like adding users, setting limits, node maintenance, and setting up monitoring
  • Deploy a service mesh on Kubernetes by using Istio

Online Course Duration – 13.5 hours
No. of Students Enrolled – 65,200+
Ratings – 4.3/5
Completion Certification – Yes

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2. DevOps Certification Training Course from Simplilearn

If you wish to develop a career in the DevOps field, then you can take up this DevOps certification course from Simplilearn. With this course, you will know principles of configuration management automation, continuous development and deployment, inter-team collaboration, and IT service agility.

The course also covers DevOps tools like Jenkins, Git, Ansible, TeamCity, Docker, Cucumber, and Nagios. There are some prerequisites for this course, which you can check out in the below section.

What do you need to get started?

  • Understanding of Linux fundamentals
  • Knowledge of web development fundamentals
  • Familiarity with Java fundamentals

Key Features

  • Learn from 10 industry projects
  • Understand DevOps methodologies
  • Get knowledge of version control system
  • Know how to deploy the Kubernetes clusters
  • Learn containerization with Docker

Online Course Duration – 56 hours
No. of Students Enrolled – 7500+
Ratings – 4/5
Completion Certification – Yes
Price – 399 USD for Self-Paced Learning and 799 USD for Blended Learning (Blended Learning includes online classes)

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3. DevOps for Mobile Apps from edX

You can learn to build, test, and deploy mobile apps in a DevOps environment using VSAC (Visual Studio App Center) with this DevOps certification course from edX. The course instructor will also teach you how to manage multiple applications, testers, organizations, and teams.

You can automate time-consuming tasks like building, signing, and building within a streamlined workflow with the knowledge gained from this course. The course is offered by Microsoft.

What do you need to get started?

  • Basic understanding of application development process and practices
  • Familiarity with mobile app development on iOS and Android platforms
  • General DevOps practices

Key Features

  • Learn to sign up for Visual Studio App Center (VSAC) to get started with it
  • Know how to connect to repositories and build applications in VSAC
  • Learn how to test applications

Online Course Duration – 4 weeks (2-4 hours per week)
Completion Certification – Yes (99 USD for verified certificate)
Price – Free

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4. Become a DevOps Engineer from LinkedIn Learning


You can gain the skills to be a DevOps engineer with this learning path from LinkedIn Learning. There are 25 courses and videos in this learning path. With this DevOps certification course, you will learn monitoring, infrastructure automation, security, lean and agile transformation, and site reliability engineering. At the end of this course, you will have a badge of completion.

Key Features

  • Know how to adopt DevOps at any organization
  • Learn techniques and tools for infrastructure automation
  • Understand the practices for continuous delivery pipeline
  • Learn Kubernetes

Online Course Duration –  40 hours
Completion Certificate – Yes (If you have taken the learning plan)
Price – 1-month free trial/ Buy for USD 29.99/month

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5. Docker for the Absolute Beginner – Hands On – DevOps from Udemy

You can learn docker tools from scratch with this course. The course instructor uses a simple and easy way to explain this DevOps tool. With this course, you can get hands-on experience of Docker along with theoretical knowledge. And you can take up advanced AWS and Microsoft DevOps certification exams once you know the tools.

What do you need to get started?

  • Basic skills related to the system administration
  • Linux system to setup Docker

Key Features

  • Learn to build Docker images using Dockerfiles
  • Use Docker Compose Files to build an application
  • Get hands-on basic Docker commands
  • Know about Docker Swarm and Compose

Online Course Duration – 4 hours
No. of Students Enrolled – 59,220+
Ratings – 4.6/5
Completion Certification – Yes

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6. DevOps for Databases from edX

If you are dealing with databases specifically, then you can opt for this DevOps certification course offered by Microsoft. With this course, you will learn the challenges and solutions of incorporating databases into a DevOps process.

You can explore the challenges of working with various data stores while rapidly developing and changing the software. You are required to have some prior knowledge to enroll in this course.

What do you need to get started?

  • Understanding of basic and relational database development
  • Experience of using a version control system
  • knowledge of executing scripts in a database platform

Key Features

  • Understand DevOps with respect to the database
  • Learn to include database code in VCS ( Version Control System )
  • Learn to write and include an automated unit test for database code
  • Implement merging and branching the database code
  • Know how to set up continuous integration platform for your database code

Online Course Duration – 4 weeks (2-4 hours per week)
Completion Certification – Yes ( 99 USD for verified certificate )
Price – Free

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7. DevOps Foundations from LinkedIn Learning

You can learn the basics of DevOps with this course. The course focuses on culture, automation, measurement, and sharing (CAMS). In the DevOps certification courses, you will also learn about continuous delivery and reliability engineering, along with knowing the conjunctions of DevOps and information security. You can buy this course individually for 9.99 USD.

Key Features

  • Learn about various tools and techniques related to DevOps
  • Know how ITIL, ITSM, and SDLC fits in DevOps
  • Know about emerging technologies and also the shift from the cloud to serverless architectures

Online Course Duration –  2 hours 53 mins
Completion Certificate – Yes (If you have taken the learning plan)
Price – 1-month free trial/ Buy for USD 29.99/month

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8. Ansible for the Absolute Beginner – Hands-On – DevOps from Udemy

DevOps certification courses

With this DevOps certification course, the beginners can get the hang of an Ansible tool used in DevOps. There are coding exercises in the course that can help in the understanding of Ansible. The exercises can be performed in the browser. The course instructor will walk you through Ansible Inventory, Playbooks, Variables, Modules, Loops, Conditionals, and Roles.

What do you need to get started?

  • Linux administration skills on a basic level

Key Features

  • Learn to build Ansible Inventory file
  • Understand the basics of YAML
  • Learn automate provisioning along with web server deployment

Online Course Duration – 2.5 hours
No. of Students Enrolled – 47,000+
Ratings – 4.5/5
Completion Certification – Yes

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9. DevOps: The Big Picture from Pluralsight

In this course, you will learn what DevOps is and how the transition to DevOps takes place. The courses don’t teach you any specific tool or technique, but it gives you a wide picture of DevOps as a concept. If you are looking forward to knowing DevOps conceptually, then this DevOps certification course is for you.

Key Features

  • Know the pain points leading to DevOps
  • Understand common objections, and supporting technologies with respect to DevOps

Online Course Duration – 1 hour 20 mins
Ratings – 4/5
Completion Certification – Yes (For Premium plan users)
Price – Need to purchase account (Personal account charges are 299 USD/year, and Premium account charges are 449 USD/year)

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10. DevOps Practices and Principles from edX

Knowing the core values, practices, and principles can be helpful while implementing DevOps environments and solutions. This course from edX can help you understand the fundamental concepts to dive deeper into DevOps practices. Microsoft offers this free course for the people who wish to learn DevOps practices.

What do you need to get started?

  • Experience of working in development or operation
  • Experience and knowledge of working cloud-based platforms, preferably Microsoft Azure

Key Features

  • Learn to deploy Paas and IaaS in Azure using Desired State Configuration (DSC), ARM templates, and other deployment tools
  • Know how to learn from production to scale and improve business results continuously
  • Understand integration tests, unit tests, UI tests, load tests, and test driven-development
  • Know what is exposure control strategies,  Data retention strategies, and hypothesis-driven development

Online Course Duration – 4 weeks (2-4 hours per week)
Completion Certification – Yes (99 USD for verified certificate)
Price – Free

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11. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

The IT professionals who are working as DevOps engineers for 2-3 years and provisioning, operating, and managing AWS environments can take up this DevOps certification exam. There is AWS training available to help them crack the exam easily. This AWS DevOps certification courses will authenticate the following skills:

  • Designing, managing, and maintaining tools to automate operational processes
  • Managing and implementing methodologies and continuous delivery systems on AWS
  • Implementing and automating governance processes, security controls, and compliance validation
  • Defining and deploying metrics, logging, and monitoring systems on AWS
  • Implementing systems that are scalable, highly available, and self-healing on the AWS Cloud platform

The practice exams are available to help you before taking up the main exam. The charges for the practice exam is 40 USD.

What do you need to apply for certification?

  • Experience of writing code using one high-level programming language
  • Experience in administering operating systems
  • Knowledge of operations processes and methodologies along with modern development
  • Experience of building highly automated infrastructures

Exam Duration – 180 minutes
Exam Price – 300 USD

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12. Certification from DevOps Institute

DevOps institute offers 8 different DevOps certification courses. You can pick the one according to your skills, experience, and knowledge. The below image shows the certification offered by the DevOps Institute.

DevOps Certification courses

Once you register for any specific certification exam, you get a study guide, exam requirements document, sample exam, and glossary. These materials will help you crack the exam easily. After passing the exam, you will get certification along with a completion badge. Each course has a different duration and cost. However, the passing for each course is 65%.

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13. Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert from Microsoft

Microsoft also offers DevOps certification courses for experts. You need to have a prerequisite certificate to give this exam. The following skills are measured with this certification.

  • Designing DevOps strategies
  • Implementing the DevOps development processes
  • Implementing continuous integration and delivery
  • Implementing dependency management
  • Implementing application infrastructure and continuous feedback

There are 2 ways to prepare for this DevOps certification, the paid one is instructor-led, and another is online for free. You can opt for any way which you feel convenient and feasible. The exam is available in English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean languages.

What do you need to apply for certification?

  • Either  Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification or Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certification

Exam Price – 165 USD

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A beginner or newbie can opt DevOps as a career path, or an experienced IT professional can switch their career and be a DevOps engineer. Given the demand, the need for DevOps engineers is increasing day by day. With the above mentioned DevOps certification courses, anyone can get started and launch their career as a DevOps engineer in the IT world.

However, you need to work on your skills, tools, techniques, and processes to be a successful DevOps engineer. Keeping pace with modern technology is a must for any engineer; the online technology courses can help you do that conveniently.