Wikipedia is the biggest encyclopedia comprising 53 million articles and 1.5 billion visitors per month. Well, creating a wiki-like Wikipedia can be a dream of many of us. For the ones looking for how to make a wiki, you can create a wiki manually and also use third-party tools.

The process of creating a wiki is easy and convenient. If you are a beginner, we recommend free third-party tools. And if you are experienced professionals who wish to share knowledge with the world, then you can opt for paid tools or make it manually.

Do-It-Yourself: How to Make a Wiki On Your Own

To create a website like Wikipedia or your encyclopedia, follow the simple steps mentioned below to get started.

Step 1: Buy A Good Domain Name Representing Your Brand

First and foremost, you need a domain name that is nothing but a URL on which users will visit. Use any of the good domain registrars like Namecheap or Godaddy to get a perfect domain for yourself or your organization.

You must take care of this step as your domain name will represent you in the market while branding and making people aware of your website’s existence.

Step 2: Get A Good Website Hosting Server

When you have created a huge amount of content, it must be alive on the internet 24×7 for people to access it anytime. To be on the web all the time, you just need a server host that will do the needful for you.

A server host will monitor your content and make sure that your website has a specific place on the Internet. Well, there are some free hosts available, but then you have to compromise your privacy and security as free things are often uncertain and may be unreliable.

Bluehost is a paid host that is esteemed, secure, and reliable and makes sure that your data is 24×7 safe on the web.

Step 3: Get Your Website On WordPress

Since its launch, WordPress has created a storm in the market, allowing every second person to create his website without knowing a single line of code. It is one of the best Content Management platforms where it’s easier to add and customize the content while meeting every tiny requirement of the website.

There are a lot of plugins to use within WordPress. There is a plugin available for each task, whether you want to customize the theme or analyze your SEO parameters. Moreover, there are various WordPress themes available that help you to create a Wikipedia-inspired website.

Wikilogy is one such tool that is blended with all sorts of features that will aid in making a website that has a similar layout and approach like Wikipedia.

How to Make a Wiki using Third-party tools

However, if this way doesn’t seem perfect for you, then you can opt for third-party tools to help you make a wiki of your own. There are many free tools available that can help people learn and understand how to make a wiki.

The tools help you with creating a wiki-like page from scratch. You can check out all tools, look for prices, and then finalize one tool to start your own Wikipedia. Some sites also provide documentation on how to make a wiki, which you can refer to for help.

1. MediaWiki


There are a number of reasons for MediaWiki being a great platform to create a wiki or have an encyclopedia of your own. MediaWiki is free and open-source server-based software, which was originally used by Wikipedia, but now it supports multiple other projects.

You need security software or malware removal tools in your system to use MediaWiki because the software is exposed to the Internet all time. And with the exposure comes the risk of bugs and security problems.

Features We Liked

  • Powerful and Scalable software which can be customized as per our needs
  • Contains wikitext format, so editor don’t require HTML and CSS knowledge to edit the content
  • Gives you the option of full customization, including changing skin colors. You can have a look at the full list of extensions that MediaWiki supports
  • Can support website with large traffic like Wikipedia
  • Stores page history, so it becomes easy to revert to the previous version of the page if needed

Recommended for – High traffic wiki websites. If you have a small website with disk space and memory restrictions or have a blog or forum, then MediaWiki is not recommended

Price – Free

Create your Wiki with MediaWiki

2. SlimWiki

2 slimwiki wiki maker

If you want to create a wiki that is easy to manage, SlimWiki is the one that fits the bill the best. Available in free and paid versions allow new companies to choose something that is pocket friendly.

The free version allows three users to use SlimWiki with 1GB storage and HipChatSlack integration. Whereas, the paid version unlocks features like getting a customized domain, additional admins, 4GB storage, and much more.

Features We Liked

  • Provides beautiful layout and professionally designed templates to enhance your page
  • Drag and drop placement features bring ease in handling contents
  • Shows page history, which makes it easy to know who in the team made the changes and also revert the changes if required
  • Data is secured all the time, and you can also choose who can see the content in your organization
  • Provides you an option of only paying for the number of people you have in your company

Recommended for – Small and large companies with 3 to 250 users

Price – Free Version available for 3 users, Paid Version charges 20 USD/month for 3 users. The charges increase with an increase in the number of users.

Create your Wiki with SlimWiki

3. Wikidot


Since its launch in 2006, Wikidot wiki maker has become a popular name when someone considers making a wiki page. You don’t need to know PHP, Javascript, or any other coding languages when you have Wikidot working for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are creating your personal site or your company’s website, Wikidot helps you stay ahead. The free version gets you 5 sites with 300 MB storage for each and is only available for high-quality, approved websites.

Features We Liked

  • Provides safety and security to your data by using the top-quality hardware for their servers
  • Get hosting and storage on Wikidot servers
  • The number of pages on your website does not count in storage; this gives you freedom of having n number of pages
  • Allows you to manager usage and permissions within your organization
  • Customizable domain

Recommended for – Small and large organizations and companies. You can also have blogs, forums along with the Wiki page for your company.

Price – Free Version, Paid version starts from USD 49.90 for 10 members to USD 239.90 USD for unlimited members

Create your Wiki with Wikidot

4. Tiki


Tiki is the free and open-source web application available with an extensive range of features. When you use this tool to make a Wiki page, what you will really like about this platform is its WYSIWYG editor.

You can deliver a broad range of web applications with the help of Tiki. It is a tool that will provide you with flexibility and customization options with its in-built features. There is no need to install add-ons, extensions, and other downloads to explore all of its features.

Features We Liked

  • Provides over 1500 features
  • Cross-platform support
  • Easy to install, configure, and upgrade
  • It is adaptable
  • Can be used for Wiki pages, trackers, blogs, surveys, polls, and forums

Recommended for  – Businesses, government, nonprofits and personal use for a broad range of web applications

Price – Free

Make a Wiki with Tiki

5. DokuWiki

5 dokuwiki wikipedia sample

Simplicity accompanying versatility is what DokuWiki speaks of its interface. It is one of the great options when it comes to choosing a wiki software. It is easy to install and use, device-independent, free, and open-source that altogether makes this tool worth exploring when you want to make a wiki or encyclopedia.

The user interface of DokuWiki is built for anyone who wishes to make a wiki without any technical expertise.

Features We Liked

  • Clean and readable syntax
  • Easy to install, use, and maintain
  • Backup and integration is an easy process
  • Access controls are built-in
  • A large number of plugins supported
  • Support 50 languages
  • Has a variety of use cases

Recommended For – Corporate knowledge base, Private notebook, Software manual, Project workspace, CMS – intranet

Price – Free

Create your Wiki with DokuWiki

6. Foswiki


Foswiki deserves a special mention when considering platforms to create a wiki because this is where you and your team members can be on the same page while editing the content.

Its built-in text editor is a bit similar to WYSIWYG, so while editing, you know how it will appear overall. Every page is customizable, where you can set the preferred layout for each section.

Features We Liked

  • Allows you to enter macros for automation
  • 200 actively maintained extensions
  • Create programmable pages
  • Free and user friendly
  • Provides compatibility with TWiki

Recommended For – Projects, teams, and businesses

Price – Free

Make a Wiki with Foswiki

7. PmWiki

7 pmwiki how to create wikipedia page

PmWiki is another content management system for a great collection and management of websites. The pages of PmWiki look like normal web pages, except you have an “edit”  feature that lets you modify the website’s contents whenever you want.

You can have complete control over your website’s look and feel by using various skins and HTML templates. You also have control over who can edit the page with PmWiki

Features We Liked

  • Create your template and skin for your page
  • Get access control
  • Easy to install, maintain, and customize
  • Supports plugins
  • Restore links are available to restore the page to previous versions
  • Free

Recommended For – Anyone who want to create and maintain websites

Price – Free

Create your Wiki with PmWiki

8. XWiki


XWiki renders an exclusive open-source platform to create a wiki for developing projects with a WYSIWYG editor for free. It offers a generic platform to develop collaborative applications and projects with the help of the wiki paradigm.

You can create macros and applications to extend the capability of the wiki with the help of structured data and in-page scripting.

Features We Liked

  • Provide support for 600+ extensions
  • Multiple color themes and skins
  • Light and powerful
  • Offers powerful wiki syntax
  • A unique set of applications
  • Advanced search

Recommended For – Knowledgebase, collaborative intranet, public website, and business applications

Price – Free

Create your Wiki with XWiki

9. TWiki

9 twiki create a wiki

TWiki is a two-in-one source that you can use as an intranet as well as an internet website. It is used by millions of people in over 100 countries.

Every web page of TWiki has an “edit”  link at the bottom so that the changes or addition can be made quickly and easily right from the browser. TWiki is used by popular names that also include gems like Motorola and SAP.

Features We Liked

  • Supports multiple plugins
  • Allows developers to create their own plugins via TWiki Plugin API.
  • Can be used to create web applications
  • Provides access control
  • Get email notifications when anything is changed

Recommended For –  run a project development space, a knowledge base, and a document management system, and develop web applications

Price – Free

Make a Wiki with TWiki

10. TiddlyWiki

8 tiddlywiki how to make a wiki

TiddlyWiki is a nonlinear notebook that can help you capture, organize, and share information with your teammates and friends. It is more like a personal wiki, which can be customized as per your choice. It is easy to use and install, unlike other complex Wikipedia third-party tools.

You can make your own flexible and responsive website using this tool. It is a single page application wiki that can be stored on your computer, cloud, or exchanged via emails. There are many documents on how to make a wiki using TiddlyWiki on their site.

Features We Liked

  • Free and open-source
  • Easy to use
  • Allows reuse of contents in form tiddlers
  • Allows you to choose where your data can reside

Recommended For – Keeping notes, noting down anything, recipe books, plan an essay or novel

Price – Free

Create your Wiki with TiddlyWiki

Final Thoughts

When you want to make a wiki, you have a number of options available right from doing everything manually to opting for third-party tools for help. However, you have to choose a reliable source when it comes to hosting servers and third-party tools.

With the advent of some excellent services like WordPress, MediaWiki, Bluehost, PmWiki, TiddlyWiki, it has become easier and cheaper to have your wiki website. Also, the free tools help many students and beginners get started with website building at an early age. The above guide explains how to make a wiki in a simple way.

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