Update: AVG LiveKive has been discontinued.

Instead, Read how you can get 100GB cloud storage for free.

With all the free and paid cloud storage choices, which are the most secure? Well, AVG is a pretty good company to trust with your files. After all, they do have a great anti-virus software. Not many people know they have a free 5 GB cloud storage option too called LiveKive.

The premise is like that of many other cloud storage services. You can keep you’re local files backed up on a cloud server in case there is a disaster on your computer. All of the basic features are available (a restore option, cross platform apps, etc.)

Each of the services have their pros and cons. If you have specific needs that your current cloud storage provider is not meeting, take a look here at some of the different features you get from AVG LiveKive.

How LiveKive differs

The main reason LiveKive is different from services like Dropbox, SkyDrive is the interface. LiveKive is a bit more involved. By that I mean you have can automatically choose file types to backup or ignore.

livekive-what to sync

Having this option is pretty great if you are more worried about your pictures than any documents you may have or vice versa.

Also, one option I haven’t really seen before, is the choice to backup your desktop. Usually it is whatever you drag into the cloud sync folder. Things on your Desktop are there for a reason. Moving those files to a different folder would make it harder to access the things you use most.

Other Noteworthy Features

A range of backup schedules to suit your needs. You have the options of Automatic to every 48 hours.

livekive-sync schedule

There is a free version of LiveKive that offers 5 gb of cloud storage for free. This is more than offered by several of the popular cloud storage options out there. At the time of writing, AVG is giving you a free trial of the unlimited plan for 30 days. If you want to really put it through a rigorous test, you have 30 days to work it hard.


There are options to share files called ShareRooms. These are similar to shared folders like other services have. The ShareRooms are password protected folders that you can share with other users. You can also choose how often the information in these folders is synced independently from the other folders.

livekive-share room

Mobile Access

The mobile application is different than that of some of the other cloud storage choices. LiveKive lets you select favorite files. This may seem like a trivial feature, but if you think about it, there are a few files you access regularly. Having access to your favorites will save some clicking through folders to find what you need each time.

You can access your LiveKive storage from your iOS device or Android device (update: No longer available) applications.


There are a lot of choices out there for cloud storage. One may be better for you because of the individual features or how it interacts with the devices you use. LiveKive lets you access your information from all of the popular spots and gives you quite a few ways to customize what syncs and how often, plus 5gb is more than a lot of the competitors.

Download LiveKive for your computer

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