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Ghost Incognito is a very simple, yet useful Chrome extension that lets you automatically open any URL in a new incognito window. This is great for protecting your privacy, testing extensions, and even using two different accounts for one site – for instance, if you have two Facebook or Gmail accounts that you want to use at the same time.

If you’re unfamiliar with incognito mode in Chrome, it’s a private browsing feature that lets you browse in stealth mode. This means that the browser will not record any Web pages opened or files downloaded in its history. Also, all new cookies are deleted after you close the incognito window. You can read about Incognito mode and other great Google chrome feature here.

Allow in Incognito

Most Chrome extensions do not appear in incognito mode by default and the same is true for the Ghost Incognito extension. However, in order for the extension to work properly, you’ll need to first allow it to run in incognito mode. This is done by opening your extensions page.

To do this, navigate to the tools menu and then go to extensions (on a Windows PC) or navigate to the Window menu and then go to extensions (on a Mac).

Allow in Incognito

Next, you’ll need to find Ghost Incognito in your extensions list and check the “allow in incognito box”. You may have to click on the little arrow to the left in order to make this option visible. Once that’s done, you are ready to start using the extension.

Add Domains to Incognito List

In order to add domains to the incognito list, all you have to do is navigate to the URL in your browser and then click on the Ghost Incognito browser icon.

Ghost Incognito Icon

Once that’s done, the next time you type in that URL into Chrome it will open up in a new incognito window and you’ll have total privacy.

Remove Domains from Incognito List

In order to remove a specific domain from your incognito list, just navigate to the domain in incognito mode and then click on the Ghost Incognito browser icon. Clicking on the icon this time will remove the domain from your incognito list.

Ghost Incognito Options

If you want to remove all domains at once, you can do this from options. Just open the extensions page and click on the “options” link underneath Ghost Incognito, or right-click on the Ghost Incognito icon and then select “options”. Either way, you’ll be taken to the options page where you can remove all domains from your list.

Pros and Cons

If there are various websites that you frequent quite often in incognito mode, this extension can help you get to them faster. It’s also very convenient to have if you use incognito mode quite often.

On the downside, the extension does not remove typed sites from Chrome’s history. When you type in an URL, it opens it in incognito, but the URL is still saved in Chrome’s history. This kind of defeats the purpose of incognito mode since it is supposed to hide these sites from your history. However, you can easily remove these sites manually within Chrome’s preferences.

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