JavaScript, also known as JS, is the scripting language used to make your website or web app interactive. It is one of the essential languages in web development along with HTML and CSS. You can add life to the annoying static webpage with JavaScript, and many who wish to enter the web development field opt for professional JavaScript certification and courses.

People get confused between JavaScript and Java. But both have different purposes and differ in terms of design and syntax. There is no relation between these two languages except having a similar name. If you are looking for JavaScript certification courses, this is the right place to find it.

Why Opt For JavaScript Certification Courses

Many reasons make JavaScript famous among students and professionals in the IT or precisely web development field. One of the most important goals is to create interactive websites. In simpler terms, JavaScript can add animation, respond to the user’s interaction, and make the website dynamic.

You can get started with JavaScript without any development setup, as all the browsers have inbuilt JavaScript engines to execute the JavaScript code. This language is used in smart TVs, IoT, and mobile app development as well. So, its reach is beyond web development nowadays. Initially, JavaScript was developed and used for client-side coding, but now with Node.js, you can also use it for server-side programming.

The career potential with JavaScript is skyrocketing because of its versatility and ease of learning. You can learn advanced languages like JSON, Node.js, and AngularJS once you know JavaScript. The other technology courses, when taken with JavaScript, can add to your resume and increase your knowledge.

Professional JavaScript Certification To Choose From

Certificates always add authenticity to your skills and knowledge. The below mentioned JavaScript certification courses could help you stand out in the crowd of job seekers. However, before giving any certification exams, it is always recommended to be well-versed in the exam syllabus.

If you are not prepared with JavaScript concepts, we recommend you jump to JavaScript courses and certification section first and get thorough knowledge of concepts related to it.

1. Exam 98-382: Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript from Microsoft


You can give this certification exam from Microsoft if you know how to write and recognize JavaScript code correctly. It is one of the best JavaScript certification courses. If you are opting for this exam, then you should know how to write a JavaScript program for any given problem.

There is no prerequisite exam for this certification. However, it is expected that you have 100 hours of hands-on experience with JavaScript. There is no retirement for this certification; it is valid until the day you want. The languages available for this exam are English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), French, German, and Korean.

Required skills for the exams

  • Knowledge of JavaScript methods, operators, and keywords
  • Understanding of data types, variables, and functions
  • Know how to implement loops and analyze decisions
  • knowledge of DOM interaction
  • HTML forms

Price – USD 127

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2. JavaScript Certification from W3Schools

You require skills and knowledge of JavaScript and HTML DOM to take this certification exam from W3Schools. The review will consist of 70 multiple choice or true/false questions, and you will have 70 minutes to complete. To pass this exam, you will require 75% marks, and if you get above 95%, you will get an Excellency Degree notation on the certificate.

There is an option to give two exams in one fee, and the best from the two will be selected. It allows you to take another exam if you fail or score less than expected. The questions will be based on JavaScript tutorials, quizzes, and exercise available on the W3Schools site.

Price – USD 95

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3. Javascript Certification from International JavaScript Institute

Experts in this field design the JavaScript Certification from International JavaScript Institute. It is one of the best JavaScript certification courses to opt for. The certification will require you to have advanced JavaScript skills and knowledge. You can prove your programming skills and competences by giving the exam.

To crack the exam, you should know the important concepts of JavaScript core and client-side programming. The exam consists of 70 questions, and you have 90 minutes to complete it. The passing marks for the exam are 70%.

Required skills for the exams

  • Knowledge of programming principles
  • Understanding of keywords, syntax, data types, control structures, expressions, and operators
  • Knowledge of JavaScript numbers, strings, arrays, indexed collections, and functions
  • Expertise in prototype-based object-oriented programming, objects, and classes
  • Knowledge of JavaScript in the web browser, browser environment, DOM, events, and JavaScript web APIs

Price – € 70

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4. Exam 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

People who wish to give this exam should have at least 1 year of experience in developing an event-driven, object-based programming model and programming essential business logic for a variety of application types, software, and hardware platforms with the help of JavaScript.

The exam is available in English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, and Portuguese (Brazil). And there is no retirement date for this exam currently.

Required skills for the exams

  • Skills in managing events and program flows
  • Knowledge of asynchronous programming, arrays, and collection
  • Experience of working with data collections including JQuery
  • Handling exceptions and errors and data validations
  • Experience of variables, operators, and expressions
  • Working with methods and prototypes
  • Knowledge of decision and iteration statements

Price – USD 165

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5. JavaScript Developer I from Trailhead


The intended audience for the Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I certification are the professionals who implement front-end and back-end both for the web. You need to earn the Lightning Web Components Specialist Superbadge and the passing marks for the certification exam to get the JavaScript Developer 1 certification.

There are 60 MCQs and 105 minutes to complete the certification exam. And the passing score is 65%.

Required skills for the exams

  • Designing, developing, and testing solutions that are performant, maintainable, and re-usable
  • Knowledge of data types, operators, string, type conversion, and data structures
  • Understanding of functions, classes, modules, and events
  • Error handling, debugging, and testing
  • Knowledge of asynchronous programming
  • Server-side JavaScript

Price – USD 200 + taxes

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Best JavaScript Courses and Certifications To Begin With

If you don’t wish to opt for professional certifications or lack the skills required to pass the certification exam, you can first take up relevant courses. Some JavaScript courses also provide certificates of completion, which can add credibility to your resume and portfolio. You can also opt for a free course if you just wish to learn JavaScript without spending money.

1. The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: Build Real Projects from Udemy

To master the concepts of JavaScript, you can take up this course from Udemy. The JavaScript course covers all the programming fundamentals, from basics to advanced. You will know how the JavaScript works behind the scene and also gain confidence in using it in your projects. There are such prerequisites for this course; any beginner can quickly get started.

Optional knowledge to excel in this course

  • Basic understanding of HTML
  • Basic knowledge of CSS

Key Features

  • Learn variables, if/else, boolean logic, functions, loops, arrays, and many more JavaScript programming fundamentals
  • Understand the concept of asynchronous JavaScript
  • Implement three real-world projects
  • Learn NPM, Babel, Webpack, and ES6 modules

Online Course Duration – 28 hours

No. of Students Enrolled – 329,814+

Ratings – 4.6/5

Completion Certification – Yes

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2. Intro to JavaScript from Udacity

You can take up this free course from Udacity to understand and learn the basic skills of JavaScript. As this is a free course, you won’t get any JavaScript certification once you finish it. This course can be taken by beginners to clear the basics so that they can later opt for advanced courses.

Key Features

  • Understand the JavaScript fundamentals
  • Learn data types, variables, and conditional statements
  • Know how to execute loops in JavaScript
  • Learn the concepts of arrays and objects

Online Course Duration – 2 weeks

Price – Free

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3. HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers from Coursera

If you don’t know HTML and CSS and wish to learn it along with JavaScript, then taking up this course is recommended. Johns Hopkins University offers this course on the Coursera platform. There are 5 modules in this course, and once you finish all of them along with the graded assignments, you will get a certificate.

Key Features

  • Learn all the basics tools required to build a website
  • Build modern web pages by HTML and CSS
  • Learn how to rearrange and resize components based on the user’s device
  • Know how to use Ajax for server-side programming

Online Course Duration – 26 hours

No. of Students Enrolled – 300,000+

Ratings – 4.8/5

Completion Certificate – Yes

Price – 79 USD

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4. CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript from Harvard University

You can learn a combination of Python and JavaScript for web development with this free course from Harvard University. The course covers different languages and frameworks required to build web apps and websites. You are required to have some prior experience and knowledge in any programming language in order to understand the course in a better way.

Key Features

  • Learn Flask, Django, and Bootstrap frameworks
  • Know how to design database using SQL
  • Add security features to the website
  • Manage project versions via Git
  • Learn the concepts of HTML and CSS
  • Know how to implement web apps using Python and JavaScript

Online Course Duration – 12 weeks (6-9 hours per week)

Completion Certification – Yes ( USD 149 for verified certificate)

Price – Free

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5. Modern JavaScript From The Beginning from Udemy


If you are a person who doesn’t like to rely on frameworks and libraries, you should take up one of the best JavaScript certification courses from Udemy. The course instructor teaches complete pure JavaScript language from basics. It is a modern JavaScript tutorial provided by Udemy. Ten projects can help you polish your skills and learn the concepts better in the entire course.

The required knowledge to get started.

  • Basic knowledge and understanding of HTML and CSS

Key Features

  • Learn asynchronous programming with Fetch API, Ajax, Promises and Async/Await
  • Understand patterns in JavaScript
  • Know what is OOP including ES5 prototypes & ES2015 classes
  • Gain knowledge of error handling, regular expressions, and local storage
  • Learn and master DOM without using jQuery

Online Course Duration – 21.5 hours

No. of Students Enrolled – 65,273+

Ratings – 4.7/5

Completion Certification – Yes

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6. Working with JavaScript and WordPress from Pluralsight

People who are already working and developing websites using WordPress can sometimes struggle with JavaScript related issues. The course from Pluralsight will help you use JavaScript with WordPress smoothly.

If you wish to incorporate JavaScript into your website and make it attractive, you should enroll in it. You need some prior knowledge to understand the course.

Skills and knowledge required to get started

  • Basics of WordPress
  • Knowledge of JavaScript
  • Basics of jQuery and Php

Key Features

  • Learn to add JavaScript to your WordPress website by avoiding pitfalls
  • Know how to send data between JavaScript and WordPress
  • Work with WordPress Rest API
  • Learn to reduce the JavaScript file size to make your website less bulky

Online Course Duration – 1 hour 42 mins

Ratings – 5/5

Completion Certification – Yes

Price – Need to purchase account (Personal account charges are 299 USD/year, and Premium account charges are 449 USD/year)

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7. JavaScript & jQuery from Noble Desktop

You can start learning JavaScript from scratch by taking up this course from Noble Desktop. The course starts with the fundamentals of JavaScript and then teaches the concepts of jQuery in detail. You need to have basic web development knowledge to understand this course.

You can take up web development courses to learn the prerequisites. The course can be done live online or in-person in NYC.


  • Experience and knowledge of HTML and CSS

Key Features

  • Add interactivity and animation to your websites by using JavaScript code
  • Learn to implement animated slideshows
  • Learn variables, loops, functions, and other basics of JavaScript language
  • Know how to use jQuery in your websites
  • Add common functionality directly by using jQuery plugins
  • Learn to build animated image enlargers
  • Know how to show and hide different contents on your website

Online Course Duration – 18 hours

Price – USD 975

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8. Interactivity with JavaScript from Coursera

If you already know basic web development using HTML and CSS, you should opt for this course to learn some advanced parts. You can add interactivity to your web pages by learning JavaScript taught in this course.

The University of Michigan offers the course. It is a short course that will cover the basics for you so that you can then take up advanced JavaScript certification courses.

Languages to know before enrolling in the course

  • Basic understanding of HTML
  • Basics of CSS

Key Features

  • Learn variables, functions, and loops in JavaScript
  • Gain little knowledge of debugging tools
  • Identify and modify a specific part of the page using Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Dynamically alter and style your web page
  • Build a web page that can take the user input and also verify it

Online Course Duration – 11 hours

No. of Students Enrolled – 108,039+

Ratings – 4.7/5

Completion Certificate – Yes

Price – 7 days free trial and then 49 USD/month

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9. Programming for the Web with JavaScript from edX

The course covers modern web development using JavaScript. You will learn modern web frameworks and component-based libraries to develop web applications and websites efficiently. The beginners cannot enroll in this course, as there is some prior knowledge required.

You can take up this free course and learn how to use JavaScript programming for server-side programming using Node.js. The course is offered by the University of Pennsylvania.

Knowledge required to get started

  • Computer programming knowledge like variables, control flow, and functions
  • Familiarity with core data structures

Key Features

  • Learn how the world wide web is involved in sending and receiving web contents
  • Understand the concepts of DOM and jQuery
  • Build dynamic and interactive web pages using JavaScript
  • Learn client-side JavaScript frameworks and libraries

Online Course Duration – 4 weeks (6-8 hours per week)

No. of Students Enrolled – 86,469+

Completion Certification – Yes ( USD 149 for verified certificate)

Price – Free

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10. Learn JavaScript from Codecademy

JavaScript for web development

One of the best JavaScript certification courses from Codecademy, to learn the fundamentals. The knowledge and skills gained in this course can be applied to any field which uses JavaScript. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Key Features

  • Learn programming fundamentals
  • Understand basic object-oriented programming concepts
  • Know what Promises and Async-Await are in JavaScript
  • Understand asynchronous JavaScript properties
  • Learn to call various APIs to get your work done
  • Create projects to showcase your learned skills

Online Course Duration – 30 weeks

Completion Certificate – Yes

Price – 7 days free trial and then USD 39.99/month

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11. CSS & JavaScript – Certification Course for Beginners from Udemy

The course from Udemy covers CSS and JavaScript concepts from scratch. You can build beautiful, attractive, and dynamic websites with the help of this course. The course is divided into two sections, CSS and JavaScript. There are no specific prerequisites for this course; all you need is basic computer knowledge.

Key Features

  • Know CSS rules and its types
  • Build a responsive website using CSS
  • Know where should be JavaScript placement
  • Learn JavaScript variables, constants, and arithmetic operators
  • Understand loops, functions and operator precedence in JS

Online Course Duration – 3 hours

No. of Students Enrolled – 53,986+

Ratings – 4.2/5

Completion Certification – Yes

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12. JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON from Coursera

You can learn JavaScript concepts from scratch in this course. The course teaches how JavaScript supports object-oriented programming patterns. The course is not designed for complete beginners and needs you to have some knowledge of web development. You can also learn the basics of jQuery with this course from the University of Michigan.

Skills required to get started

  • Building web applications
  • Knowledge to build database applications

Key Features

  • Get familiar with jQuery library
  • Learn about DOM and event handling
  • Know how the data is exchanged between server and browser using JSON syntax

Online Course Duration – 26 hours

No. of Students Enrolled – 41,075 +

Ratings – 4.6/5

Completion Certificate – Yes

Price – 7 days free trial and then 49 USD

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13. Intro to Javascript from Flatiron School

With the free course from Flatiron School, you can learn JavaScript for free and master its concepts. The course includes JavaScript tutorials and exercises for beginners who don’t have prior knowledge or programming experience.

The course starts with the basics and then covers the advanced part of JavaScript. Even though the course is free, you get on-demand support from Flatiron School, whenever required.

Key Features

  • Learn JavaScript functions and scope
  • Understand the concepts of loops and data structures
  • Get familiar with DOM and jQuery
  • Build projects like Rock Dodger and Konami Code
  • Demonstrate your coding skills by doing projects

Online Course Duration – 50+ hours

Price – Free

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14. Modern JavaScript (from Novice to Ninja) from Udemy

You can start learning JavaScript from scratch with this course and then master it as the course progresses. Although you don’t require any prior JavaScript experience or knowledge, there are some minimal prerequisites for this course. The course instructor teaches the latest JavaScript specifications, which can help you maintain good coding standards.

The required knowledge to enroll in the course

  •  Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge of creating a static web page

Key Features

  • Implement real-world front-end applications using JS
  • Learn to use modern workflow like Babel and Webpack
  • Know how to make the most out of any third-party data by using APIs
  • Learn to work with prototypes and classes
  • Store, retrieve and update application’s data by using real-time databases

Online Course Duration – 19 hours

No. of Students Enrolled – 13,150+

Ratings – 4.8/5

Completion Certification – Yes

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15. JavaScript Best Practices from Pluralsight

Once you learn JavaScript concepts, you need to follow the best practices to avoid issues with the JavaScript code. This course from Pluralsight teaches you how to identify and prevent common problems encountered while coding using JavaScript. The course covers best practices that can prevent JavaScript’s problem spots.

Key Features

  • Know which are best practices for syntax
  • Learn about strict mode and other behavioral problems of JavaScript
  • Understand the concept of structural components
  • Learn server-side programming – Node.js

Online Course Duration – 2 hours 39 mins

Ratings – 4.5/5

Completion Certification – Yes

Price – Need to purchase account (Personal account charges are 299 USD/year, and Premium account charges are 449 USD/year)

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16. JavaScript Classes from CourseHorse

best JavaScript certification courses

You can find many classes and Bootcamp for JavaScript on the CourseHorse website. The courses can be taken live online or in-person in New York. There are some courses which include ReactJS or Ajax with JavaScript. You can opt for the one depending on what you want to learn in the class.

Every course has different pricing depending on the syllabus it covers. To join any class, you need to book it priorly according to the dates convenient for you. You earn points for each course you take, that can be later redeemed while booking the next course.

Check out JavaScript Classes on CourseHorse website


Online platforms help you to take any course at any time without affecting your routine. If you wish to learn JavaScript for web development, you can opt for web development courses once you finish JavaScript concepts. This will help you understand the concepts related to web development in a better way.

The skills and knowledge gained from JavaScript certification courses can help you apply those skills in other fields as well.  With the help of the above list, the beginners and experienced professionals both learn JavaScript from scratch. You can also give professional certification exams mentioned in the article to add credibility to the acquired knowledge.