The best idle games for Android can be very different from what you have played till now. The idle genre includes games with simple mechanics and varying game styles. Popular idle games are a great way to use your Android device for mobile gaming, even if you don’t want to involve too much in the game. Casual mobile gamers love playing idle or incremental games while working or listening to music in the background.

Acquiring resources, constructing buildings, and combating warriors; the theme ranges from simple to complex and is based on quick reactions and finger clicks. Also known as a clicker for Android, the best idle games on Android progress effectively, even if you are inactive for a long time. Divided attention and minimal effort work just fine while playing mobile idle games. And when you don’t have access to the internet, try the best offline Android games.

21 Best Idle Games For Android For The Best Gameplay Experience

Be it the best board game apps or Android games with controller support, at times, idle games top the list. We’ve scoured the massive expanse of the internet and curated a list of the best idle games for Android. All the incremental games are available for download on the Google Play Store. While playing each mobile game, you perform a simple action to reach a goal or complete a mission. The mechanics revolve around clicking, waiting, upgrading, and repeating. So let’s check out the best idle Android games. If you have an iOS device, check if the best games work.

1. IdleOn

best idle games for Android IdleOn 

IdleOn is an idle game MMO RPG that requires players to be involved in building a guild for all the fun it offers. Many players come together to compete with each other while they aim to complete challenging quests. You may have to confront many unique characters on your way to the goal.

While in the gameplay, you can also enjoy the graphics, which makes the visuals pleasant. You go forward in the game by collecting resources and experience points to stay at the top. Nevertheless, defeating enemies is one thing you have to be good at when involved in games like IdleOn.

Download IdleOn

2. AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist

One of the best idle games for Android that is immensely popular and boasts millions of downloads is AdVenture Capitalist. The gameplay is simple. Players click on the phone screen to earn money and upgrade their business, enabling them to earn more. However, the most exciting part is that there are many things to upgrade.

You can hire and fire employees and do all it takes to ensure your business is growing. You must also aim to attract the maximum number of investors who will help you thrive in your business. The ultimate goal is to have the most profitable dealings. Let’s move from rags to riches by starting from a small lemonade stand and going on to owning a massive multinational conglomerate. 

Download AdVenture Capitalist

3. Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder

If you are looking for the best idle games for Android that require you to build your kingdom and be filthy rich, you must check out Realm Grinder. The role-playing game requires players to build alliances and use their financial strength to make their kingdom grow. You start with a tiny farm and convert it into a vast realm.

More than 12 different factions are available; you can choose anyone to align with. Once together, you develop joint strategies, fight the demons, and hunt for treasures. With thoroughly enjoyable mechanics and super-exciting bonuses, you can trust Realm Grinder to have a great time. 

Download Realm Grinder

4. AFK Arena

AKF Arena best idle games for Android

Popular and full of excellent mechanics, AKF Arena must be included in the best idle games for Android race. Players collect various hero cards, just like you would in a role-playing gacha game. So put your most trusted cards in play when it’s ideal for them to make a move, sit back, and let the heroes win the game for you. 

Choose from a plethora of unique heroes and form your team. You enjoy fun rewards at every stage in this idle clicker game, and there is no dull moment. So, are you ready to fight your enemies by combining heroes and strategizing skills? Remember to collect your rewards in between.

Download AFK Arena

5. Almost a Hero

Almost a Hero

Almost a Hero is a role-playing game with compelling mechanics and exciting gameplay. The incremental clicker game takes you on a daring adventure where you fight against some great heroes and emerge victorious. The battles are thrilling and require you to play like a warrior. You form your team of heroes, participate in quests, and unlock achievements. 

Almost a Hero is one of the best idle games for Android that allow players to witness the magic. You select a magic ring and engage in combat against all the enemies who are a part of the ring. Even if you leave playing the game for some time, you can return and collect rewards for the battles won by your heroes. 

Download Almost a Hero 

6. Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire

The room clicker game Bitcoin Billionaire gained popularity when Bitcoin was in the news. The gameplay is similar to the other best idle games for Android we have listed. Players start the game with multiple clicks on their phone screen and gradually progress toward the idle elements and upgrades.

Your money is mainly spent on investments, and you try to collect additional bonuses and rewards at various points. You start with nothing and go on to build a massive fortune. Even if you’re offline, the game allows earning Bitcoins and indulge in upgrading investments. 

Download Bitcoin Billionaire

7. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a favorite in the best clicker games category and has received various awards. Players select a modern-day room from the multiple options available and build a vault by excavating. Get to know your dwellers, find their perfect jobs, and deliver happiness. You can also train them to polish their skills further.

Do you know how to craft? Well, Fallout Shelter, one of the best idle games for Android, requires you to hone your crafting skills and convert worthless junk into exquisite and functional items. Players can even create a radio room that will catch potential dwellers’ attention so that they can grab them in their team. 

Download Fallout Shelter

8. Idle Theme Park Tycoon

Idle Theme Park Tycoon

If you want the best tycoon games, you must download and play Idle Theme Park Tycoon. You are the master of a fun theme park and ensure everything runs smoothly. Start with a small park and slowly progress towards making it grow and become the wealthiest manager. There is a horror house, various Ferris wheel rides, and roller coasters. 

Once you are good at handling the current amusement park, you must start looking for expansion options. Bring in extra facilities and more fun rides, and also manage the food area wisely. Hire security guards, make visitors happy, and remember to ask them for their valuable feedback.

Download Idle Theme Park Tycoon

9. Clickpocalypse II

Clickpocalypse II

Not as popular as the other best idle games for Android we’ve listed, Clickpocalypse II is not meant for you if you are looking for polished graphics. Nevertheless, the gameplay is entertaining and unique. You create a team of heroes to explore dark dungeons and find useful items. Along the way, you kill the bad guys and upgrade your abilities. 

Unlock new achievements as you progress through the levels, raid dungeons, and loot the treasure. Make sure your characters are upgraded to the best of their abilities. Clickpocalypse II keeps you engaged throughout, and the game is ideal for players who are hunting for competitive and complex idle clicker games. 

Download Clickpocalypse II

10. Cookies, Inc

Cookies, Inc.

Cookies, Inc. requires players to click on cookies, make them, and collect as many as possible. Every cookie that you collect earns you cash. The money thus collected can be used to upgrade your cookie business and make more profits. So work towards your dream and progress from owning a small bakery in the town to being a world-renowned business tycoon.  

Sell millions of cookies and unlock achievements. In addition, you can invite your friends to play the game and participate in competitions to see who’s a bigger cookie hoarder. One of the best idle games for Android, Cookies Inc., offers offline support, so you need not worry about pausing the fun idle game when busy.

Download Cookies Inc.  

11. Egg, Inc.

Egg, Inc.

If you are a fan of this game genre, here is another game called Egg, Inc. You start with a small farm, indulge in a bundle of clicks, and move towards building a giant farm via the profits generated. You can hire talented employees to ensure fast progress. Unlike the other best idle games for Android, Egg, Inc. includes more simulation elements.

You have tons of achievements to unlock and various missions to complete. Egg, Inc boasts some latest augmented reality features, making it one of the best incremental games. There is a leaderboard that keeps a tab of your score. The gameplay is simple and still gives you various opportunities to challenge yourself. 

Download Egg, Inc. 

12. Idle Miner Tycoon

Idle Miner Tycoon

If you think the best idle games for Android are those with standard gameplay and fairly simple rules, Idle Miner Tycoon should be your go-to option. You start with nothing at your disposal, click on the phone screen for some time, upgrade your belongings, and earn stuff that improves your game. You can hire managers for better organization and moving things in your factory. 

There are 20 mines to explore, which store 15 different types of wealthy resources. Use your antics to dig into the treasure and become a millionaire. Idle Miner Tycoon is different in that it boasts decent graphics and gets addictive once you progress in the game. 

Download Idle Miner Tycoon 

13. Medieval: Idle Tycoon

Medieval: Idle Tycoon

One of the best idle games for Android that can be played even without the internet, Medieval: Idle Tycoon, is unmissable. Whoever wants to indulge in playing a passive game and simultaneously slay dragons must definitely install Medieval: Idle Tycoon. You must build a medieval town, expand your kingdom, and emerge as the ultimate king. 

Managing your city well will earn you profits. Complete quests, improve your buildings, and lead your fantasy empire from the front. Every technological upgrade gives you cash and the ability to build gold reserves. Grab the best heroes on your side and be entitled to get bonuses and rewards. 

Download Medieval: Idle Tycoon 

14. Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Feel fascinated by kitties? Then you will definitely want to try one of the best idle games for Android intended to attract animal lovers. Make your yard welcoming with food and things to play with. Before you know it, cats will start visiting your place and enjoy whatever you have kept for them.

The game features over 40 varieties of cats, black, white, and many others. Particular items in your custody will attract rare cats that roam the neighborhood. Watching these special cats interact with the items you got for them is so much fun. So, gather the best food and goodies to be the best kitty collector.

Download Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

15. Idle Apocalypse

Idle Apocalypse

Whether you want to play a tapper game or one of the best idle games for Android, Idle Apocalypse it is. Once in the game, you can do extraordinary things like controlling monsters, running a cult, and more you can never imagine in daily life. Meanwhile, you can make up resources and build the epic tower.

Everything lies in building the best tower that boasts power. Players can have several aims and work for them at the same time. You can keep upgrading the tower, and that’s how the game progresses. It is all about managing your resources and planning strategies to top the game.

Download Idle Apocalypse

16. ZombIDLE


You will find the best idle games for Android revolving around zombies in the Play Store for free. ZombIDLE is one among them that packs intense action in simple game movements. The visuals are so attractive that you will be tempted to stay glued to the screen. But remember to rise and defend your field from zombies while you enjoy the graphics. 

You can get various tools and weapons that help you kill zombies. This rewards you with money, using which you can get more weapons. So, keep killing, collecting money, and gathering weapons, and when you get good at these, you are the winner.

Download ZombIDLE

17. Idle Oil Tycoon

Idle Oil Tycoon

How about playing the best idle games for Android to become the wealthiest oil tycoon in the world? The story begins when you discover oil in your backyard. Then, quite obviously, you trade oil for money, build mansions and rush forward in the game as an enviable oil tycoon who can rule the world.

Remember to upgrade your oil well to keep up with the times. You can expect cash flow from all corners so that you can enjoy life in your private mansion. Invest in new technologies and increase your investments to become unbeatable and stabilize your oil empire.

Download Idle Oil Tycoon

18. Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2

The tough Titan Lords are waiting for you in one of the best idle games for Android. So, are you ready to beat them in over 150,000 levels? You will also come face-to-face with ferocious monsters and enemies, prepared for a fight anytime. Like the Idle Mafia game, the game is undoubtedly an epic adventure to be the ultimate winner.

Tap Titans 2 is an idle RPG  game where you get hold of your sword and start killing Titans without mercy. You can upgrade your sword and do multiplayer raids with players from anywhere in the world. Your final goal is to become the Ultimate Sword Master.

Download Tap Titans 2

19. Idle Farming Empire

Idle Farming Empire

Build the most efficient farming empire in the world in one of the best idle games for Android. But you must plan great investment strategies so your farming business reaches great heights. Whether you want to raise livestock or grow crops is up to you. 

To be a millionaire by running your farming business, you must know a great deal about the most profitable crops and animals. The game has everything you need to master the tactics. While in the game, you can change the look of the farm and have some fun in unique ways.

Download Idle Farming Empire

20. Cats & Soup

Cats & Soup

Time for a cute idle game with lots of furry friends to give you company. Players pass the time in Cats & Soup by raising cats in an animal forest. Interestingly, the cats boil their soup and live peacefully. You will find different varieties of cats here, whom you can customize the way you want.

When you are not playing, the cats cook food and gather resources. You can choose from different sounds and make a playlist to better immerse in the game. Cats & Soup is definitely a game that relaxes you in the middle of your hectic schedule, whether you are a cat parent or not.

Download Cats & Soup

21. RAID: Shadow Legends

RAID: Shadow Legends

With stunning visuals and fantasy, RAID: Shadow Legends is popular as one of the best idle games for Android of all time. You are on a mission to save the world of Teleria. So, appoint the best warriors and train them as a team to excel in combat. Once they are ready, the raid begins.

The warrior teams will fight different kinds of enemies, including dragons. When you are away from the phone, the teams will gain experience to polish their skills. This proves helpful when you return and start the game again. RAID is a turn-based RPG anyone who loves the genre will enjoy.

Download RAID: Shadow Legends

Final Thoughts

Also known as incremental or clicker games, the idle game genre is fast progressing towards becoming a favorite among gamers. Players perform various actions within the game, primarily by multiple clicks on the phone screen, to attain a goal. You can leave these best idle games for Android and focus on your work, and the game goes on with activities and upgrades.

The idle mobile games are great if you are bored at some point and want to make your break time worthwhile. A typical idle game takes very little time, much suited to your busy schedule. The games on the list let you experience the best when it comes to idle category. 

(Article Updated on 15th May 2023)