loopcam-logoRemember those animated GIFs before the Flash interactive webpages came in? Back then, having a GIF on a website was pretty cool. Not everybody managed to create a GIF though, since creating one takes some time and needs a special software.

But today, you can quickly create animated GIF images easily – Thanks to the iPhone and an app called Loopcam.


Introduction to Loopcam iPhone App

Loopcam is a free GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) creator app for iPhone. As such it allows you to create animated GIF images using sequences of pictures combined to create an animated effect. But what will you do with those animated GIFs if you can embed YouTube videos on your sites and blogs easily? In other words, what’s the purpose of Loopcam?

Well, being an iPhone app in today’s era of photo sharing among friends via mobile phone and social networks, Loopcam naturally comes with a social sharing feature. It allows you to instantly share GIF you’ve created using your iPhone with your friends on various social profiles. It also has the option to send the GIFs via email. However you look at it – creating GIFs is a lot of fun – especially if you get creative!

Using Loopcam iPhone App to Create Animated GIF Images

One thing you’ll appreciate about Loopcam is the fact that it makes the task of creating animated GIFs easy and fun. And what’s more, you don’t have to collate pictures that you’ll animate because you can take several photos using your iPhone camera and convert them right away into animated GIFs.

Screenshots of Loopcam - camera view

To do this, download the app from the App Store, install and launch it right away. The app will open up with your iPhone camera activated, waiting for you to tap on the shutter button and capture up to 50 pictures or less.

Screenshots of Loopcam Sharing and Settings

After you’ve taken enough pictures, Loopcam will instantly save and convert those pictures into animated GIF.  After the GIF is created, you can then add description and tags and then share it via Loopc.am, Twitter, or Facebook.

To avoid delay, you might want to log in to the mentioned social networking sites via the app’s settings so that you won’t be prompted to log in later on. The app also saves the GIF you’ve created and you can access it later at any time.

Screenshots of Loopcam iPhone app - library

Finally, the app also lets you shoot fast or slow depending on how you want your GIF to be rendered. Fast gives your animated GIF a smoother loop while slow makes the loop choppier.

Is the Loopcam App for You?

For its novelty and sole purpose of being a GIF creator, we couldn’t help but recommend this app (it’s free for a limited time anyway). Since photo-sharing is hot today, Loopcam offers a new way of sharing photos using an old graphics standard.

Seriously, for reviving a previously popular thing and giving it a new lease of life, Loopcam definitely deserves a download. If you take the app seriously and create amusing or hilarious animated GIFs, you’ll appreciate the developer’s intention in releasing this app. Of course, there are other iPhone apps which probably do it better but the fact that Loopcam has a social sharing feature and a dedicated presence for all Loopcam images takes it ahead of other similar apps.

Finally, to make you appreciate how this app works, here’s a sample Loopcam GIF that we’ve created. It’s the Android Robot Vs. Mario – Who do you think will be the winner?

Sample Loopcam animated GIFs

Download the Loopcam iOS app.

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