Steam is known as one of the most popular gaming platforms for Windows users. Many PC gamers prefer to use Steam for playing games instead of Xbox One. However, you might also face an issue when the Steam game won’t launch in Windows 10 because it isn’t optimized for the new Windows OS versions.

There’s a strong reason why hardcore gamers tend to become restless if the Steam games won’t launch or steam won’t open properly. Having this platform on a system allows the users to cut down their costs on buying a physical copy of their favorite games and purchase a cheaper digital version instead. The game developers can also release patches to update the games, which allows the users to enhance their gaming experience.

Solutions To Fix Steam Game Won’t Launch in Windows 10

There could be several reasons why the Steam game won’t launch in Windows 10. The only way to solve it is to try out the listed solutions on a trial-and-error basis. While some solutions are basic and easy to grasp, others might need a tad bit of technical expertise. Let’s have a look at these solutions and fix Steam game issues as soon as possible.

1. Install the Latest Windows Updates

Windows often come out with updates containing fixes and bug issues that aim to improve their consumers’ user experience. However, these updates can also cause some programs to malfunction, such as the Steam games. To ensure that you don’t face such problems, install the latest updates of the operating system, and try running Steam. This is one of the basic solutions you must take into consideration before moving on to complicated ones.

2. Unplug the Joystick

Many times, connecting a joystick to the system could also cause why your Steam game won’t launch properly. Hence, if you have connected a joystick, unplug it and check if the Steam game starts working correctly. This is one of the essential solutions you should try out if you want your Steam game to run.

3. Shut Down Unnecessary Programs

Steam games can also face issues if you have multiple tasks running in the background. Multi-tasking tends to hamper the smooth running of Steam games. Hence, if you get the Steam games won’t launch in Windows 10 error, one of the basic solutions is to close all the unnecessary tasks and programs. If you are unsure of the type of programs that can interfere with Steam games, you can refer to the Steam website for a detailed list of such programs.

4. Reset Your Time Zone To Fix Steam Game Won’t Launch Issue

Sometimes, having the wrong time zone could also cause the games to not launch properly. This is because Steam is used to collecting data in real-time. Hence, if your time zone is wrong, it could affect your games.

To begin with, open the Control Panel from the Start menu.

open control panel
Open Control Panel

Choose the Date and time from the list.

click adjust date time
Click on Adjust date/time

Choose the Internet time tab and click on Change settings.

select internet time tab to fix steam games won't launch windows 10
Click on change settings

Check the ‘Synchronize with an internet time server’ checkbox and click on Update now. Click on Ok to close the window and end the process.

check synchronize option to fix steam games won't launch windows 10
Click on the checkbox

Restart Steam to check if Steam games won’t launch in Windows 10 issue is fixed.

5. Delete the ClientRegistry.blob File

The ClientRegistry.blob file is used to store preferences and other settings. This cache file is one of the main reasons why the Steam games won’t launch. We need to delete this file and see if it solves the problem, but only after creating a backup file.

Go to the Steam root folder and locate the ClientRegistry.blob file. After you find the file, make a copy, and delete the original file. Now, open Steam again to see the results.

If the issue has been fixed, go back to the Steam directory. Locate and run the ‘Steamerrorreporter.exe’ file, and relaunch the application.

6. Delete AppCache

Appcache contains unwanted files, which might be the reason why your Steam game won’t launch properly. Hence, deleting the appcache file tends to fix Steam game issues for many users.

Navigate to the Steam directory by following the same path we saw in the previous solution, using the Run command. You will see a folder named ‘appcache’ at the top of the window. Delete this folder and relaunch the Steam game. If the solution doesn’t work, you can try out the next method.

7. Verify Game Files Integrity

Verifying the integrity of game files in Steam is necessary to detect any problematic files that might cause Steam game won’t launch issues in Windows 10.

To verify the integrity of game files, open the Steam application, select Library, and click on the Properties menu. Select the local files tab and click on Verify integrity of game files. Relaunch the Steam application after the process ends, and all the game files have been properly verified.

8. Open Steam In Big Picture Mode

Sometimes, the number of bugs or glitches can stop the smooth functioning of Steam games. In such cases, opening Steam in Big Picture Mode can solve the issue.

First and foremost, you need to have a shortcut of Steam on the taskbar to follow this solution. Then, right-click on the Steam icon in the taskbar and click on ‘Open in Big Picture Mode.’

Next, sign in to the taskbar and press the Alt+Enter key combination to start the games in Big Picture Mode. If the issue still persists, you can try the next solution.

9. Run the Game In Compatibility Mode

Some programs and software stop working smoothly when we update the operating system. In such cases, the Compatibility Mode helps these programs in their preferred configuration.

If your favorite Steam game won’t launch properly, open the Run command using the Win key + R keyboard shortcut.

Paste the following path in the box and hit the Enter key.

“C:Program Files (x86)Steam”

Now, locate a folder named SteamApps and open it.

Next, click on the folder named Common.

You will see a list of all the games once you enter inside the Common folder. Now, right-click on the Steam game of your choice and select Properties.

Choose the Compatibility tab and select the checkbox in front of the ‘Run this game in compatibility mode for’ option.

Select the Windows 8 OS to run the game. Also, choose to run this game as an administrator. Once you have done all the required settings in the Compatibility, relaunch the game to see if the Compatibility mode solution works for you.

10. Update or Roll Back Drivers

Outdated video and graphic card drivers can also cause the ‘Steam game won’t launch Windows 10’ issue frequently. To avoid this, make sure you regularly check for driver updates. You can check the guide on updating and rolling back various types of drivers in Windows 10.

Also, make sure you have the updated version of DirectX. You can download it from Microsoft’s official website.

11. Relocate the Steam Client

Relocating the Steam Client solves the issue for many users, but you need to be careful while carrying out these steps. It is regarded as one of the most complex solutions to fix the Steam game won’t launch issue.

To start with, locate the Steam installation folder on your computer. Once you find it, delete all the game files and folders except SteamApps & User Data folders and Steam.exe.

Now, cut and paste the entire Steam folder to the default location. After doing so, open Steam and log in to your account. You will also need to change the installation path if you opt for this method. Open Steam and go to Steam Library Folders from the Settings menu.

In the Library Folders, you can create a new path by selecting ‘Add Library Folder’. All of your future installations will be stored henceforth on this new path. Next, right-click on the newly created path to set it as the default path. Now, relaunch the Steam game to see if the issue has been solved by relocating the Steam Client.

12. Uninstall and Reinstall the Game

Uninstalling and reinstalling a game is one of the common methods followed whenever users encounter problems with their games. To uninstall a Steam game, you need to locate the ‘Local Files’ tab from ‘Library,’ and then select the ‘Uninstall Game’ option.


Steam is a popular gaming platform amongst Windows PC users. The most striking feature it offers is that it allows you to refrain from buying a physical copy of your favorite game. Since many games on the platform haven’t been optimized for the latest Windows OS versions, users often tend to face the Steam not opening in Windows 10 issue due to several reasons.

There are a bunch of reasons why the steam game won’t launch properly. Hence, users need to try out multiple solutions to check out which one works for them. Make sure you always try out the necessary solutions such as restarting your computer, closing unnecessary background files, and updating the Windows operating system before moving onto the complex solutions. It is also vital to ensure that the graphic card drivers are updated, which is one of the first complex solutions to try out for beginners.

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