Audio recording is one of the essential services provided by a computer. Users can record sound for various purposes; some might look to record a sound, while others might just want to record a message on Windows 10 audio recorder. This is where the question of how to record audio on Windows 10 arises.

Learn How To Record Audio On Windows 10 In No Time!

In Microsoft Windows, you have a sound recorder called Stereo-Mix recording device with various versions. It is used to record audio playing on your computer itself, but not from an external device like a microphone.

Using the Stereo-Mix feature inbuilt in your Windows, you can also record audio from the computer, audio from any web page, the online music streaming website, or radio station. Without further ado, let’s see how we can record audio using a microphone and from streaming services.

1. How To Record Audio On Windows 10 Using A Microphone

In Windows 10, audio can easily be recorded using the built-in Windows Voice Recorder. However, before we can begin, make sure your laptop or PC has a built-in microphone. If not, you can connect an external microphone to your system.

Once you have connected a microphone, you need to make sure that the microphone is set as the default recording device. Go to Settings from the Start menu.

open settings from start menu
Type Settings in the search bar and click on Open

Then, in the search bar, type Sound, and press the Enter key. Select Sound settings from the search results.

select sound settings
Search for Sound and click on Sound settings

Next, in the Input section, select the microphone as your default device and close the Settings window.

choose your input device for how to record audio on windows 10
Choose your input device from the drop-down menu

Now, open the Windows 10 Voice Recorder from the Cortana search bar.

how to record audio on windows 10 - open voice recorder from start menu
Search for Voice Recorder and click on Open

Select the Record option to start the audio recording.

click on the record button
Click on the Record button to start recording

If you want to stop the recording, click on the square icon in the middle of the window.

click on the square button to stop recording
Click on the Stop button to stop recording

You can also trim the audio by clicking on the Trim option.

select trim option to trim the audio
Click on the Trim option to trim the audio

Now, select the starting and ending points of the audio and click on the Save button to save the audio.

select start and end points and click on save to record audio on windows 10
Select the starting and ending points and click on the Save button

So, in this way, you can record audio on Windows 10. Make sure you save your audio with a proper name for future reference.

2. How to Record Streaming Audio In Windows 10

With the digital age steadily taking over, audio is consumed predominantly through the internet. Hence, downloading songs is the usual norm if you want to have audio files on your phone. You can also listen to songs using audio streaming services, but you have to pay a subscription fee for the same.

Instead of doing that, once you understand how to record audio on Windows 10, you can record streaming audio using the Windows 10 sound recorder.

To do so, Search and open Change sound settings in the search bar.

oen change system sounds
Search Change system sounds and click on Open

Right-click the Stereo Mix option and select Enable.

Note: Make sure your Windows computer has Stereo Mix Support; not all Windows computers have this feature.

enable stereo mix
Enable the Stereo Mix

Open your Start menu and go to its search box, type Sound Recorder (without quotes) and hit Enter.

open voice recorder from start menu
Search for Voice Recorder and click on Open

Open your web browser and navigate to the site where you want to record audio from.

Then, follow the same process of how to record audio on Windows 10 as given in the first method using the Windows Voice Recorder.

Best Ways To Save Streamed Audio

There are various sources for audio streaming; and each kind of streaming service can be recorded using different applications.

These tools record the sound that comes out of your sound card. A free tool like Streamosaur can help you record streamed audio online.

Using Internet Radio Stations

If you wish to capture audio and learn how to record audio that is being broadcasted and live-streamed from radio stations, you can use internet radio recorder tools like RadioSure Free or Jobee. You will have to download and install these tools for recording streamed audio. The user interface of these tools is very simple, and they have an easy learning curve.

Recording Audio From Youtube Videos

Youtube is a predominantly used application when it comes to streaming audio. Users generally use it to listen to songs, but it costs considerable internet data. For those who want to record audio, you can use tools like GenYouTube, which is a browser extension used for recording audio from the internet. It works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari browsers respectively. MediaHuman’s YouTubetoMP3 can also record audio streaming from the internet.

Is It Legal To Record Streaming Audio?

This is a cause of concern for many users who wish to know how to record audio in Windows 10. If you are creating a digital file of copyrighted audio, that definitely falls in the ‘illegal’ zone. However, you can still do it, provided that you don’t share the digital file with other users. Make sure you keep such recorded audio files only for personal use and not commercial or sharing purposes.

Final Thoughts

Does Windows 10 have an audio recorder? Well, the Windows Video Recorder is used to record sound for both the methods. Sound recording is one of the most important features provided by the Windows operating system. It enables users to record any kind of sound using a PC or a laptop. You can record sound using a microphone or else capture audio from a streaming device.

If you are recording your sound, make sure your microphone is the default recording device. If not, you can set it to default and then start recording. Once you learn how to record audio on Windows 10, you will be able to voice and also various types of audio. Users can do that provided they have to make a few minor changes in the sound settings. You can easily record it and save to listen later without any third-party tools.

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