When it comes to the gaming universe, everyone is pretty familiar with the Playstation Portable (PSP). Developed by Sony Entertainment and launched in December 2004, the little magic piece has become a prized possession. Young adults love it worldwide, with each one looking out for the best PSP games.

PSP is a handheld gaming device that acts as your best friend during your leisure time. You can play countless games on it; the variety of available games means the probability of you getting bored with the PSP is almost equal to nil. Check the list of 57 best PSP games for your Playstation Portable that guarantee enjoyment in your leisure time.

Best PSP RPG Games

Role-playing games are one of the best genres to try out when it comes to PSP games. They can allow you to be a battle-hardened warrior to a cool superhero and unleash your superpowers. Here are the best PSP RPGs that will keep you glued to your PSP for hours!

1. Jeanne d’Arc

jeanne d arc

Developer: Intelligent Systems
Release Year: 2006
Price: $54.95
Mode: Single-player

Jeanne d’Arc is a strategic game that encourages the user to role play. Developed by Level-5, it’s the first RPG of this sort from them. It is regarded as one of the best PSP games of all time.

The game is loosely based on Joan of Arc, a famous freedom fighter in France’s history. The story starts when the Domrery region of the Lorraine region in France is vandalized. Jeanne, Roger, and Liane are the only three survivors following the massacre. Jeanne’s task is to embark on a crusade and defeat the English troops to save her country.

The map acts as a guide and helps you to get further in the game. As you win battles, you will get closer to the final victory.

Check out Jeanne d’Arc

2. Ys Seven

Ys Seven

Developer: Nihon Falcom
Release Year: 2009
Price: $83.98
Mode: Single-player

The Japanese role-playing game Ys Seven is developed and published by Nihon Falcom Corporation.  It is regarded as one of the top PSP games and is all about Adol and Dogi, an adventurous duo. They happen to land in the capital of Altago in this adventure.

Unfortunately, the heroes get thrown into the cells while exploring the town as they are trying to save two sisters who are getting harassed by the local army of Altago, called the Dragon Knights. Adol and Dogi unknowingly set on to save Altago from ancient forces and reunite five tribes who serve the Five Great Dragons – creatures said to be the world’s last hope.

The best thing about the latest version of the game is the change in the role of weapons. The weapons types are used to determine whether the damage is advanced or minimized.

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3. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

kingdom hearts

Developer: Square Enix
Release Year: 2010
Price: $12
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

If you are looking for one of the best PSP games, then this one can be a good contender. It a dash through all the Disney locations of the fairy tales. The Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is the sixth installment in the Kingdom Hearts series and set 10 years before the first installment.

The game is about three protagonists Terraz Ventus, and Aqua – three Keyblade apprentices whose task is to save the three worlds. They are training hard under Master Eraqus to prove that they, too exhibit the Mark of Mastery. The chain of events unfolds when another Keyblade Master, Xehanort, goes missing. All the action comes from using different styles and decks of the Command.

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4. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

shin megami

Developer: Atlus
Release Year: 2009
Price: $225
Mode: Single-player

If action is the one thing you can’t live without when it comes to gaming, you should try out Persona 3 at least once. It can easily be ranked in the top 10 PSP games ever built.

Persona 3 is all about the SEES (Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad) and their fight against the Shadows, who feed on the minds of humans and live in a dark tower called Tartarus. The protagonist is a high-school male student who joins the SEES in their mission to defeat the Shadows. The entire story takes place in the Japanese city of Iwatodei.

The SEES characters can summon a person, which is an inner manifestation of their inner self. Each persona has its strengths and weakness with various abilities that range from offensive and support abilities to passive abilities that support the character.

Persona’s super-exciting gameplay, storyline, and graphics have helped create a lasting impression and legacy in the community.

Check Out Shin Megami Tensei

5. Valkyria Chronicles II

valkyria chronicles

Developer: Cega CS3
Release Year: 2010
Price: $30
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Valkyria Chronicles II is from the most popular Valkyria series and a good PSP game. The game is all about a military group whose primary concern is to stop the attempts of ethnical cleansing of a rebellious group.

Many concepts of the gameplay have been borrowed from Valkyria Chronicles II’s predecessors. The BLITZ system splits the action between the overhead Command mode and Third-person Action mode. All five character classes have also been borrowed from the predecessors, apart from introducing three new classes. From these classes, players can earn experience points and move into more advanced forms.

Upon its release, Valkyria Chronicles II received critical acclaim for its deep gameplay.

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6. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

final fantasy

Developer: Square Enix and TOSE
Release Year: 2007
Price: $24.44
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Final Fantasy is one of the best tactical role-playing PSP games in the market. The second game in the trilogy, War of the Lions, is the journey of protagonist Ramza, who has to choose between safeguarding the throne of Ivalice and the advent of a demonic evil that has started taking over the modern world.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions relies on the four elements that are featured in the Zodiac signs as strengths. Each sign is pitted against an opponent, making it an exciting battle.

It has battles that are fought on a map divided into a grid where you can move the units. It has various obstacles, challenges, and terrain types that push the story forward. The action is most effective when you attack an opponent from the rear and worst when you face the front. The game characters are assigned the zodiac signs, and opposing pairs are more effective against each other.

Check Out The War of Lions

7. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

tactics ogre

Developer: Square Enix and Quest
Release Year: 1995
Price: $30.88
Mode: Single-player

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together was is a sequel of Tactics Ogre: March of the Black Queen and the second installment in the Ogre series.

The story revolves around protagonist Denam Pavel, the son of Abuna Prancet, living in Valeria. The Dark Nights Lothlorien kidnaps Prancet after their town is ransacked, leaving Denam and his little sister Catiua behind. Then, the two and their friend Vyce plan a crusade against the Dark Knights to rescue their father. Simultaneously, he also has to lead the Liberation Army to free Valeria from oppression.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is a turn-based strategy style game where the player builds up a team with various changeable classes.  You will need to rely on your strategic thinking capabilities if you want to plan your wins systematically in this interesting game for PSP!

As a player, you will fight battles on isometric grids and choose everything cleverly since the choices you make will change the fates of enemies and comrades. The game also has a feature called “Warren Report,” which includes the data of the land, people, encounters, and races of Valeria.

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8. The 3rd Birthday

3rd birthday

Developer: Square Enix and Hexadrive
Release Year: 2010
Price: $35
Mode: Single-player

The 3rd Birthday is a PSP game set in 2013 and based on the titular Japanese novel. Unknown creatures called the Twisted have emerged from underground Manhattan and destroyed the city. Counter Twisted Organization (CTI) is formed to stop the Twisted, and one of them is Aya Brea, the protagonist. Aya aims to use her Overdrive ability and alter the results of battles against the Twisted, while also trying to find their origin.

The game’s story moves further in episodes like a television series with multiple events in a sequence. Aya can use multiple guns in combat that includes handguns, assault rifles, and shotguns.

To regenerate health, Aya can hide and take cover behind objects or shield or stand idle outside battle. The game has an energy meter that is charged while in combat, and you can activate it when it is full. It is regarded as one of the best PSP games in the action genre.

Check 3rd Birthday

9. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

crisis core

Developer: Square Enix
Release Year: 2007
Price: $30.42
Mode: Single-player

If real-time war games excite you, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII is one of the best PSP games in the action genre that you should try out. It is a combination of turn-based RPG and action and a prequel of the 1997 game Final Fantasy VII.

Protagonist Zack searches for SOLDIER member and antagonist Genesis Rhapsodos after he has gone missing. In the journey, he also comes to know about Genesis’ origin, Project G, and how it is linked to two other SOLDIERs, Sephiroth and Angeal Hewley

You also get to choose whether Zack wants to move further with the original storyline flow or he will prefer to complete all the missions. Crisis Core garnered praise from gaming experts for its presentation, combat system, and an engaging storyline.

Check Out Crisis Core

10. Ghost Rider

ghost rider

Ghost Rider is a third-person, hack and slash game where the story is similar. Since Marvel writers have written the plotline, you can rest assured knowing the game won’t disappoint you in delivering the uber experience.

If you have played Devil May Cry or God Of War before playing this PSP game, you will find a resemblance in the games’ controls. You can perform combination attacks with the Demonic chain. The chain can also be used while you are riding the Hellcycle.

Ghost Rider also boasts a few facets of Roadrash and Castlevania. As the difficulty levels rise, you can unlock several character skins. It is also one of the best Playstation Portable games to try out if you are just starting with PSP.

Check Out The Ghost Rider

11. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

marvel ultimate alliance

Developer: Savage Entertainment
Release Year: 2009
Price: $23.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

If you are a Marvel movies fan, this is one of the best PSP games. After all, not many get the opportunity to play the role of your favorite Marvel hero! Talking about the plotline, this game follows story arcs from the Secret War and Civil War movies.

In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, players can form four characters from a pool of heroes and villains. You are also allowed to swap the characters in the gameplay during battles.

One of the most striking features of this game is the Fusion attack, which can be performed by combining two characters’ powers. You can also level up by earning points and unlocking new abilities and strengths.

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12. Metal Gear ACID

metal gear acid

Developer: Konami Entertainment
Release Year: 2004
Price: $23.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Metal Gear Acid will be loved by all those who savor thrillers. Set in 2016, the story unfolds when Senator Hach, a future presidential candidate, is kidnapped by a group of terrorists who want the project Pythagoras in ransom. Pythagoras is a research project being carried out in the Moloni Republic in southern Africa.

As the Moloni government refuses to cooperate with the US, they send Solid Snake, the protagonist, to rescue Senator Hach and also discover the nature of Pythagoras.

ACID is the short-form for “Active Command Intelligence Duel,” and one can play the game in multiplayer mode. One must have ad-hoc wireless connections of two PSPs. This is one of the best PSP games which you should look forward to playing.

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Best PSP Games For Action And Adventure

Action and adventure have a different charm to it. Playing action games is no cakewalk and not meant for every other PSP user. However, if you feel you are bold and able to handle the challenges, don’t miss out on these PSP games!

13. Half-Minute Hero

half minute zero

Developer: Marvelous Entertainment
Release Year: 2009
Price: $16.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

If you are hunting for the best PSP games of all time in the action genre, don’t miss out on Half-Minute Hero. The story revolves around the endless fight that has been going on between the humans and the evil lords. The protagonist’s main concern is to beat the ultimate evil lord in the last and final battle and free the world from the chaos of evil.

Half-Minute Hero is a real-time strategy shoot ’em up game developed by Marvelous Entertainment with a fantastic visual style with classic 8-bit graphics. In the single-player mode, the Half-Minute Hero has 6 different game modes including Hero 30 Mode, Evil Lord 30 Mode, Princess 30 Mode, Knight 30 Mode, Hero 300 Mode, Hero 3 Mode. The multiplayer mode has three stages in the game where the two players fight to collect power-ups and level up in order to fight with Evil Lord at the end.

Check Out Half Minute Eater

14. Gods Eater Burst

god eater

Developer: Shift
Release Year: 2010
Price: $49.99
Mode: Single-player

Imagine a world where you are about to be eaten, and the only redemption is a God-Saver! Well, that’s exactly what you will be doing in Gods Eater Burst.

Aragami is a special group of warriors that has invaded the earth and the gods are helpless in their attempts to stop it. In this case, there’s only one weapon called the God’s Arc which can stop them and only one person can wield that weapon. That’s you.

The game is similar to the Monster Hunter series. Humans are living in the fear of being eaten by the Aragami and can only be aided by the God Eaters. In the single-player mode, there are over 100 missions to complete, which can keep you engaged and engrossed in the game for hours.

Check Out God Eater Burst

15. Toy Story 3: The Video Game

toy story

Developer: Asobo Studio
Release Year: 2010
Price: $22.28
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

All of us are pretty familiar with the Toy Story franchise. Based on the movie Toy Story 3, this game contains characters from the film that you can choose to control. The plotline of the game is also heavily based upon that of the movie.

Here one can get to play as Woody or Buzz. There are 13 levels in the game that further follow very interesting events. You will find no enemies or boss battles in this game. After you complete a level in the story mode, you can move back and replay it to try the 2 challenge modes.

The two challenge modes are Cube Destruction and Time Attack. These challenge modes will allow you to win coins and trophies. Disney Interactive Studios has plans to make this as a Pixar film. You have to fight the evil Zurg and help Sheriff Woody keep the Old West safe.

Check Out Toy Story 3

16. Lord of Arcana

lords of arcana

Lord of Arcana is a ruthless action game and one of the top PSP games in the action and adventure genre.  You will have to tighten your belts as you dive into this world of vibrant visuals and non-stop multiplayer action.

The game’s world is known as Horodyn, and it is named after the land’s first king. Legend says that only a person with a passion can lay hands on the Arcana stone and further rule the world. Slayers aim to destroy the hordes of monsters that are after the stone and attempt to safeguard it.

Made only for four players in multiplayer mode, the challenge is to build your team to fight monsters and demons. The game has a touch of  Monster Hunter, God Eater, and Phantasy Star Portable series that has cinematic kills and mini-games to explore through. The players have the magic that includes fire and light to attack the enemy.

Check out Lord Of Arcana

17. Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines

assassins creed

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal and Griptonite Games
Release Year: 2009
Price: $49.95
Mode: Single-player

Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines is the sequel of the first Assassin’s Creed installment .and one of the most famous and best PSP games in the gaming industry.

Bloodlines follow the story of Alair, the protagonist of the story, and his mission to execute the last remaining members of the Knights Templar Order who have fled the Holy Land and taken refuge in the Island.  Altair can access the long sword, dagger, and throwing knives to take his win forward anytime.

The story is played out on an island that is a witness of conflict between the local resistance and the Templar invaders. The Assassin’s Creed games quickly make it amongst the top 10 PSP games in the market.

Check Out Assassins Creed

18. Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

jak and daxter psp games 1

Developer: High Impact Games
Release Year: 2009
Price: $11.99
Mode: Single-player

Jak and Daxter offer a quest of a different sort. You get to play in other realms and win your battles. Jak and Daxter are the main heroes of the Lost Frontier, and their primary aim is to destroy antagonists Behemoth and Duke Skyheed and restore the balance of the Eco Core.

The game has a Hero Mode where the players can replay the game. As you cross levels you can retain all the weapons or the powers that you have added. This includes secrets and armor too. You get to explore adventures that are played in the air as well as on land. The fantastic engagement it provides makes it one of the best PSP games of all time.

Check Out The Lost Frontier

19. GUN Showdown

gun showdown psp games 1

Developer: Rebellion Development
Release Year: 2006
Price: $27.45
Mode: Single-player

GUN Showdown is an action-packed game that sees protagonist Colton ‘Cole’ White search for the lost city of gold, Quivira. He is also pitted against a shrewd antagonist in Magruder and has to stop him from discovering the city first.

Set in an open environment, the player must be wary of frequent bandit attacks that take place as he travels from town to town. You can either choose to escape them or defend them with the range of weapons available for you. Cole can also attack wild and fierce animals with weapons.

Rifles, shotguns, revolvers, bows, and several other explosives are available for combat. Bowknife, tomahawk, and cavalry sabers can also be used to defeat enemies. The critics have praised GUN Showdown for its graphics, plotline, and gameplay.

Check Out Gun Showdown

20. Secret Agent Clank

secret agent clank good psp games 1

Developer: High Impact Games
Release Year: 2008
Price: $9.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

This a robot on a mission to save his friend! So you can expect all the thrills and adventures that you would expect from a good PSP game.

Secret Agent Clank is all about the adventure of Clank and the theme of the game is loosely based on the James Bond movies. The story unfolds when Rachet, Clank’s friend, is wrongly imprisoned following the robbery of a precious stone called the Eye of Infinity from the Boltaire museum.

In the Clank and Ratchet games, Clank was largely restricted only to solving puzzles to save his friend. However, in this game, he is more of an action character who possesses a set of weapons and moves to beat his enemies. Players can also help Frank learn new fighting skills and moves in the game.

Check Out Secret Agent Clank

21. Mega Man Powered Up

mega man powered up psp games 1

Developer: Capcom
Release Year: 2006
Price: $10.97
Mode: Single-player

World peace is at stake because one scientist wants to take control of all his robots! So if you want to save the world, do check this game out. Dr. Wily has already programmed the eight robots created by his friend Dr. Light for industrial use to conquer the world. Now, it’s up to Rock, aka the Mega Man, a robot created by Dr. Light, to thwart the evil Dr. Wily’s attempts.

The game has a unique feature that allows players to create their levels and share with friends. Mega Man primary abilities include jumping and shooting. He is given a health meter and a life meter. Overall, it received a great response and is regarded as one of the best PSP games in the action genre.

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22. Ape Escape: On the Loose

ape escape on the loose best psp action games 1

Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Year: 2005
Price: $21.47
Mode: Single-player

Ape Escape: On the Loose is a game about a white-haired monkey called Specter, who has turned into an evil being due to a scientific experiment. The protagonist, Spike, has to stop him from turning other monkeys into evil beings.

The game is a challenge for players where they have to capture more than 200 monkeys that are scattered all around. The players have many gadgets to choose from that help in fighting and subduing the monkeys. They can also control certain vehicles.

Upon its release, Ape Escape was hailed as one of the best 3D platform PSP games.

Check Out Ape Escape

23. Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

dissidia 012 best psp games ever 1

Developer: Square Enix
Release Year: 2011
Price: $23.95
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

If you love PSP games that focus on fighting and action, 23 Dissidia 012 won’t disappoint you at all. It is similar to Dissidia Final Fantasy except for a few minor tweaks.

The game is all about a war between Cosmos and Chaos – the Goddess of Harmony and the God of Discord. The enmity between the two deities runs deep, with the 12th cycle of the war currently in progress. After the twelfth cycle finishes, the game retells the story of the thirteenth war, which is based on the plot of 2008’s Dissidia Final Fantasy. New characters have been added such as Cosmos’ Warriors of Light.

The navigation is done using a traditional Final Fantasy world map. The battles usually take place in a one-on-one format. The bravery attacks don’t cause any damage. The game has multiple challenges and bravery fights where the player has to move with courage and power to win finally. All in all, it’s one of the best PSP games to try out.

Check Out Dissidia

24. Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

castlevania the dracula x chronicals psp 1

Developer: Konami
Release Year: 2007
Price: $26.01
Mode: Single-player

This game is full of blood-curling actions literally with Dracula featured. Here in Castlevania, you can find Dracula X Chronicles very similar to Rondo of Blood. The game is regarded as one of the best PSP games in the PSP gaming industry.

The protagonist, Richard Belmont, has to pass through nine levels and four stages to find his girlfriend Annette and face the Dracula in the final step in his castle.

He uses a whip as his primary weapon alongside one of the sub-weapons: holy water, a cross, an axe, a pocket-watch, and a grimoire. The Dracula X chronicles received universal acclaim upon its release and have been labeled as the best PSP game in the Castlevania series.

Check Out Castlevania

25. Power Stone Collection

powerstone collection best games for psp 1

Developer: Capcom
Release Year: 2006
Price: $69.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

If legends, myths, and treasures interest you a lot, Power Stone Collection is one of the best PSP games. The winning jackpot is to find the glory that will help to fulfill their dreams.

The objective is to collect a power stone; if a character contains three power stones, he can become more potent than others. After getting such powers, he can use more special powers like massive long-range power attacks. The game is a compilation of Power Stone and Power Stone 2 with enhanced features.

Check Out Power Stone Collection

26. Monster Hunter Freedom

monster hunter freedom psp best games 1

Developer: Capcom
Release Year: 2005
Price: $26.46
Mode: Multi-player

Monster Hunter Freedom is a role-playing action game that requires the player to complete quests and collect materials to upgrade his equipment to move to the next level.

As a player, you can use various weapons to bring down the enemies; Hammers, Dual Blades, Laces, etc.  You have to hunt, or you will get hunted. You have to be a master fighting against evil in the ruthless world. Another new addition to Monster Hunter Freedom is the G-Rank, which sources quests from Monster Hunter G.

Each player in the game is customizable to make the game more unique and exciting. It is one of the most thrilling Playstation Portable games available.

Check Out Monster Hunt Freedom

27. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

grand theft auto best psp games 1

Developer: High Impact Games
Release Year: 2008
Price: $9.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

One of the most popular and best PSP games that one can ever find! Vice City is not just a game for the 90s kids. As the story goes, Vic Vance is a brave soldier who has a dysfunctional family. The game has a corrupt officer Sergeant Jerry Martinez who works as a drug smuggler. As the storyline goes, Vic makes a wrong decision that leads him to danger and risks. Vic is left with the ultimate choice of either building an empire or being crushed.

The gameplay has elements of a third-person shooter in which the player has to move through large environments. There are missions in the story that must be accomplished to move ahead in the game. Vice City Stories is regarded as one of the best PSP games of all time.

Check Out Grand Theft Auto

28. God of War: Ghost of Sparta

god of war ghost of sparta good psp games 1

Developer: Ready At Dawn
Release Year: 2010
Price: $9.99
Mode: Single-player

God of War: Ghosts of Sparta is a game that is one of the best PSP games you would definitely want to play.

The game is based on combat and similar to its previous version. It is a single-player and set in a third-person perspective where you control a character named Kratos. This interesting adventure begins where God of War concludes. The Blades of Athena, his primary weapon, is a pair of blades attached to chains that are wrapped around the wrists of the character and forearms.

As Kratos, you have to overcome the mythological monsters of the game and fight through dangerous and brutal landscapes. The combat system has been updated to perform air attacks and an augmented death system has also been used.

Check Out God of War

29. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

metal gear solid best games for psp 1

Developer: Konami
Release Year: 1987
Price: $14.90
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is about a legendary soldier Naked Snake who once waged war against the world. The story behind his legend is narrated in the game. The story is set in 1974 in Costa Rica and aims to preserve its peace without a military.

The game has two gameplay modes – “Mission” and “Mother Base”. Mission mode consists of action sequences, and Mother Base is an army management mode. The player gets to choose from four uniform-types to wear as a character while playing. This includes Jungle Fatigues, Naked, Sneaking Suit, Battle Dress.

Overall the game has interesting gameplay with a good storyline especially if you are looking for a stealth game then Peace Walker is one of the best PSP games to try out.

Check Out Peace Walker

30. Daxter

daxter psp games 1

Developer: Ready At Dawn
Release Year: 2006
Price: $12.61
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

When the pest becomes the problem solver! This is an interesting take to an adventure of a different sort!

The best PSP games list cannot be complete without including Daxter. This super fantastic action-adventure takes you to explore the world of the orange city, where he resumes his search for Jak. Daxter leads to an unknown place, and he realizes that he is too small and furry to survive over there. His job as an exterminator is to examine parts of Haven City and finally find clues to Jak.

In the game, the player can play from Daxter’s perspective which offers the player a certain set of moves and abilities like climbing walls, creeping up on enemies, etc. The game has multiplayer support. For its appealing storyline and gameplay, Daxter has been hailed as one of the best PSP games of all time.

Check Out Daxter

31. Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

ratchet and clank psp games 1

Developer: Insomniac Games and High Impact Games
Release Year: 2007
Price: $14.81
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Another incredible one to be included in the list of top PSP games. The story is about a girl who is kidnapped. Ratchet and Clank meet clever inventors known as Technomites who are very different. The game is combat with many weapons and the fights between Shocker, Agents of Doom, and of course Shrink Ray.

Like Ratchet & Clank and Going Commando, space combat is present in this version. However, rather than controlling a ship, the user controls Giant Clank. Also, as Clank, you can control a number of Gadgetbots who can perform certain tasks for him.

Once you have completed the game, you can enter the Challenge Mode and play tougher opponents. There are 25 Skill Points collectible in the game and 20 Titanium Bolts that can help you buy skins for Ratchet.

Check Out Ratchet and Clank

32. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

grand theft auto chinatown wars good psp games 1

Developer: Rockstar
Release Year: 2009
Price: $19.95
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

The Grand Theft Auto franchise needs no special introduction as it has a habit of churning out the best PSP games ever. In Chinatown Wars, you take control of Huang Lee, who is the son of a Triad mob boss. He is into destructive gameplay throughout the Liberty city in his quest for money, honor, and revenge all at the same time.

Liberty City is huge and has a large population, weather reports, and traffic conditions and all the radio stations can be used to the player’s benefit. The game entices you so much that you may find it difficult to get out. The plots and subplots of the game with all its secrets and new missions are quite absorbing and will enthrall you to the core.

Check Out Grand Theft Auto

33. Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai action

dragon ball z psp games best 1

The Dragon Ball Z series is widely popular, and it has come up with its debut on PlayStation Portable too with Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai. The game gives you a choice to play as good guys or even bad guys.

The player can use various abilities, flights, transformation, and other attacks in the game to defeat the enemy. It also has character-specific attacks that are similar to the Dragon Ball Z TV series, so those who have watched the television series will enjoy and feel this game more.

The game has seven very interesting modes of the story and 18 playable characters. You also have the option to play in multiplayer mode and challenge your friends via PSP WiFi connection.

Check Out Dragon Ball Z

34. Tekken 6

tekken 6 must have psp games 1

Developer: Namco
Release Year: 2007
Price: $34.96
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Tekken 6 is a game developed and published by Bandai Namco Games. It is almost similar to the earlier versions except for a new rage system.

When players lose their anger or power, they can get it up again. There are over 18 dynamic stages to play with. The various modes include Time Attack, Gold Rush, Survival challenge, and Story mode in order to collect money and fulfill the required storyline.

It supports Wireless where you can share the game with your friends in a multiplayer wireless ad-hoc battle. Tekken 6 garnered praise for its improved fight mechanics and visuals which was considered as one of the best PSP games in the action and adventure genre.

Check Out Tekken 6

35. Dante’s Inferno

dantes inferno good psp games 1

Developer: Electronic Arts, Behavioral Interactive, and Visceral Games
Release Year: 2010
Price: $15
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Those who are aware of Dante Alighieri can quickly predict what this game might be about. The Inferno is one of the world’s most famous poems written by Dante. Dante’s Inferno is the story of a Knights Templar knight, who is guided by the poet Virgil through the Nine Circles of Hell. The knight has to rescue Beatrice, his beloved partner from Lucifer, the devil himself.

There are two kinds of experiences to be gained in the game: Holy and Unholy. Two skill trees represent their levels and the experience can be accumulated by the Punish and Absolve system upon defeating the enemies. Conceptually and graphically, Dante’s Inferno is one of the best PSP games of all time.

Check Out Dante’s Inferno

36. 50 Cent: Bulletproof – G Unit Edition

bulletproof psp games 1

Developer: Vivendi Games and Sierra Entertainment
Release Year: 2005
Price: $44.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Music is an essential part of an action-packed game that features characters with names of real-life musicians. 50 Cent is the protagonist of the story and on a quest to hunt down a group of goons who attempted to murder him. The game features members of the G-Unit rap crew as a gang.

The game is primarily music-oriented which has 160+ tracks of classic, current, and amp; exclusive music and score from 50 cents and G-Unit.

Moreover, it has 16 music videos. The game is a combination of action, adventure, and music. You can customize your character by buying real-world G-Unit clothing. If you are searching for games that have a unique concept and gameplay. Bulletproof is one of the best PSP ISO games to try out.

Check Out Bulletproof

Best PSP Games For Racing

If roaring wheels is the chocolate to your ears and gives you immense peace, make sure you don’t miss out on these beauties!

37. Gran Turismo

gran turismo best psp games 1

Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Year: 1997
Price: $44.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Gran Turismo is one of the best Playstation Portable games in the racing genre. You have to prove your driving skills on 35 tracks and you also get full handheld racing experience with his game.

Gran Turismo has stunning visuals at a crisp 60 frames per second. You get to explore over 800 licensed vehicles from international automakers. You can test your driving ability by completing over 100 challenges while learning new cornering, braking, and techniques.

The game engages you in its 60 tracks layouts where you get to race 35 licensed and fictional tracks. You can use Ad Hoc wireless mode to challenge your friends up to the 4-player race.

Check Out Gran Turismo

38. Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition

midnight club3 good psp games 1

Developer: Rockstar
Release Year: 2005
Price: $62.64
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition is set in Atlanta and Detroit. It has eight-player online competition and vehicle customization and choice of cars are huge. Midnight Club 3 includes five types of races; ordered races, circuit races, unordered races, autocross races, track, and frenzy events.

You can also create your own race module using the Race Editor. One can create either an ordered or unordered race by placing checkpoints throughout the city. Also, you can also change racing conditions like traffic, weather, and time of day.

Graphically, it is one of the best PSP games to play if you love racing.

Check Out Midnight Club

39. Burnout Legends

burnout legends psp games 1

Developer: Electronic Arts and Criterion Software
Release Year: 2005
Price: $3.69
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Easily one of the best PSP racing games, Burnout Legends was released on 13 September 2005 for PlayStation Portable.

Burnout Legends is all about racing where the players will be in competition in a series of racing modes where the aim will be to unlock new tracks, cars, and events. There are a total of nine main modes including World Tour, Race, Eliminator, Face-Off, Time Attack, Burning Lap, Road Rage, Pursuit, Crash.

The game has 95 cars to unlock through various classes. It also has collectors’ cars. There are five collector cars for each class but use only one at a time.

Check Out Burnout Legends

40. Midnight Club: L.A. Remix

mid night club LA

Developer: Rockstar
Release Year: 2008
Price: $9.39
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

In Midnight Club: L.A.Remix, you get to race at breakneck speed through the streets of L.A. in this game with the best real-world tuners, luxury cars, and exotic superbikes.

You can customize your vehicle with the best great aftermarket parts and kits. One interesting part about Midnight Club: L.A. Remix is that it lets you do street racing with no track rules. The game has a combination of amazing cars, hardcore street racing, and endless gameplay.

Check Out Get Midnight Club La Remix

41. Need for Speed: Carbon: Own the City

need for carbon psp games 1

Developer: Electronic Arts
Release Year: 2006
Price: $12.61
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Need for Speed is a popular franchise and one of the best PSP games to play in the racing genre. The game takes the handheld racing experience to an interesting level. You have to build a strong and unstoppable crew.

Your victory and defeat all depend on how you select and manage your crew. Rule the city and take the game to an ultimate level. The game is a mixture of Crew-Based Racing, taking over the control of the city, licensed tunable cars, and much more to excite you throughout the game.

It also supports 4-player Ad-Hoc and Wireless gameplay where you can challenge your friends. NFS Own the City received positive reviews upon its release.

Check Out Need for Speed

42. Driver 76

driver 76

Developer: Ubisoft Reflections, Sumo Digital
Release Year: 2007
Price: $37.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Driver 76 is a driving game with action that introduces you to the Hollywood-style cars in the style of comic books picturization. The game takes you to the 1970s where you have 27 missions divided into six primary plots. Along with accomplishing the missions, you can also take side jobs, earn cash that you can use to customize and modify your rides.

Driver 76 offers you the multiplayer mode and a host o0f mini-games. Overall the game is about using your driving skills along with shooting.

Check Out Driver 76

43. Test Drive Unlimited

test drive unlimited best psp games 1

Developer: Eden Games and Krome Studios Melbourne
Release Year: 2006
Price: $12.46
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

If you are a car and bike enthusiastic and racing excites you then you must try Test Drive Unlimited. You get to visit the most advanced and up-to-date cars and bike dealers to buy new and beautiful vehicles. If you choose not to buy then you can just take them for a spin on 1000 miles of Hawaiian roads.

To earn points and credits, you need to win races and pass through various missions. You can use those earned credits to buy new cars, bikes, other parts of the vehicle, or even clothes. Players can even use the money to rent cars, upgrade cars, or buy homes.

Check Out Test Drive Unlimited

44. Wipeout Pure

wipeout pure

Developer: Psygnosis
Release Year: 2005
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Wipeout Pure is a racing game but not just any common racing game. It has anti-gravity ships with a number of features that will leave you feeling envious for not actually owning one in reality.

Wipeout Pure is set in the year 2197 and players are competing in the FX300 racing league. There are 8 teams in total and each team has a ship with a unique feature in terms of shield strength, maximum strength, speed, and so on.

Each ship also has an energy shield that can absorb damage during a race. It is one of the best PSP games in the racing game.

Check Out Wipeout Pure

Best PSP Puzzle Game

Those cerebral veins of your brain need some good exercise every day. Why not ensure them the same by trying out this awesome collection of PSP Puzzle games?

45. LocoRoco 2

loco roco

Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Year: 2008
Price: $12.61
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

This one is supposed to kill you with a song! It is LocoRoco part two. The story is quite interesting and playful. In the first part, LocoRoco has defeated the Moja Corps and is living his life peacefully.

But unable to lose positively Bon Mucho, the Moja Boss makes a song that can suck the life force out from living things. As you can imagine the death from a song is an unnerving prospect. The LocoRoco’s only mission is to defeat the Moja Corps.

Check Out LocoRoco2

46. Lumines

lumines psp games 1

Developer: Q Entertainment and Resonance
Release Year: 2004
Price: $15.49
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Lumines is a beautiful puzzle game where your aim is to clear the screen by connecting blocks of the same colors together. A 2×2 square which is made of four small block pieces is dropped into the playing field that will appear different as the player levels up in the game.

The game can be played in different skins. Each skin has a different music track and spin effects. There are four basic modes in the game that include Challenge, Time Attack, Puzzle, Vs., and Vs. CPU Mode.

The game has both single as well as multiple player options. Lumines has won multiple awards and also been hailed as one of the best PSP games in the puzzle genre.

Check Out Lumines

47. Lumines 2

lumines 2

Developer: Q Entertainment and Bandai
Release Year: 2007
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Lumines 2 is a puzzle game and a sequel to Puzzle Fusion and one of the best PSP games in the puzzle genre. In Lumines 2, a player has to rotate and move blocks to form 2×2 combinations. Once the Timeline sweeps over the same colored squares, they get eliminated and the points are allotted to the user.

You are also awarded bonus points if you manage to create 4×4 combinations. However, a player loses a game if the squares that keep on adding manage to touch the top of the board. Lumines 2 was praised for the expansions it has made in comparison to its predecessor.

Check Out Lumines II

48. Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

puzzle quest

Developer: Infinite Interactive
Release Year: 2007
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Puzzle Quest is a unique puzzle game you will enjoy playing as it combines the role-playing and tile-matching elements. Taking place in a high-fantasy setup, a player has to fight enemies using different magic spells and other elements available to his aid.

Coming to the combat, a player has to match three tiles of the same color in a row to cancel them out and gain bonus points. If you manage to match four tiles, you can also get an extra move apart from bonus points. Puzzle Quest was a surprise hit and praised for its unique game structure.

Check Out Puzzle Quest

49. Every Extend Extra

Every Extend Extra is a unique shoot ‘em up game that will leave you wanting more if you try to stop playing it. It is arguably one of the best PSP games in the puzzle genre to date.

Players are equipped with a ship whose only ability is that it can detonate itself. Enemies appear on screen intermittently and the only way a player can destroy it is by detonating the ship he owns. However, when you do so, you have to make sure that the enemy is in the radius of your blast so that it is successfully destroyed.

Every Extend has two modes: a Heavy Mode and a Light Mode. The latter is easier to play and win than the former. Every Extend received a favorable response upon its release.

Check Out Every Extend Extra

Best PSP Simulation Games

Simulation games are a godsend for people who love strategic action. You can also simulate all the way to the ultimate glory!

50. The Sims 2–Simulation

sims 2

Sims 2 is similar to its predecessor where the player has to control their Sims. There are multiple activities in the game where all the Sims have to form a relationship similar to real life.

The game doesn’t have any particular goal. The purpose of the game is to lead a Sim from the start of life to death. The game is all about living life with various stages, have social interaction, and making memories. The Sims 2 is regarded as one of the best PSP games in the simulation genre.

Check Out Sims 2

Best PSP Music Games

Who says music is only meant to be your refuge for peace? Melodies can also lift your mood up in boredom. Have a look at this unique PSP game to know how they do it!

51. Patapon 2


Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Year: 2006
Price: $2.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Patapon 2 is a music game that is a combination of a rhythm game and a God game by Sony Computer Entertainment. It has 80+ Missions, 20+, 500+ items, and weapons and simply continues from the previous version. Patapons are in the search for Earth’s end and find an unknown island.

This is where they counter mysterious, dangerous enemies, and other creatures who are waiting to harm them as enemies. You have to be brave and move ahead in the game and guide the little heroes throughout this dangerous journey.

Check out Patapon 2

Best PSP Shooter Games

No salvation is close enough to the one enough after killing your enemy with an inch-perfect headshot, isn’t it? There are no battles without bullets, and if you have the required bull’s eye, these PSP shooter games are waiting to be savored!

52. Army of Two: The 40th Day – third-person shooter

armyof2 40th day best psp games 1

Developer: EA Montreal
Release Year: 2010
Price: $14.95
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Army of Two is unique as it focuses on two-player cooperative gameplay where you can put your best two-man tactics to use in any way you want.  The game features Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem who are the protagonists from the original game and also they are combatant partners.

They must fight with the assistance of Alice Murray to survive and succeed over enemies that have taken over Shanghai, China in a terrorist attack. The shooting game requires high skills and dedication to get a win over mysterious disasters that can damage the country in a serious manner.

Army of Two is also regarded as one of the best Playstation Portable games thanks to its awesome gameplay and plotline.

Check Out Army of Two

53. Killzone: Liberation shooter game

killerzone liberation good psp games 1

Developer: Guerrilla Games
Release Year: 2006
Price: $7.49
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Killzone: Liberation is a shoot’ em-up game developed by Guerrilla Games. After the two months of Killzone, southern Vekta is still under the control of Helghast. Helghast General is employing brutal measures to take the initiative after their past defeat and also to strengthen his position.

The players, returning as Jan Templar, will be sent on a mission to take the operation to save hostages that are under Metrac. At the same time, ISA troops continue the fight for liberty. Rico Velasquez, Jan’s friend, assists him on the way through the battle.

Check Out Killzone

Best PSP Sports Games

Be it basketball, soccer, baseball, the emotion every sport emanates can only be felt by a hardcore sports fanatic, regardless of the game he follows. Here are some of the best PSP games to get your heart pounding and give you an adrenaline rush!

54. WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010

wwe smackdown vs raw2010 psp games 1

Developer: Ready At Dawn
Release Year: 2009
Price: $7.49
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

WWE is, let’s accept it, a phenomenon! sport to watch! Of course, we can’t try all those moves at home, but we can definitely do that in Smackdown vs Raw 2010.

The game has got its name from two very popular brands; Smackdown and Raw. There is another brand also called ECW. You can create your own WWE storylines with WWE Story Designer.

You can choose Superstars, cutscenes, match-ups, after all, it is all about your script and your rules, it is your creation. The Road to Wrestlemania mode has returned from Smackdown vs. raw 2009 with six new stories.

Check Out WWE

55. Football Manager 2013

fm 2013

Developer: Sports Interactive
Release Year: 2012
Price: $12.61
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Football is fun to play, no doubt about that. However, the thrill reaches a whole new level when you are on the sidelines managing your favorite football team. While hardly any of us will be able to manage a football team in reality, we can rather quench that thirst in an imaginary world.

Football Manager 2013 is a simulation game that allows you to be in control of your football club. Select the right team, create formations, buy new players in the transfer window, develop the club infrastructure in the limited amount of money available, and so on; FM 2008 will allow you to feel like a real football manager every time you play it.

Simulation in football might sound boring, but FM 2013 is one of the best PSP games if you are more into whiteboards and tactics.

Check Out Football Manager 2013

56. NBA Live 2009

nba live

If you are an avid basketball lover and shooting hoops is an activity you cannot live without,  NBA Live is a game you must definitely try out. Developed by EA Sports, this game features four modes: Dynasty, Season, Playoffs, and Free Play.

In the Dynasty Mode, you can manage a team for a number of seasons and monitor a number of aspects of the game. You can manage to select the appropriate team, trading and signing new players, and also simulate certain games if you wish to.

But, in the Season Mode, you can manage a team only for a season. In the Play-offs mode, you can participate in the play-offs against a particular team. But with the Free Play mode, you can play exhibition games with any team against any opponent that you like.

Check Out NBA Live 09

Best PSP Fun Games

Not every game needs to have terrific action and send your heartbeats racing beyond the normal limits. Here’s a game you can turn to for chilling out!

57. Dead or Alive Paradise

dead or alive paradise

Here’s a light-hearted relief game! No blood, no risks, no horror, no wars. Dead or Alive doesn’t have action but just simply giggling and mingling. You get to have fun in the sun with beautiful girls. It’s your own private land where you are totally free to play, mingle and take snapshots of the beauties.

You can store the snapshots in an album. The game includes features like Social Photographer, Mini-games, Private paradise, and a lot more entertainment. You can chill out with your favorite tunes. The mini-games include pool games with some casino games like poker, blackjack, and slots.

Check Out Dead or Alive Paradise

Final Thoughts

Every player has his or her own list of the best PSP games, given the several genres of games that are available. While action and adventure are the most favored genre amongst gamers, racing, puzzle, and sports games also have a considerable fanbase.

Valkyria Chronicles and Castlevania must-play games in the action and adventure genre. For sports lovers, you can play the choice of the game depending on the sport that you like. GTA Vice City is one of the most famous and engaging PSP games RPGs of all time.

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